Street Fighter 6: Equivalent Exchange [Quest Guide]

This guide will walk you through the steps of completing the Equivalent Exchange side quest in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange
Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange | Credits: Gamesual

Are you seeking a guide for the Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange side quest? This article will cover just that. Street Fighter 6 is the most recent installment in Capcom’s Street Fighter series of games. It has quickly risen to the position of the most anticipated and hyped game of 2023, followed by a swift launch on June 2. Moreover, it already has professional players fighting for the top rank.

Key Takeaways

  • Equivalent Exchange is a side quest in Street Fighter 6.
  • To get the quest, The Search For The Bag needs to be completed first.
  • Talk to Counterfeiter Leonard to get the quest.
  • Get two of the three materials required by inspecting NPCs at specific locations.
  • The items will be available as rewards from the NPCs by completing specific objectives when fighting with them.
  • The locations for the NPC for the items: 
    • 2 Cards – Beat Square Area
    • 2 Pipes – Chinatown Area
    • 2 Rings – Seaside Park Area
  • Go back to Sky Lane and talk with Counterfeiter Leonard to complete the quest and get the awards, Police Cap, and 3 Energy Drinks.

The Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange is a side quest in the World Tour mode. Moreover, it is unlocked in chapter 3 of the World Tour mode. Furthermore, the side quest is only available for grabs after completing The Search For The Bag quest, given after talking to Counterfeiter Leonardo. After that, he will send you an inquiry to get some materials to make the counterfeit luxury bag.

Step 1: Talk To Counterfeiter Leonardo

Talk to Counterfeiter Leonard.
Talk to Counterfeiter Leonard | Credits: Gamesual

The first step for starting with the Equivalent Exchangeside quest is to talk to Counterfeiter Leonardo again after completing The Search For The Bag quest. He will be waiting for you on Sky Lane in Metro City, and once you talk with him, he will give you a quest to find some materials for him so he can make more counterfeit products.

Step 2: Get The Materials

Collect materials from NPCs.
Collect materials from NPCs | Credits: Gamesual

After talking to Counterfeiter Leonardo, getting the required materials is your job. The materials required are:

  • 2 Cards
  • 2 Pipes
  • 2 Rings

The quest is not that difficult; in fact, it is straightforward. However, this material collection can be a bit time-consuming. Moreover, for the materials, you will have to look for them in different locations of Metro City.

Walk up to an NPC and inspect them. There you will see the awards you can get from them.

In addition, it is essential to realize that the awards can not be earned by just defeating the NPC; you have to complete the specific requirement to gain that reward. Among these rewards, you may find a prize for one of the required items. If not, then keep looking; this is the time-consuming part.

Furthermore, you must find two of each item; each NPC only gives one item, so keep that in mind. Here are the NPC locations for each type of item:

Items Locations
Cards Found around the Beat Square area of Metro City
Pipes Found inside the Chinatown area in Metro City
Rings Found around the Seaside Park area in Metro City

Step 3: Go Back To Counterfeiter Leonardo

Go back to Counterfeiter Leonard and collect your rewards.
Go back to Counterfeiter Leonard and collect your rewards | Credits: Gamesual

Finally, got all your items? It is time to return to Counterfeiter Leonardo, who will be waiting for you at Sky Lane in Metro City. Furthermore, after you talk to him and give him his required items, he will give you some items as a reward. The items are:

  • Police Cap
  • 3 Energy Drinks

You have now completed the Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange side quest and may return on your fighter journey.

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