Street Fighter 6: Drive Reversal [Explained]

Take your fights to the next level with the perfect "Get off me" move!

Street Fighter 6 Drive Reversal
Drive Reversal Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6, released this June 2023, is close to becoming the year’s fighting game. The Drive System, now better than ever, makes the game even more worth it. The Drive System promotes player creativity with improved combat and moves like Drive Reversal.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 has introduced an improved Drive System containing five moves; Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Drive Rush, and Drive Reversal.
  • Each of the moves requires some bars off the Drive Gauge to perform.
  • The Drive Reversal is the best counterattack to perform in a challenging situation.
  • The Drive Reversal allows you to perform a counterattack after blocking a previous attack by your opponent.
  • It deals less damage than the other moves but provides a lot of headroom to plan your next move.
  • The Drive Reversal uses up two bars of the Drive Gauge.
  • Connecting Drive Reversal with your opponent’s move deals the most damage. It pushes them backward, creating a suitable distance between the two of you.
  • Drive Reversal breaks armor and powers through most of the opponent’s moves.
  • The recovery time from Drive Reversal is very little.

The game has introduced 5 drive system moves:

  1. Drive Impact
  2. Drive Parry
  3. Overdrive
  4. Drive Rush
  5. Drive Reversal

Drive Gauge

The Drive Gauge powers each move under each player’s health bar. The drive gauge consists of six bars, acts as an engine, and depletes while using each drive move. If the gauge fully depletes, the player becomes exhausted and faces serious disadvantages caused by the vulnerability. However, the gauge also replenishes over time as you deal damage.

Each move deals unique damage to the player and should be used tactfully. This guide will discuss Drive Reversal, a most essential yet overlooked move.

Drive Reversal

If you are in a sticky situation, Drive Reversal is the attack for you. It is the perfect “Get Off Me” move, requiring little effort. It is a precious attack and is most efficient in getting you out of tough spots.

It is especially beneficial when you cannot predict your opponent’s next move. Drive Reversal is also helpful in putting you in neutral when certain opponents give you no room to breathe.

Drive Reversal Street Fighter 6
Drive Reversal Street Fighter 6 – Image Credits: Gamesual

Street Fighter 6 has introduced Drive Reversal like the V-Reversal in Street Fighter V. This move allows you to perform a counterattack once you have already blocked an incoming attack by your opponent. The damage dealt with this attack is lower than with other moves, but it is one of the best counterattacks to have in hand.

Activating the move costs two bars of the Drive Gauge. It creates a suitable distance between you and your opponent, giving you enough time to plan your next attack.

The best thing about drive reversal is that you remain invincible after performing it. The move breaks armor, thus rendering the opponent unable to cancel your activity. It also provides enough headroom to prepare for your next attack while your opponent is still recovering from the Drive Reversal.

Performing The Drive Reversal

Performing Drive Reserval is specific to the control type being used.

  • If you use the Classic Control Type, press Forward, then Heavy Punch (HP) + Heavy Kick (HK) altogether while blocking a punch to initiate the Reversal.
  • For Modern Control Type, press Forward and the dedicated Drive Impact button while blocking to initiate the attack.

This will break the block stance and initiate Drive Reversal. Your character will perform a massive strike on the opponent. Activating Drive Reversal while your opponent is in the middle of their attack will power through and reverse the spell, giving your character a breather.

It is essential to play mindfully when performing a drive reversal. The best way to perform Drive Reversal is as follows:

  • Initiate the drive reversal right before exiting a block stun or waking up.
  • The Drive Reversal must connect to the move of your opponent.
  • Avoid using drive reversal after blocking a long-distance projectile.
  • The Reversal has a 4-frame buffer, which gives you a 5-frame window to time it best. The best time to perform it is when the opponent is about to land.

Knowing all these tips, you still need to be vigilant while using Drive Reversal. If you wait too long or don’t time it right, your opponent might find a way to attack you. Using the Drive Reversal to counter the attack will leave you with an empty gauge and exhausted. So, having a few tricks up your sleeve while performing the attack is paramount.

Drive Reversal is beneficial in breaking your opponent’s momentum and, if used correctly, is the only move you need to win the round. Once you have enough practice with it, there isn’t a round you will lose. Along with Drive Reversal, perfect all the other moves in the game and use them in conjunction for maximum success.

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