Starfield: Neon Location Guide

Reach the most appealing and a major city Neon in Starfield.

Neon location
Starfield Neon Location

Among thousands of planets in Starfield, one eye-catching planet inherits the major city of Neon. Reaching this city is an essential aspect of the storyline. Also, this alluring, high-tech city has a lot to discover. But similar to every note-worthy location in Starfield, Neon will eventually show up during main questline coverage.

Key Takeaways

  • The location of Neon is on Volii Alpha planet in the Volii System.
  • Although the main quest, “All that money can buy,” will take you there, you can go there anytime.
  • You will not find resources to collect openly on that planet. It is because there will be water all around you. The Neon City structure is based on the top of the water surface.

Location Of Neon

Neon location is Starfield
Planet Alpha Volii, location of Neon | Image credits: Gamesual

To enter this captivating city, you must first travel to Volii System and select Volii Alpha. Land on the spot where it labels “Neon.” However, this planet is not favorable to explorers. This is because it mainly comprises water on it. 

Therefore, Neon is the only purpose for travelers to visit here. But, alone, Neon City is full of surprises, questlines, side activities, and too much of a back lore to discover. Being a major city, Neon has every facility to offer that will make you reconsider returning to New Atlantis

If you follow the main questline, you eventually reach the Neon City while doing “All that money can buy.” However, I did not follow the main quests since there is an option to explore the galaxy freely.

Exploring Neon

Starfield Neon
Neon Core district in Neon City | Image credits: Gamesual

The outlooks of Neon represent a compact structure. However, it is valid to some extent. As far as my personal space exploring experience goes, Neon has the best potential to earn Credits. Activities and missions are in abundance and offer generous sums. Moreover, people are desperate for help and willing to provide considerable rewards for doing their tasks.

When you land on the planet, you will have nowhere to go other than the city. Neon is surrounded by water and the only place to step foot on. When you enter the Neon Core, you will hear an advertisement regarding signing up for Ryujin. After that, the quest, “Back to the Grind,” will start as a Faction quest.

As a free-time space wanderer, I found no place better than the Neon Core in the city. The reason is that the district holds on to every necessity everyone requires. However, even that one section has a lot of little quest sides and facilities to explore.

Faculty Service Side Quest
Legrande’s Liquors Sell Aid supplies (Drinks)
Trade Authority For buying and selling of goods
Seighart’s outfitters Sell Equipment
Newill’s Goods Sell Equipment All For One
The Volii Hotel To rent a room
Enhance! To reshape your character
Stroud Eklund Spaceship showroom
Terrabrew Coffee Sell Aid supplies (Coffee)
Emporium Sell Misc items Mob Mentality
Reliant Medical Sell Aid supplies (Medical) Relief Run
Neon Tactics Sell Weapons Bare Metal
Mining League Sell Resources Saburo’s Solution

Do note that all the quests mentioned above are not main quests. You will receive These side quests when talking to the shop’s owner. 

You can also explore other areas: Astral Lounge, Trade Tower, and Ebbside. However, for free roamers, these areas will not uphold much presence as there will be no activity to participate in. 

Indeed, Neon is an enticing location to be at in Starfield. Starfield is brimming with captivating planets waiting to be explored. But most of all, cities such as New Atlantis and Neon are major cities. Therefore, exploring such whereabouts is rare, exciting, and likewise rewarding. 

My Thoughts

Even if you are freely exploring the game and not into playing the main quest, I suggest that you should visit Neon City. It is highly captivating due to its enriched quest offering, side activities, and the fact it allows you to join a Faction. 

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