Street Fighter: 6 Cammy Gifts & Locations

Giving gifts is a great way to increase your masters levels in Street Fighter 6, but using their favorite one is even better!

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Street Fighter 6 Cammy Gifts

You can choose from 18 characters in Street Fighter 6 and unlock each one as a master by completing quests. You can also increase your friendship level with them, maxing out at level 100, and Cammy is no different. The best way is to use Street Fighter 6 Cammy Gifts.

Let’s learn more about Street Fighter 6 Cammy Gifts, their types, and where to get them in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Gifts are easy to get through completing quests, side quests, fighting others, and buying from merchants.
  • You can give Gifts to your master to increase your friendship level with them.
  • Masters prefer some gifts over others. Those are their favorite gifts, increasing the level by 5x instead of 2x or 3x.
  • In Street Fighter 6, Cammy can be gifted two items, Jellied Eel and Necro Acrylic Keychain.
  • You can buy Jellied Eel from a Hawker Merchant at Bathers Beach in Brazil for 5600x Zenny.
  • You can get Necro Acrylic Keychain by completing Chun-li’s Friendship mission.

Gifts are unique items in Street Fighter 6; you can find them everywhere and easily get them. Ranging from defeating certain enemies to completing specific missions and more. Some gifts can also be bought from merchants from locations in Street Fighter 6.

You can increase your friendship level with each master in Street Fighter 6 by giving them gifts. Many gifts can be given to each master, and some have a higher impact on increasing their level than others.

Gifting Cammy in Street Fighter 6.
Gifting Cammy in Street Fighter 6.

Each master also has favorite gifts that they like more than others. These gifts are guaranteed to increase your friendship level by five levels, greatly decreasing the time spent and gifts needed to reach friendship level 100. 

Gifts, as we know, help increase friendship levels. Increasing friendship levels can unlock moves for the master you’re giving gifts to. It also unlocks their “Outfit 2,” classic outfits for each master.

Going for your master’s favorite gifts will help you save Zenny-game World Tour currency) as well time needed. 5x levels per gift mean that you need only 20 gifts to go from friendship level 1 to 100.

There are 2 Street Fighter 6 Cammy Gifts, Jellied Eel, and Necro Acrylic Keychain, which increases her Friendship Level by five.

Jellied Eel

To get the Jellied Eel, buy it from a Hawker Merchant at Bathers Beach in Brazil. This will cost you 5600x Zenny, and you can buy as much of it as you want if you have enough Zenny. Once bought from the merchant, the item will go directly into your inventory, and you can gift it to Cammy.

Buying Jellied Eel in Street Fighter 6.
Buying Jellied Eel from Merchant in Street Fighter 6.

Necro Acrylic Keychain

Now to get the second favorite gift, Necro Acrylic Keychain, you must head to the Chinatown district of Metro City and meet up with Chun-li. You will need to complete the Friendship mission for her to get this item as a reward.

This will go directly into your inventory once you have completed the mission, and you can now give it to Cammy.

To give your desired gift to Cammy, you must go to her in the UK location and meet up with her. You will see the option to gift her items before talking to her. Now you can give any gift she accepts from your inventory to increase your friendship level.

Chun-li at Chinatown district in Street Fighter 6.
Meeting Chun-li in Street Fighter 6.

Once you have reached friendship level 100 with Cammy, you will unlock her Loetard Outfit (Classic Costume), a conversation, and an art piece.

Remember that you can get these gifts before unlocking Cammy as a master. So knowing where to find them will help you save time as well. You cannot give any gifts to Cammy or another character until you are enrolled as their student.

Gifts are easy to obtain and super useful in the World Tour mode, so you should always watch for them. This means looking out for side quests and merchants when traveling around the Street Fighter 6 world.

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