Starfield: Red Tape Blues [Walkthrough Guide]

Here is how you can complete the early side quest Red Tape Blues in Starfield.

Red tape Blues WalkThrough Starfield
Red tape Blues Walkthrough - Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Starfield has an awe-inspiring open world with plenty of activities and sidequests. I was always invested more in these intricate sidequests, which will take you on exciting journeys throughout the galaxy and offer impressive rewards. Therefore, this guide will help you start and complete the sidequest, Red Tape Blues in Starfield.

Key Takeaways

  • Red Tape Blues is an early sidequest in Starfield.
  • This sidequest can be started on the mining colony of Cydonia on Mars.
  • Select Talk to Trevor in your activity logs once you have landed on Cydonia.
  • Talking to Trevor will lead you to Red Tape Blues sidequest.
  • This side quest will require players to mine some Iron ore and travel to Deimos to apply for an assistant job.
  • Once the company hires you, the mission will be completed, and you will be rewarded with credits and XP.

This sidequest can be found on the planet Mars. Moreover, the sidequest was automatically added to my activity list when I first landed on the mining colony of Cydonia on Mars. The first activity will be recorded as Talk to Trevor. Therefore, completing this activity will officially start the Red Tape Blues mission in Starfield.

Cydonia Starfield
Cydonia, Mars – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Talk To Trevor

As soon as you first land on the mining colony on Mars, your activity log will be updated with Talk to Trevor. Select this activity in your mission logs, and it will take you to Trevor.

You will find Trevor at the bottom of the giant stairs. I spotted him standing in the middle of the iron quarry, surrounded by mining equipment. 

Trevor Starfield
Trevor – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Initiate a dialogue with Trevor and select the dialogue option explaining your previous Argos mining job. Trevor will tell you he does not currently have a job for you. However, going through the dialogue options, I was able to find that he does have an off-the-books job for me. Agree to do this job for Trevor, and this will officially start Red Tape Blues sidequest in Starfield.

Moreover, as your first job, Trevor will ask you to mine some Iron Ore for him. You need to collect 10 Iron Ores to gain Trevor’s trust. I was able to complete this task quickly as an Iron deposit surrounds you. Therefore, open your scanner to scan Iron Ore around and use your Cutter to mine it.

If you have sold your Cutter early on, a store upstairs will sell you the Cutter. After collecting ten pieces of Iron Ore, deposit them in a deposit bin nearby. Then head back to Trevor and tell him you have completed your job. Next up, Trevor will tell you his entire plan, which requires the player to get hired by the same company.

Iron Deposit Bin Starfield
Iron Deposit Bin – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

You would need to travel to Deimos to apply for the job of assistant for the company’s director. Therefore, once you are assistant, you can approve some equipment request funds for Trevor.

Apply For The Assistant To The Director Job

This part of the quest requires players to apply for a job at Trevor’s company. During this sidequest, I traveled to the Deimos Staryard, which is the moon, to reach their headquarters. Moreover, you can open the Starmap and chart a course to your current objective. Therefore, just Fast Travel and you will be in front of a huge Space Station.

Deimos Moon of Mars Starfield
Deimos, Moon of Mars – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Lock on this Space Station from your spaceship and dock to board. Once inside, follow the objective marker to find a computer that will allow you to apply for this job.

Open the computer and select the option listed as Job Postings. As a result, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get the job. 

The questions will vary from asking about your job experiences to what you should do if your boss asks for a drink. Please fill this form however you want, as it will not affect the outcome of this mission. I filled out this form randomly, which did not affect the outcome. Your objective marker will be updated once you are done with the questionnaire.

Job Posting Computer Starfield
Job Posting Computer – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

You must now travel back to Trevor on Cydonia and update him about your job posting. However, your job is not done yet, as you need to ensure you get hired. This is where your next objective requires you to delete other applicant’s files.

Delete The Other Candidates’ Applications

Trevor will now tell you that we must delete other applicants’ files to ensure we get hired. Therefore, you would need to travel to offices just above the quarry. To complete the final part of the Red Tapes Blue mission in Starfield, travel to the top floor where the HR office is located. You need to hack Tia Wu’s computer and delete all other applications.

Tia Wu's Computer Starfield
Tia Wu’s Computer – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

However, I recommend waiting until everyone has left, as hacking computers during office hours will put a bounty on your head. You can wait until 17:00 in-game time by waiting on a chair in the cubicle near Tia Wu. Therefore, interact with the chair and select hours till everyone has left.

Wait for everyone to leave the office and then interact with the computer. You will see a folder which will contain all the applications. Select all the applications one by one and delete them. However, please do not delete the application with your name on it. After deleting all the applications, head back to Trevor and initiate another dialogue.

Trevor will inform the player that they have been hired. This will complete the Red Tape Blues mission and start another mission, Red Tape Runaround. You will be rewarded with 3700 Credits and 100 XP at the end of this mission. 

Red Tape Blues is an early sidequest in Starfield. Therefore, this mission is for you if you want a break from the main story and earn some quick credits. Not only will you be rewarded 3700 Credits for some easy tasks, but you will also trigger a chain of very interesting sidequests.

The mission can be automatically acquired whenever the player lands on Cydonia. Therefore, head to Trevor, who will guide you on your next steps. Moreover, these missions will only require you to travel once to a different planet, making this significantly easy.

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