Starfield: How To Access Ship Storage

You can simply access your ship storage using your character menu options and from the ship menu, select the "Cargo Hold" option.

Starfield Ship Storage Cover Image
Starfield Ship Storage

Accessing the Ship Storage is straightforward, with the game allowing more than one approach. The simple approach is to access it through the Character Menu option. 

Key Takeaways

  • Go to the Character Menu option and head to the Ship Preview. 
  • Next, select the Cargo Hold option to use the ship storage features. 
  • You can also access ship storage using the Cockpit and engage with a console screen right next to it. 

How To Access Ship Storage

Access From the Character Menu

  1. For this, you will need to press TAB on your keyboard.
  2. Next, select the lower left part, as shown in the image below. Click on it to go to the ship preview screen.
Starfield Character menu
Starfield Character menu
  1. It will also allow you to check your ship’s stats, storage capacity, and more here.
  2. Click the “Cargo Hold” option on the bottom right of your screen to access the ship’s storage.
  3. Once you do that, you will have a full overview of every item stored there as well as multiple other options such as:
    • Moving items from your inventory to ship storage.
    • Moving items back to your inventory (Left-click on selected item)
    • Jettison (Drop selected item)
    • Inspect each item
    • Sort items
Starfield Cargo Hold Menu
Starfield Cargo Hold Menu

Access From Cockpit

  1. Once you enter the Cockpit, look for a jump seat, which will be on your left side.
  2. You will notice a strip with a small panel screen providing direct access to the ship’s storage.
  3. Here, you can have a simplified overview of the items and manage them by taking them or transferring them.
  4. Refer to the images to find your way to the specific part you need.
Starfield cockpit cargo hold access
Starfield cockpit cargo hold access

How To Improve/Upgrade Ship Storage

In my opinion, ship storage is important, and there are several ways to increase ship storage. So, let’s dive in and review those methods.

  • Before buying any cargo parts and slapping them onto your ship, I recommend you unlock the “Payloads” skill.
  • You can find this skill in the tech section of the skills menu, which you can access anytime.
Starfield Payloads Skill
Starfield Payloads Skill Menu

As for different skills, you can learn more about them in our extensive best skills guide

  • You can buy extra cargo modules through the shipbuilder to increase the ship’s storage. 
Starfield Modify Ship option
Starfield Ship Services Technician
Starfield Ship Builder
Starfield Ship Builder Mode
  • You can buy special cargo holds at the Red Mile Base or the Crimson Fleet Base.
  • These are essentially called “Sheilded Cargo Holds,” and they protect you from being caught for having contraband items.
  • Once you place contraband items in these cargo hold sections on your ship, you will pass through any scanners when close to a protected settlement.

To buy these Sheilded Cargo Holds, go to their “Ship Services Technician” and buy them like any other cargo hold. This is great if you choose the more criminal life and smuggling for the Trade Authority.

Starfield Buy New Ship
Buying New Ships

My Take On Access Ship Storage

Like most players, I was also confused about how to access ship storage. But for general thought, I found the access from the cockpit option through the ship. I will recommend you follow the access approach using the character menu as it is more feasible and direct. 

There are some other guides that I recommend you to read so that you can get in-depth knowledge about Starfield.

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