Street Fighter 6: Best Fighting Style [Ranked]

A complete guide to the fighting styles of all Street Fighter 6 characters.

Street Fighter 6 Best Fighting Style
Street Fighter 6 Best Fighting Style

Apart from the amazing visuals and immersive storyline, each character features a unique fighting style in the Street Fighter 6. This guide will walk through the fighting styles of all the characters in Street Fighter 6, covering their playstyles, weaknesses, and difficulties. 

Key Takeaways

  • 18 total characters, each with unique fighting styles suited for close combat, long-range attacks, or a mix.
  • Zangief, Marisa, and Guile specialize in high-damage close combat.
  • Dhalsim, JP, Dee Jay, and Jamie excel at long-range attacks and defense.
  • Blanka, Kimberly, Juri, Ken, and Ryu can fight close up and from afar but with less damage.
  • E. Honda and Luke have distinctive but slower styles.
  • Cammy, Kimberly, Lily, and Manon have high mobility and precision for damage, with Manon having the best overall fighting style.


Street Fighter 6: Ryu
Ryu – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual

Ryu focuses on basic punches, kicks, and specials like Shoryuken uppercut. I will recommend his close-range attacks as a solid beginner choice.


Street Fighter 6: Ken
Ken – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual

With fluid martial arts techniques, Ken delivers quick kicks, punches, and fireballs. He overwhelmed me with agile combos and specials during my first fight with the character.


Luke utilizes military moves and superheated arms to crush opponents from all ranges. He dominates fights with ranged and melee attacks. This quality makes it the top contender, in my opinion. 

Street Fighter 6: Luke
Luke – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Chun-Li overwhelms foes with speedy and brutal kicks, combos, and projectiles based on kung fu. She strikes rapidly from all distances and leaves no choice for opponents. Although I struggled a bit with her learning curve, but once you do, you are all set for damage dealing attacks. 

Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li
Chun-Li – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Blanka confuses opponents with constant movement and electric rolling attacks. He evades foes while zapping them. These are also one of the major attack patterns that you need to look out for him if he is on the opponent’s side. 

Street Fighter 6: Blanka
Blanka – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Cammy mixes immense speed and power for deadly special moves and combos. She annihilates opponents with quick attacks, leaving no margin for them to retreat.

Street Fighter 6: Cammy
Cammy – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Honda leverages his sumo skills for slow but dominating command grabs and slams. I recommend using his strong throws and slams to surprise attack the opponents and deal the most damage. 

Street Fighter 6: E.Honda
E.Honda – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Guile controls the field with boxing and super fast projectiles and anti-airs. He locks down foes from afar and up close, which I think is the best move to control the battleground.

Street Fighter 6: Guile
Guile – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


His special drunk but dangerous attacks enhance Jamie’s unpredictable drunken style. At the same time, he disorients foes with irregular strikes, you might still want to learn his moves to make the most out in the fight.

Street Fighter 6: Jamie
Jamie – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual

Dee Jay

Dee Jay dances while using kickboxing to land deadly specials and tricky combos. He outfights opponents with rhythm and flair.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay
Dee Jay – Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Dhalsim’s flexible limbs allow yoga-like long-range attacks and mid-air teleports. I always recommend using is extended, long-range attack techniques, allowing players to keep a safe side from potential break attacks from opponents. 

Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim
Dhalsim- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


JP harnesses psychic powers to bombard foes with fireballs, clones, and arena traps. He is a master of strong mental attacks, thus making him the best fighter to consider concerning fighting style. 

Street Fighter 6: JP
JP, Psychic Fighter- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Juri overwhelms with Taekwondo kicks and stores ki for powered-up special attacks. In my experience, she demolished foes with quick feet and ki strikes.

Street Fighter 6: Juri
Juri- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Kimberly creatively dances while unleashing continuous close-range blows. She overwhelms opponents with stylish and constant strikes.

Street Fighter 6: Kimberly
Kimberly- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Lily uses wind attacks and aerial moves with her clubs to control distance. She maintains range while attacking from the air. These qualities make her an efficient choice for beginners who do not want to be exposed to opponents and practice to master different patterns. 

Street Fighter 6: Lily
Lily- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Zangief wrestles opponents into submission with devastating grabs and suplexes. He overpowers foes in close quarters.

Street Fighter 6: Zangief
Zangief- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Marisa’s massive size enables powerful punches, kicks, and grabs. She easily crushes enemies with raw strength. You can learn more about her in our extensive Marisa Combos guide.

Street Fighter 6: Marisa
Marisa- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual


Manon grabs foes to gain medals and unleash graceful but dangerous dance combat. She uses grabs to unlock her deadly dance style, easily confusing opponents like myself. However, playing as her is always a unique experience with various moves available. 

Street Fighter 6: Manon
Manon- Image Credits: Danial Ahmad – Gamesual

My Thoughts

Those with high damage output stand out among Guile, Marisa, Manon, Dee Jay, Zangief, and Kimberly. However, considering both mobility in combat and long-range attacks, in my experience, Manon takes the lead. Her remarkable speed, agility, and ability to dodge mid-air attacks give her a distinctive advantage in combat scenarios.

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