Starfield: Best Ship Build & Design

Check out some of the best ship build and design I found for your Starfield playthrough.

Building a ship in Starfield
Ship Build in Starfield(Credits - Gamesual)

In Starfield, you can craft your ships however you desire. With various parts and modules, you can design a ship that will perfectly match your needs and playstyle. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can build customized ships in Starfield, tailoring them to your playstyle and preferences.
  • When building your ship, consider factors like playstyle, mission type, and budget to make the most effective and enjoyable vessel.
  • Ship customization involves choosing a hull type, adding modules for enhanced performance, and selecting appearances like skins and colors.

Building a ship in Starfield is primarily based on your preference and playstyle. In my opinion, some designs stand out for their efficiency, versatility, or creativity. Here are some of the best ship designs in Starfield that I have seen and experienced so far:

Ship NameHull TypePower GeneratedLASBALMSLHullShieldMassMax CrewCargo Capacity
Ecliptic BayonetSmall1660610010050250
Va’ruun LitanyLarge242223003001506150

Ecliptic Bayonet

The Ecliptic Bayonet is a small hull built for speed and boarding enemy ships. It has missiles and energy weapons that can turn off enemy ships’ systems, allowing you to dock with them and loot their cargo or take over their crew.

I experienced that the Bayonet is agile and stealthy, idealizing hit-and-run tactics or escaping pursuers.

Elliptical Bayonet in Starfield
Elliptical Bayonet (Credits – Gamesual)

The Bayonet is not easy to obtain. However, it would be best to steal it from enemy Ecliptic attacks, random events where hostile factions raid spaceports or outposts. You have to be quick and careful to avoid getting shot down by their escorts or turrets.


The Razorleaf is a medium hull built for exploration and combat. It has a sleek and aerodynamic design that allows it to fly smoothly through different atmospheres and environments. As for the offensive side, it features a balanced mix of weapons and defenses that can handle most threats in space or on planets.

Razorleaf Build In Starfield
Razorleaf in Starfield(Credits – Gamesual)

The Razorleaf is inspired by the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian TV series. It has a similar shape and color scheme as the iconic bounty hunter’s ship. It also has features resembling the Razor Crest’s gadgets, such as the side-mounted cannons and the rear cargo ramp.

Va’ruun Litany

The Va’ruun Litany is a large hull built for trading. It has a spacious interior that can accommodate a large crew and a lot of cargo. The Litany is designed to be friendly and inviting rather than intimidating or aggressive.

Va'ruun Litany in Starfield
Va’ruun Litany in Starfield(Credits – Gamesual)

The Litany is one of the rarest ship-builds. You can only get it by completing a quest line for the Va’ruun, an ancient and mysterious alien race that lives in isolation.

You must earn their trust and respect by helping them with their problems and learning about their culture.

Star Eagle

The Star Eagle is an extra-large hull built for luxury and comfort. It is a flying hotel with everything you need for a relaxing journey through space. 

Star Eagle in Starfield
Star Eagle in Starfield (Credits – Gamesual)

The Star Eagle is not cheap to build. Being the most famous design, I advise to have a lot of money and resources to buy or craft the modules and skins that make it so lavish. You must also pay for such a massive ship’s fuel and upkeep costs.

My Thoughts On Ship Designs

In my experience, it’s crucial to tailor your ship to match your preferred playstyle, missions, and budget. You must consider the trade-offs between speed, combat capabilities, exploration potential, and cargo capacity.

Additionally, the choice of hull type and the modules I built played a significant role in optimizing the ship’s performance. Also, you must never overlook the importance of weapon selection and customization, as it directly impacts your combat effectiveness.

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