Starfield: Target Engines [Explained]

Enhance your strategy of dealing with outer space enemy ships by learning targeting mode.

Starfield Target Engines
Starfield Target Engines

Starfield has incredible space combat dynamics, which balances Bethesda’s old game tactics while introducing new ones. Following this, Starfield has a space combat feature allowing players to enter the Targeting Control System, which resolves the query of how to target engines. To simplify the term, it is similar to V.A.T.S in Fallout 4.

Key Takeaways

  • If you aim to target the engines of your enemy’s ships in Starfield, you need the Targeting Control System perk.
  • After you obtain the perk, set out in outer space and face your enemies with a new ability, Target Lock.
  • Engaging an enemy with Target Lock will put you in Targeting Mode. You can aim at your enemy ships’ specific, most critical points.
  • Following this, select the ENG of your enemy in Target mode and begin shooting. Eventually, the impact will demobilize your enemy’s ship. Allowing you to corner take advantage of the situation. 

Starfield skill tree
Targeting Control System Perk | Image credits: Gamesual

To be capable of targeting an enemy spaceship’s engine, you will have to spend a skill point on a particular Skill. Firstly, players have to earn a skill point by leveling up. You can level up by exploring, killing enemies, and completing quests. Although, quests are the best way to level up in Starfield. Following this, you can check out our guide on the best Quests to do first in Starfield

To activate the Targeting Control System perk, do the following:

  • Go to the Skills in the player’s menu option.
  • Go to the Tech tab.
  • Select the perk (Targeting Control System) at the top right side in the first row. Unlock it by spending a skill point.

How To Aim At Engine

While flying the spaceship, you can enter the targeting mode by engaging in combat. After the specific perk is unlocked, you will have the option to Target Lock your enemy. Press the specified button, and you will lock the enemy. 

Starfield Target lock
Preparing to Target Lock your enemy | Image credits: Gamesual

Once you enter this stance, you will see an interface similar to your System Level. However, the enemy interface will differ by color and possibly by stats. Before you initiate the rocket barrage on your enemy unquestioningly, make sure to have selected the specific ship component. 

To do so, navigate to the required area by pressing the side keys, which are [A] and [D] (by default) for PC players. In this case, navigate to ENG and start shooting absurdly.

Target mode Starfield
Target the engine in Target Mode | Image credits: Gamesual

The Target Lock mode has a pretty lengthy duration. So, you will have your time adjusting to a suitable angle and taking aim to make a clear shot. Taking out the engine of a ship will reluctantly affect its speed. Sweeping away the mobilization advantage from your enemy. 

 If your enemy’s ship has a sturdy defense, remove the SHD to make it vulnerable. Remove their LAS, BAL, or MSL/EM to stop enemies from heavily assaulting your shipHowever, you must target their engines to best sabotage your enemies in Starfield. 

To conclude, Starfield’s space combat is pretty engaging. However, one downfall is that you might not often face the enemy out in space. But it is still quite admirable. The spaceship controls might be tedious for the new players as they require swift shifting in System levels in the combat. 

Moreover, the combat will be more enjoyable as you progress in the game. It is because you will have your ship customized, your crew much more robust, and your ship’s weaponry upgraded. Nonetheless, there is much to explore in space combat and as well as in ground combat as the game progresses. New Skills will indeed allow you to witness something new every time.

My Thoughts

Learning this skill is crucially important, as destroying a ship’s engine allows you to hijack it. I highly suggest that players hijack and steal the ships rather than buy from dealers at enormous amounts of Credits. If you are confused about how to steal ships, check out the guide on How to Steal Ships in Starfield.

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