Starfield: Tips For Storing Items On Ship

All the essential tips and trips for everything when it comes to Starfield storing items on ship with the optimal way to manage!

Starfield storing items on ship
Starfield Storing Items on Ship

In Starfield, storing items on ship or in general is essential to the gaming experience. Keeping track of your valuables is essential as you explore the vast cosmos. The dependable cargo space you have is your spacecraft, yet many players can’t find it in the cockpit. 

Key Points

  • In Starfield, managing your inventory and storage options is essential as you explore the vast cosmos. Utilizing your starship for storage is a key part of the gaming experience, whether you possess legendary weaponry or a collection of items.
  • Starfield’s expansive universe presents the constant challenge of efficiently managing your inventory. Discover how to make the most of your starship’s cargo hold and the unlimited storage at The Lodge in New Atlantis.
  • Explore strategies for using your starship’s cargo hold and accessing unlimited storage at The Lodge. Discover the convenience of storing items in your starship’s cargo hold. Follow simple steps to access this feature and alleviate the burden of an overflowing inventory.

Storage box in the Lodge
Storage box in the Lodge – Image Credits: Gamesual

In the ever-expansive universe of Starfield, players are faced with the constant challenge of efficiently managing their inventory and storage options. One invaluable tip is the ability to utilize your starship for storage, which can be a lifesaver when dealing with an overabundance of items. A hidden gem of unlimited storage awaits you at The Lodge in New Atlantis.

This guide will help you grasp these storage strategies and offer further insights and practical advice for mastering the art of item management.

Customizing Frontier Starship to increase space
Customizing Frontier Starship to increase space – Image Credits: Gamesual

Storing Items In Your Starship

Starship storage from outside
Starship storage from outside – Image Credits: Gamesual

One pro tip for Starfield players is the ability to store items in their starship’s cargo hold. This feature becomes particularly handy when you find yourself overburdened with items. To utilize this feature, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the in-game menu.
  • Navigate to the “Ship” section.
  • Select “Cargo” to open the cargo hold interface.
  • From there, you can manage and store items from your inventory directly into your ship’s cargo hold.

Unlimited Storage At The Lodge

A mission that lets you reach The Lodge
A mission that lets you reach The Lodge – Image Credits: Gamesual

First, ensure you have access to The Lodge in New Atlantis. You may need to progress in the game’s storyline to reach this location.

  • Once you’ve reached The Lodge, head to your assigned room. 
  • Within your room, you’ll find a special storage container.
  • Open the storage container and begin storing your items. Unlike other storage options in the game, this container imposes no limitations on mass. You can store many items, including resources, rare weapons, and sentimental trinkets.
  • To make future retrieval easier, consider organizing your stored items.
  • Periodically return to The Lodge to deposit or retrieve items. This ensures that your inventory remains manageable and contains the items you need for your intergalactic adventures.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use the unlimited storage available at The Lodge, providing a hassle-free solution for storing your valuable items in Starfield.

The Lodge - Starfield
The Lodge – Starfield – Image Credits: Gamesual

Upgrading Your Starship

Ship Services Technician upgrading a ship
Ship Services Technician upgrading a ship – Image Credits: Gamesual

While using your starship and The Lodge’s storage container are effective strategies, enhancing your starship’s cargo capacity is another essential step to consider. You’ll likely accumulate more items and resources as you progress into the game. Here’s a closer look at upgrading your starship’s cargo hold.

  • Seek out a Ship Services Technician, who can be found at various locations within the game.
  • Interact with the Ship Services Technician to access the shipbuilder menu. This menu allows you to make modifications and improvements to your starship.

Purchasing A Larger Cargo Box

Purchasing a Larger Cargo Box
Purchasing a Larger Cargo Box – Image Credits: Gamesual

Invest in a larger cargo box within the shipbuilder menu. This upgrade significantly expands your starship’s storage capacity, allowing you to easily carry more items and resources.

It’s worth noting that these upgrades come at a cost, typically in the form of Credits. However, the increased storage capacity justifies the investment, especially as your adventures in Starfield become increasingly challenging.

Companion Storage

Sam Coe the Companion
Sam Coe, a Companion in Starfield – Image Credits: Gamesual

In the vast expanse of the Starfield universe, your companions are more than just allies; they can be your trusted partners in efficient item storage and organization. They are like remote storage that you can bring with you anywhere. You can even accommodate those companions in starships to further maximize your ships’ storage capability.

These companions can be found throughout your journey and often have unique backgrounds, abilities, and personalities.

  • To access your companion’s inventory, open the game’s menu. Look for a section or option related to companions. This menu can usually be found under “Companions.”
  • From the companion menu, choose the specific companion whose inventory you want to manage. This will typically involve selecting their name or avatar. Once you’ve selected your companion, choose the “Interact” or “Manage Inventory” option.
  • You will now have access to your companion’s inventory. You can view, add, or remove items from their inventory just like you would with your own character’s inventory.
  • To transfer items between your character and your companion, drag and drop them between the two inventories. This allows you to share items or store excess items with your companions. Consider equipping your companions with gear or items that increase their carrying capacity, which can help maximize their storage capability.

Crafting From Outposts

Crafting starships
Crafting starships – Image Credits: Gamesual

Outposts are not just remote locations but integral hubs that can significantly enhance your crafting experience. These outposts provide a centralized and efficient platform for crafting, offering access to stored resources and crafting stations.

  • First, you need to find an outpost. These outposts are scattered throughout the game world, and you can discover them during your exploration.
  • Approach the outpost and interact with it to gain access. This may involve interacting with a terminal.
  • Once inside the outpost, look for crafting stations and terminals. These will be labeled or indicated as crafting stations or storage depots.
  • Use the outpost’s storage depots to store your resources, materials, and valuable items. Simply interact with the storage depot and transfer items from your inventory into the depot’s storage.

By following these steps, you can make the most of outposts in Starfield as centralized hubs for crafting, storage, and resource management, enhancing your overall crafting experience in the game’s vast universe.

That is all for storing items on Ship in Starfield efficiently. By leveraging your starship’s cargo hold, using The Lodge’s unlimited storage, and upgrading your starship’s cargo capacity, you’ll be well-equipped to preserve your valuable items and resources while navigating Starfield’s vast and thrilling universe.

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