Starfield: Strix System [XP Farm + Location]

Here is everything you need to know about the XP farm in the Strix System in Starfield.

Strix System [XP Farm + Location]
Strix System [XP Farm + Location] - Starfield: Image by Gamesual

In Starfield, players often run into planets with unexplored areas with unusual resources. This is how I came across the Strix System, located on the far right of the map, which has an almost endless XP farm for players to exploit. Therefore, this guide will help you understand everything there is to know about the Strix System in Starfield.

Key Takeaways

  • The Strix System is one of the systems located on the rightmost side of the Star Map.
  • This is a level 70 star system, which does make it challenging to reach.
  • Players must upgrade their ship’s skills and the Grav drive to make this jump.
  • Strix-I is the closest planet to the Sun and offers an endless XP farm.
  • Other planets offer a few rare resources and unexplored sites. Surveying these planets also earns XP.

Name of the SystemStrix System
LocationThird planet from the right most planet.
Number of Planet6
Place of InterestStrix I

How To Get To Strix System

Strix System Starfield location
Strix System Location – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Strix System is located on the right side of the Star Map in Starfield. However, if you haven’t been here before, you must cross many unexplored galaxies. This took me the most extended amount of time to figure out. Once you have reached the rightmost area of the map, look for the Strix System in the middle. This may be the third last planet in the middle.

You will see the level 70 Strix System right above the Maal System. However, it is essential to note that the Strix System is not easy to get to. I had to get a different ship and invest in significant upgrades to make this jump. Even after locating this planet, you need a mighty ship with enough grav drive to make this jump.

Moreover, I do recommend making this investment as the rewards, on the other side, are very well worth it. You can also upgrade the Astrodynamics Skill to increase the grav drive range and reduce fuel consumption. Also, you would need to jump to all the planets in your path to fast-travel to the Strix System.

XP Farm

Strix I Starfield
Strix I – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

The journey to Strix System in Starfield is worth it due to the XP farm. I had to spend a significant chunk of my credits to make this jump, which I do not regret. Therefore, next, you must visit the Strix-I to take full advantage of the XP farm. This is the closest planet to the Sun, allowing players to land on it. Search for the Craters terrain type as your landing site.

You can select various landing sites on the planet and view their terrain type on the bottom right of the Star Map. Just land on the Craters terrain, as these are the only places with the XP farm.

Once you land, you should try to find the floating creatures in this area. The Flocking Nautiloos Filterers will be these floating creatures with a round body.

Flocking Nautiloos Filterers Starfield
Flocking Nautiloos Filterers – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

Moreover, you will see these creatures moving around in herds. These creatures will range from 1 to 70 levels, guaranteeing plenty of XP. Therefore, shooting one creature will attract the attention of the entire herd. These creatures will be easy to kill. However, packing plenty of ammo to get through these Nautiloos would be best.

It is also worth noting that these creatures will hit you back. However, they do not give out any significant damage, making it easy to dodge their attacks. Once you get through one herd, it is quite possible you can spot another nearby. I almost drained all my bullets to farm one crater section of this planet, which surprisingly granted me significant XP.

Flocking Nautiloos Filterers Herd Starfield
Flocking Nautiloos Filterers Herd – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

As a result, this becomes an endless XP farm that guarantees players to level up big time. Do not worry if you farm all these creatures, as all you need to do is land on another Crater-type terrain on this planet, and you will encounter more of these creatures.

Other Planets Inside This System

Planet NameLanding SiteMoons of this Planet
Strix IAvailableStrix I-a
Strix IIAvailablen/a
Strix IIIUnavailableStrix III-a
Strix III-b
Strix III-c
Strix III-d
Strix IVAvailableStrix IV-a
Strix VAvailablen/a
Strix VIUnavailableStrix VI-a
Strix VI-b
Strix VI-c
Strix System Star Map
Strix System Planets – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

There are six significant planets within this star system. However, not all worlds allow players to explore, as not all planets allow landing sites. I was unable to find anything of significant importance in this start system. Still, it is remarkable that there are plenty of planets and moons for players to explore.

Most of these planets will only offer a few resources and unexplored areas, which did earn me a little extra XP.

Strix III-D Starfield
Strix III-D Moon – Starfield: Image by Gamesual

This Star System’s emptiness makes you the only intelligent life here. It is great to have an entire Star System as your own, and if you need any XP, you can hop to Strix-I nearby.

Nevertheless, I recommend that players make the necessary investments to jump to this star system as the Strix System offers few essential things. The planets here offer rare resources and metals. Moreover, the moons here also provide a safe place to build your bases. However, the XP farms on the Strix-I make the journey worth it.

Therefore, if you want a comfortable galaxy to mine almost endless XP, this system is for you.

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