Starfield: Survey Data [Explained]

Learn about what fortune can a Survey Data bring you in Starfield.

Survey data in Starfield
Stafield Survey Data

Starfield survey data resembles the event where a player gathers a specific data type. This data includes information regarding the planets you explore. Primarily, when a player thoroughly scans a world and all its resources, the data is embedded in a disk. From there on, you can sell that data for a good amount of Credits.

Key Takeaways

  • Survey Data is information regarding a planet in Starfield, which you gather while exploring on foot.
  • Once all the Resources, Fauna, and Flora are discovered, the Survey Data is complete, and you are able to sell it.
  • You can sell the data to Trade Authorities, Phil Hill, or Vladimir Sall.
  • Each NPC will hold its value for the data you offer.

How To Get Survey Data

Explore for Survey Data
Gather information on planets to fill data | Image credits: Gamesual

Whenever you land on a planet’s surface, there will be Resources, Fauna, and Flora to discover around you. You can do this from your scanner by pressing [F], as default, on your keyboard. Then, go near an object or any wildlife and scan them by hitting the [E] key.

Some planets contain so little survey data that scanning them through your ship will be enough. These majorly include the Gas Giant type of planets. Moreover, some moon-like planets have negligible amounts of data to scan. As a result, you can gather their data by exploring the surroundings of the landing area.

On the contrary, some planets are abundant in resources, and sites to discover that they can not be all surveyed by landing only on one side. Such planets require you to step foot in multiple locations. Moreover, these planets can be a good spot for establishing an outpost. For that purpose, you can check out our guide on Best Outpost Locations in Starfield.

Purpose Of Survey Data

One thing to consider is that Starfield does not let your deeds go unrewarded. Therefore, completing a planet’s survey data will also reward you exclusively. The sole purpose of this training is to earn lots of Credits by selling the Survey Data. Remember that every data’s value varies with what type of planet it resembles.

Regarding selling Survey Data, you must know that you can not sell it to anyone. There are specific NPCs for that purpose.

The Eye station
Meet Vladimir in Eye to Sell Survey Data | Image credits: Gamesual

I prefer choosing Vladimir Sall over any option. It is because Vladimir offers the best amount for the data. You can find him in the Eye station hovering over the planet Jemison. However, you will not be able to enter that station at the start of the game. 

To be able to Dock on the Eye, you must play the main quest, Into the Unknown.” During the quest, Sarah will ask you to meet Vladimir, an ex-Crimson Fleet NPC. Although, during my gameplay, there was no option to make the trade at first. In that case, keeps progressing in the quest, and eventually, he will look up for the trade.

As for Phil Hill, you can find him on Mars in Cydonia. An annoying, talkative NPC who will look up for the Survey Data trade. However, he will only buy a certain type of Survey Data in Starfield. 

Lastly, you can sell the data to the Trade Authority. It is the most convenient but rather a detriment choice on your efforts. Moreover, Trade Authority Kiosks can not buy a large quantity. It is because the Vendor money is pretty low. Therefore, it will limit you from trading lots of data.

My Thoughts

Survey Data, in my opinion, is the most handy method to collect Credits throughout the game. The major fact of Starfield is exploration. Whereas the Survey Data act as a reward for exploring each planet. Therefore, I suggest you try to scan the Stars thoroughly where you set foot and earn decent Credits after the procedure.

In brief, Survey Data is a good source of income and acts as a fruitful labor for explorers. Its purpose is to encourage the players to step off the main quest track and start exploring the massive world of Starfield. At this point, you may visit various places that can surprise you, which include encountering Legendary equipment, civilization, or random NPCs crying for help.

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