Starfield: Every Starborn Armor Set [Unlock Guide]

Get these exquisite armor sets to get a more rich experience in Starfield.

Starborn armor starfield
All Starborn Armor sets in Starfield

Starborn Armor is among the rewards players can collect every time they complete the game. Players can collect a total of 10 Starborn armor sets in Starfield

Key Takeaways

  • Starborn spacesuits are exclusive Armor sets that players can get once they start their New Game Plus campaigns. 
  • Along with these suits, players will get a Starborn Guardian Spaceship that can go up to level VI. It levels up each time you re-complete the story.
  • Starborn armor sets are not only stylish but very functional in the game. They provide essential support in conserving oxygen, managing resources, blending in nearby environments, and providing health and resistance points. 

starborn armor starfield
Starborn armor sets provide essential buffs to the players – Image Credits: Gamesual.

If you want to get your hands on this Armor, I recommend you complete the campaign. After that, the New Game Plus mode will allow players to replay the game and collect rewards, including the Starborn armor sets. Completing the New Game Plus ten times will unlock all of these armor sets in Starfield.

  • Astra
  • Materia
  • Locus
  • Tenebris
  • Solis
  • Gravitas
  • Bellum
  • Tempus
  • Avitus
  • Venator

You can find their details below:

starborn armor starfield
All Starborn Armor sets – Image Credits: Gamesual


Completing and loading the campaign in New Game Plus during the playthrough will automatically unlock this Armor directly into your inventory. You will not have to struggle to locate or buy it in Starfield. Along with this armoring space suit, you will also get a Starborn Guardian spaceship and special skills.

Each Starborn armor suit weighs 17.4 Kilograms and offers the following buffs in Starfield:

  • It will help you consume 25% less oxygen.
  • The resources that you carry will weigh down by 25%.
  • You can target your enemies with 20% more accuracy.
  • It has a credit value of 51,670.


To acquire Materia, I suggest the player completes the campaign again through the New Game Plus. After loading the save, you will find Materia and Starborn Guardian II Spaceship in your inventory.

It looks quite a lot like Astra except with more tight fitting. It weighs the same as Astra and offers the following buffs in Starfield:

  • Resources weigh 25% less than usual.
  • It also helps in consuming 25% less oxygen.
  • There are 10% more chances of igniting enemies around you.
  • It has a credit value of 64,842.


Completing the New Game Plus for the second time rewards players with the Locus Starborn armor set. After loading the save, you will find this suit and the Starborn Guardian III spaceship in your inventory.

Unlike the previous two cases, the Locus set features an old, rugged, and worn-out look. I like this worn look, as it makes my character look more experienced. 

It has the following buffs in Starfield:

  • Locus shields you and helps you take 15% less damage from Alien enemies.
  • Resources weigh 25% less than usual. Therefore, you can move around more comfortably.
  • You have a 5% additional chance of disarming your nearby opponents.
  • It has a credit value of 67,166.


After the third round of New Game Plus, you will find the Tenebris armor in your inventory, along with the Guardian IV Spaceship in Starfield.

It is, so far, the best-looking suit among all the others mentioned above, with a striking resemblance to Astra and Materia. However, its body-tight fitting and combat-oriented looks make it different.

The Tenebris armor set has the following buffs and specifications in Starfield:

  • It helps you sneak around by blending into the nearby environment like a chameleon.
  • Your weapons will weigh 50% less.
  • Tenebris can absorb 50% of your enemies’ attacks when standing still. 
  • It has a credit value of 69,483.


This is the fifth suit that can be obtained after completing the New Game Plus four times. After that, it will be available in your inventory along with the Starborn Guardian V spaceship. It boasts very unattractive looks, just like the Locus starborn armor set. Unlike Locus, Solis features extra shoulder guards and an enlarged visor, which is more up my alley.

The Solis armor set boasts the following features in Starfield:

  • If you are running low on health, it can provide you with an additional 100 health points.
  • Resources weigh 25% less.
  • Oxygen is used 75% less than usual when carrying heavy weight.
  • It has a credit value of 71,800.


Gravitas is another unattractive Starborn armor set, resembling Solis and Locus quite a lot. What differentiates it from these two is its bulkier helmet design and the different color scheme of the clothes. You can get it by following either two of the following methods:

    • You will get this armor suit and the Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship by completing the New Game Plus for the fifth time.
    • By looting the remains of the Emissary during the main story quest of Revelation,

It offers the following buffs in Starfield:

  • It decreases the opponent’s energy damage by 15%.
  • While airborne, you can enjoy 25 more Resistance points.
  • Moreover, your carrying capacity increases by 40 points.
  • Finally, it has a credit value of 74,128.


Again, resembling other armor sets on the list, Bellum is a spacesuit in Starfield with dark grey clothes. You can get it, along with Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship, after completing the New Game Plus for the sixth time. Here are the benefits of owning this suit in Starfield:

  • It grants an additional 20% oxygen-carrying capacity.
  • Bellum also offers an additional 25 resistance points against heat.
  • You have 10% more chances of staggering your enemies.
  • It has a credit value of 76,446.


Tempus is, so far, the most aesthetically pleasing starborn Armor on our list. In addition to great looks, it also features the second-best stats among all Starborn Armor sets.

Players can unlock it after completing the New Game Plus for the seventh time.

Tempus offers the following additional buffs in Starfield:

  • If you are low on health, you get 100 additional points in physical and energy resistance.
  • Tempus also grants 25 points in Thermal resistance.
  • Similarly, your carrying capacity is increased by 40 points when wearing this suit in Starfield.
  • It has a credit value of 78,776.


You can obtain the second last starborn armor suit by your eighth or ninth successful completion of New Game Plus. Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship is a constant reward with these suits. By this point, these suits are starting to look more and more similar to me. Still, Avitus features the second-best defensive stats among all these suits.

Avitus features the following additional perks and buffs in Starfield:

  • You will take 15% less damage wearing this spacesuit in Starfield.
  • An extra 25 points increase your radiation resistance.
  • Moreover, Avitus increases your chances of disarming your opponent by another 5%.
  • It has a credit value of 81,099.


The final suit is also the best Starborn Armor set regarding stats. It features the same old unattractive clothes over the main armor body, except this time, the clothing is multicolored. Moreover, the helmet is also better than others on the list. You can get by following any of these two methods:

    • Completing the New Game Plus for the ninth time.
    • From the loot drop after defeating the Hunter in the Unearthed main story quest.

Venator has the following perks and buffs in Starfield:

  • You take 15% less robot damage when wearing this suit.
  • Your resources will weigh 25% less, making your movements more quick.
  • Similarly, you will consume 75% less oxygen while on the run.
  • Venator has a credit value of 82,690.
Starborn spacesuits are also unique alternatives to conventional spacesuits in Starfield – Image Credits: Gamesual

Would I Recommend?

All the weapons and Armor have quite a unique look, and I was going out of my way to find something better. To acquire Starborn Armor, players must put in the game’s hours. Although you can use Console cheats, the real way to get these Armor sets is by completing the game multiple times, but still that is not recommended for completionist players

I suggest players who plan to collect this Armor the real way to start putting in their hours. All you need to do is complete the game for the tenth time.

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