Street Fighter 6: Top 10 Best Characters

Here's a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Characters of Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Best Character
Street Fighter 6 Best Character

Street Fighter 6 is the latest release in the popular fighting game series, and it offers a wide range of 18 characters to choose from. With numerous characters, it can be hard to pick a character to play with. So here are the best characters in street fighter 6:

Key Takeaways

  • Ryu: Versatile, all-around character who players of all levels can play.
  • Ken: Similar to Ryu but more aggressive, with powerful close-quarters attacks.
  • Chun-Li: Rush-down character with fast and powerful attacks that can keep opponents on the defensive.
  • Cammy: Top-tier character is known for her speed, agility, and mix-up game.
  • Luke: Versatile character with a seamless blend of zoning and rush-down tactics.
  • Guile: Well-rounded character who can adapt to his opponent’s playstyle.
  • Manon: Stylish and versatile character who is a good choice for experienced players.
  • Kimberly: Fun and unpredictable character who is a good choice for players who want to experiment with different playstyles.
  • Marisa: Strong close-to-mid-range fighter who can control the match’s pace.
  • Zangief: Powerhouse character who can take down opponents quickly.


Ryu in Street Fighter 6

Ryu is a great all-around character. He is a classic Street Fighter character; people love playing because of the simple moves. Plus, he also has a variety of close-range and distant moves. Ryu is a versatile character who can also use his Hadoken projectile to keep opponents at bay.

He can also use his Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku spinning kick to open his opponents for combo attacks. Overall, Ryu is a strong character who is a good choice for players of all levels.


Ken in Street Fighter 6

Ken is Ryu’s rival and is a very similar character among series fans. He has many of the same moves as Ryu, but he plays a bit more aggressively. When playing as Ken, your primary focus is on attacking your opponent.

Ken has several tricks to break through his opponent’s defense. He is a master of close-quarters combat, using his agility to evade his opponent’s attacks and his power to land devastating blows. Ken, indeed is one of the competitive characters on Street Fighter 6.


Chun Li in Street Fighter 6

Chun Li

Chun-Li is a popular female character in the Street Fighter series, and she’s a great character for players who want to play a rush-down style. she possesses many fast and powerful moves that enable her to keep her opponents on the defensive.

Players can leverage her signature move, Hyakuretsukyaku, to inflict massive damage on their opponents. Due to these exceptional abilities, Chun-Li unequivocally ranks among the best characters.


Cammy in Street Fighter 6

Cammy is a top-tier character in Street Fighter and is often ranked among the best characters of Street Fighter; she is known for her speed, agility, and mix-up game. Moreover, she is a great choice for players who want to play an aggressive, offensive style.

Cammy’s Spiral Arrow is a versatile move that can be used for offense, defense, or both. It is a long-range projectile that can keep opponents at bay but can also be used to start combos or quickly escape from danger.


Luke in Street Fighter 6



Luke’s standing as a top-tier contender in Street Fighter 6 stems from his adaptable moveset, potent tools, and a seamless blend of zoning and rush-down tactics. With exceptional damage output and remarkable mobility, Luke effortlessly narrows the gap between himself and his foes.

Luke’s signature move in Street Fighter 6 is the Rising Uppercut. You can use it to inflict huge damage on your opponent.


Guile in Street Fighter 6


Guile is one of the best characters in Street Fighter 4. He is a well-rounded character in Street Fighter 6 with zoning and rush-down capabilities. With him, you can keep your opponents at bay with his signature move Sonic Boom and other zoning tools, or you can also close the distance and pressure with his Flash Kick and Somersault Kick.

Guile’s signature moves are powerful and versatile, making him a very strong character in Street Fighter.


Manon in Street Fighter 6


Manon is a new Street Fighter 6 character who is a stylish and versatile fighter. you can use her judo skills to create combos and also her ballet skills to move around the stage quickly. You can use her grapples to take your opponent’s HP down and use the signature move Manon Toss to start combos and knock your opponent off stage.

The Manon Toss can be used to start combos. If Manon can knock an opponent off the stage with the Manon Toss, she will be awarded a bonus point. She is a good choice for experienced players.


Kimberly in Street Fighter 6


Kimberly is a standout among the new characters in the series, thanks to her unique move-set and play style. Her moves are easy to understand. With her rapid and bouncy movements, you can keep your opponent guessing and stunned, making her fun to use.

Her signature move, Genius at Play, can help you to keep your opponent at bay by throwing a spray can to the ground used as a Shuriken Bomb; with the help of this shuriken bomb, you can also create traps and defeat your opponent.


Marisa in Street Fighter 6


Marisa is a new but top-tier character in Street Fighter 6 who is a strong close-to-mid-range fighter with high damage infliction. She is great on both defense and offense. You can use her long-range solid attacks to give your opponent hell.

When in close range, you can use her chain attacks to inflict severe damage on your opponent. With the help of her signature move Scutum you can break through your opponent’s defense and use it for your defense.


Zangief in Street Fighter 6


The powerhouse Zangief is one of the strongest fighters in the series street fighter 6. With his immense strength and grapples, you can decrement your opponent’s health in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the monster Zangief has an enormous amount of health.

By closing the distance between you and your opponent, you can use his special move Spinning Piledriver, to punish your opponent or use Siberian Blizzard to keep your opponent guessing. Overall, Zangief is a strong character with a lot of potential.

This was the list of the best characters of Street Fighter 6; you can also mention your best character in the comments.

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