Starfield: Ship Classes [Explained]

Everything you need to know about the classes of ships in Starfield.

Starfield Ship Classes
Starfield Ship Classes / Creds: Gamesual

You may be wondering about Ship Classes in Starfield and why some are restricted from piloting. There are three ship classes: A, B, and C, and their main difference is the type of reactor used. Players can find many ships in Starfield, and choosing the best one for yourself can be a tough task. To help you select the Best ship, we have explained all the classes and their differences.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield has three ship classes: A, B, and C.
  • Players must level up their Piloting skills to levels 3 and 4 to unlock classes B and C.
  • Ranking up Starship design Skill two or three times will let you equip class B and C parts to your ship.


When you start Starfield, ship class A is unlocked, and you can easily pilot them. However, class B and C requires you to level up your Piloting skills to level 3 and 4, respectively.

The A ship class is considered easy to pilot and generally used by beginners, while the B class is for Intermediate pilots, and lastly, the C class ships are for highly skilled players in piloting.

Ship Building

Starfiled Ship
Starfield Ship / Creds: Gamesual

While building your ship, you must prioritize your reactor and parts classes in Starfield. If you own an A-class ship, you are limited to using only A-class parts because it is the lowest level. However, B-class ships can handle B and A-class parts, not level C. Since class C is the highest, it can work with all ship parts.

If you’re trying to install any ship part that is class B or C in Starfield, you first need to unlock the Starship Design skill. This skill is on the third tier of the Tech skill tree, so if you focus solely on Tech, the minimum level you need to be to unlock Starship Design is level 9.

To fly class B and C ships, you must first rank up your Starship Designs. To access class B and C ship parts, you must rank up your Starship Designs two or three times. You must raise your Starship Designs rank to four to install experimental ship parts.

This is all you need to learn to pilot the ship of your choice; upgrade your skill tree accordingly and choose the competent parts.

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