Street Fighter 6: Gift Items [Complete Guide]

Like a master? increase your bonding with them by giving gifts in Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 All Gift Items Guide
Check out the ultimate Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide to learn the favorite items of all masters in world tour mode.

In Street Fighter 6, Gifts are unique items you can purchase during the world tour mode in different locations. In this guide, you will learn how to get gifts to give to several trainers and masters in Street Fighter 6. You can also earn friendship points by gifting them accurate gift items and increase the bonding by completing the mission given by them. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gift items are the objects that will help you to increase your bond with the master of Street Fighter 6.  
  • You can get the gift items by completing tasks from the master and winning the match arenas, or you can also purchase the gift items from the shop in Street Fighter 6 by Zenny. 
  • To earn Zenny, you must play mini-games or side tasks in Street Fighter 6. You can also collect the Zenny by locating the yellow Zenny icons from the map. 
  • Giving the gift items to the master will help you to increase your bonding with them. By expanding the bonding, the level of your character will be upgraded.  
  • You can upgrade your level by playing and completing the task, and when you reach level 100. It will allow you to unlock the second costume you can use in the battles arena of Street Fighter 6. 
  • Giving the gift items to the master of Street Fighter 6 will help you Strong and increase your bond with them by earning friendship points. 
  • Each master has their favorite gift items in Street Fighter 6, and you must give them the accurate and best gift items to increase their bonding with them. You can find the gift items in different locations.

Gift items are found in different locations to explore during the World Tour mode. They are rewarded with missions and extra activities that the players can complete. These gift items can be given to the masters to increase their friendship. Each master has their favorite gift items in Street Fighter 6, so to find the accurate and best gift items for the master, we will guide you below. 

The masters can be interacted with during different missions as you explore the map to increase your bond with them. These legends of Street Fighters 6 are going to be your master and will teach you powerful moves and super arts after you increase your bonding. Keep reading our Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide to see the best gifts.

Street Fighter 6 All Gift Items Guide
Giving gifts to masters | Credits: Gamesual

From them, you will learn new methods and skills that will help you upgrade your character’s level. Below, we will give you the master’s names, favorite gift items, and where you can locate the items that will help you increase the bond with the master in this Street Fighter 6 guide. 

Master Name  Gift Item Where To Buy
Zangief  Wooden Bear  Barmaly Steelworks, Russia 
Ryu  Instant Soba  Udon Item Store in Metro City, USA 
Ryu  Classy Confectionaries  Old Nayshall, Nayshall 
Marisa  Cold Tomato Soup  Fete Foraine, France 
Manon  Beaujolais  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Luke  Red Elevator 8  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Lily  Celery Chips  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Ken  Cookbook  Mexico 
Juri  Wrench  Dhalsimer Temple, India 
Guile  Natto  Genbu Temple, Japan 
Edmond Honda  Rubber Duckies  Colosseo, Italy 
Dee Jay  Lukewarm Beer  Ranger’s Hut, Brazil 
Chun Li  Canned Herring  Old Nayshall, Nayshall 
Cammy  Jellied Eel  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Blanka  Knock-Off Blanka Chan Doll  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Jamie  Bao Bao Bro Sticker  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Dhalsim  Instant Curry Ultra Mid  Old Nayshall, Nayshall 
JP  Antique Playing Cards  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 
Kimberly  The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love  Bathers Beach, Jamaica 

If a selected gift item is accurately delivered to a target master in Street Fighter 6, you will get five friendship points that will help you to increase the bonding with them, whereas most items only increase it by 2 or 3 points. Furthermore, increasing the amount of Zenny, you can find in different areas will help you to buy the gift items for the master to earn more friendship points.

Gift Items
Gift Items | Credits: Gamesual

Special Gift Items

Of all the gift items, some special gift items will give you a massive amount of friendship points to increase your bond quickly with the master of Street Fighter 6. The point that you are going to receive from this is to be 30 to 40 friendship points.

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide and item locations
Special Gifts | Credits: Gamesual

The unique items of Street Fighter 6 that can also help you strengthen the bond with the masters are Fighter’s Magazine and Double KO Gum, which will give you 1 to 3 friendship points. The players can also use prepaid cards that will help them to increase their bond with their master in Street Fighter 6. 

Below, we will see the name of these special gift items of Street Fighter 6 and where you will get these items from that will help you to boost your bonding with the master quickly by giving you a massive number of friendship points. 

Master name  Special gifts name  Location 
Manon  Medal  Get from Zangief 
Cammy  Neco Keychain  Get from Chung-Li 
Blanka  Locket  Get from Lily 
Zangief  Weight Set  Get from Marisa 
Chung-Li  Citrus Perfume  Get from Juri 

You will be able to use the gift items only for one time. After using the gift item, the object will disappear from your inventory. To unlock the special gift items, you must play and complete the task given by the master. 

How To Farm Gifts Items In Street Fighter 6

To start gifting the best gift to the master of Street Fighter 6 and increasing the bond with them. You’ll need to earn the gift items before gifting them to the master.

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide
Gifts in Street Fighter 6 | Credits: Gamesual

There are a few methods that will help you to earn the items in Street Fighter 6, and these are: winning them from the match arena, farming them from the quest, and by also purchasing the items from the shop. However, the players will only be able to gift items from the shop located in a different location in Street Fighter 6. To buy them you will need a lot of Zenny. 

Below we will give the amount of Zenny you can purchase the gift items from the shops of Street Fighter 6. 

Gift Items Name  Zenny Required 
Red Elevator 8  4,690 Zenny 
Canned Herring  4,690 Zenny 
Cold Tomato Soup  4,900 Zenny 
The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love  4,690 Zenny 
Antique Playing Cards  4,970 Zenny 
Instant Curry Ultra Mid  4,410 Zenny 
Bao Bao Bro Sticker  4,200 Zenny 
Knock-Off Blanka Chan Doll  3,710 Zenny 
Jellied Eel  3,920 Zenny 
Lukewarm Beer  4,620 Zenny 
Wooden Bear  4,410 Zenny 
Instant Soba  4,060 Zenny 
Beaujolais  4,410 Zenny 
Celery Chips  4,550 Zenny 
Cookbook  4,340 Zenny 
Wrench  4,690 Zenny 
Natto  4,550 Zenny 
Rubber Duckies  3,850 Zenny 

Buying Gifts

In Street Fighter 6, a great way to earn Zenny to buy gifts is to do mini-games and side missions given to the players by different NPCs found in many locations on a world map.

Gift locations
How to get gifts | Credits: Gamesual

During the exploration on the map, you only need to look at the side games or tasks you can play to earn Zenny.

  • Different types of side missions or tasks will allow you to earn Zenny by completing them.
  • By playing the mini-games in master or hard difficulty, you can also farm the most Zenny to farm gifts in Street Fighter 6.
  • In the metro city, there are many areas where you can find Zenny by just following the yellow Zenny icon that you can see on the map.
  • In Street Fighter 6, many skills can help you double the Zenny you earn to buy gifts. One is the payday skill; you can invest your skill points in it.
  • The character level should be high enough to upgrade the skill. Players need nine skill points if they want to unlock the payday skill.
  • There are many mini-games on Street Fighter 6, but the best one that will help you farm the Zenny to buy gifts quickly is Scrap Head since you can play it repeatedly. 

Reward For Reaching 100 Friendship Level

In Street Fighter 6, when you reached level 100 with every master. You’ll get a costume as a reward from the master that you can use in both Fighting matches and battle arenas.

masters locations
Finding masters | Credits: Gamesual

If you have not reached the highest bond level, you will have to buy the second costume with the Fighter coins or real money to use in the matches of Street Fighter 6.

  • Reaching level 100 with every master will benefit the players to get the second costume as a reward by not using Fighter coins or real money. 
  • In world tour mode, you’ll have to approach the master of Street Fighter 6 to give them the gift items that you have in your inventory by pressing “R” on your PC.

    Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide Luke Gifts
    How to give gifts | Credits: Gamesual
  • For the Xbox, the button that will help you to give the gift item to the master is “X.” For the PlayStation, the button that will help you to give the gift item to the master is “Square.” 

This wraps up our guide on gift items in Street Fighter 6. Let us know who is your favorite master and what you love to gift them in the comments below!

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