Starfield: Trade Authority [Location Guide]

Here are the best locations to sell your items in Starfield.

Starfield Trade Authority Locations
Starfield Trade Authority / Credits: Gamesual

There are many Trade Authority shops and kiosks in Starfield. While exploring the vast universe of Starfield, you will find and steal many items, outfits, and weapons. Keeping all of the items will not be possible due to limited slots. To solve this issue, the Trade Authority will buy everything and anything from you, even contraband.

Key Takeaways

  • The Trade Authorities in Starfield will buy anything from you, even contrabands.
  • Their shops and kiosks have a limit of 12000 and 5000 creds per day, respectively.
  • More than 10 Trade Authority shops and kiosks are spread around the game.
  • The best Trade Authority shop is at the Den.

There will be times during your Starfield gameplay where you will find items that are in excess or are of no use to you. You can choose to sell these items for creds to get better items.

The Trade Authority will buy your items. However, their shops have a limit of 12,000 credits, while the kiosks have a credit limit of 5,000 per day. The biggest plus point of the Trade Authority in Starfield is that they will buy any stolen items when most traders in the game don’t do so.

The Trade Authority will also occasionally give you missions basic delivery jobs. It is tough to navigate in Starfield, as the minimap has no markers. The only way to find a spot is through exploration. We have compiled all the Trade Authority shops and kiosks below to solve this issue.

Akila System

Trade Authority at Akila City in Starfield
Trade Authority at Akila City / Credits: Gamesual

The Akila Planet is in the Cheyenne System. The Trade Authority shop is located in the Akila system on Planet Akila. To get to this shop, enter the city through the main entrance. Afterward, follow the street straight until you reach the Galbank on the right side.

This is where it gets tricky. Look out for a small green sign saying Galbank. After reaching the Galbank, you must find the narrow pathway leading to the back. This pathway is located between the bank and the bar.

Go up the pathway and take a right. Keep walking until you reach the Trade Authority shop on the left. Enter the shop and talk to Duncan Lynch to learn about trade authority, sell items, or get a mission.

There is also a Trade Authority kiosk on the Akila System. When you land on the Akila system, right before the city’s main gate, you can find the bright green kiosk of Trade Authority on the right side.

New Atlantis

Trade Authority Kiosk New Atlantis in Starfield
Trade Authority Kiosk New Atlantis / Credits: Gamesual

The New Atlantis is a city in Jemison located in the Alpha Centauri system. Enter the city and travel from the Mast District train station to the Jemison Mercantile. There is an elevator right beside the exit of the Mercantile.

Enter the elevator and choose “The Well” floor. Exit the elevator and go down the stairs on the left side. Keep walking until you reach the entrance to the Trade Authority shop. The Trade Authority kiosk on New Atlantis can be seen on the right side as soon as you land in the city.


Trade Authority at Neon in Starfield
Trade Authority in Neon / Credits: Gamesual

The Neon is a city located on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. The Trade Authority shop in this city is the easiest to find. Enter the city and take the elevator.

Exit the elevator, and you will see the green Neon Trade Authority sign in the Ikuchi Market District. In addition, before entering the Neon City at the “Welcome to Neon” sign. You will find a Trade Authority kiosk in the building to the left.


Trade Authority Cydonia
Trade Authority in Cydonia / Credits: Gamesual

The Cydonia mining outpost is located on Mars in the Sol System. To get to the Trade Authority shop on this outpost, enter the Cydonia and run straight through until you reach the ramp/slope.

Get down from the ramp and enter the door to your right, just before the stairs. You can talk to Manaki Almonte to sell items or learn about the Trade Authority here. Additionally, as soon as you land on Mars, the Trade Authority kiosk is located on the left from the entrance to Cydonia City in front of the Ship service shop.

The Den

Trade Authority at the Den
Trade Authority at the Den / Credits: Gamesual

The best place to sell your items, the Den, is located in the Wolf Solar system of Alpha Centauri. While entering this city, you will not be scanned or checked, unlike other major cities, which makes it easy to carry contraband.

To get to the Trade Authority Shop in the Den. After landing in the city, walk straight past the pillar in the middle and turn left just before the balcony. There, you will find a small Trade Authority shop. To find the kiosk, rather than walking past the pillar in the middle. Look at the right side of it, where you will find the Trade Authority kiosk.

The Key

Trade Authority at the Key
Trade Authority at the Key / Credits: Gamesual

The Key is a space station owned by Crimson Fleet that orbits around Suvorov, located in the Kryx system. To unlock this planet, you must first progress through the Rook Meets King mission.

To get to the Trade Authority shop, after landing on the Key, go straight, make a left, and continue on the hallway until you reach the entrance to Cargo Bay. Enter the Cargo Bay and make a right into the Depot.

Keep following the pathway and go past the General Goods store. Afterwards, you will reach the Trade Authority shop on the right. It is not well-lit in there, so you must look for a wooden sign.


There are multiple Trade Authority kiosks spread around Starfield. One is on Paradiso, located on Porrima II planet within the Porrima Star System. You can find the Trade Authority kiosk when you land on the shipyard. Look to your right, and the kiosk is spotlighted under a lamp post.

Similarly, you can find a kiosk in Hopetown, Gagarin Landing, and New Homestead. All of their kiosks are green, well-lit, and can be spotted as soon as you land on the places mentioned earlier.

These are all of the Trade Authority shops and kiosks in Starfield.

Note: If you travel to a planet with contraband, you will get scanned, caught, and sent to prison. To prevent this from happening, make sure to have shielded cargo to easily carry your stolen items.

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