Street Fighter 6: Gift Items [Complete Guide]

Like a master? increase your bonding with them by giving gifts in Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 All Gift Items Guide
Check out the ultimate Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide to learn the favorite items of all masters in world tour mode.

Gifts are unique items you can purchase during the world tour mode in different locations during your playthrough of Street Fighter 6. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gift items enhance your bond with the master; obtain them through tasks, match victories, or purchase with Zenny.
  • Earn Zenny by playing mini-games, side tasks, or finding yellow Zenny icons on the map.
  • Strengthening your bond with the master upgrades your character level, with level 100 unlocking a second costume for battle.

In my experience, these items added value to the game and increased engagement with the world.

Street Fighter 6 All Gift Items Guide
Giving gifts to masters | Credits: Gamesual

Master’s Favorite Gift Items

Master NameGift ItemWhere To Buy
Zangief Wooden BearBarmaly Steelworks, Russia
RyuInstant SobaUdon Item Store in Metro City, USA
RyuClassy ConfectionariesOld Nayshall, Nayshall
MarisaCold Tomato SoupFete Foraine, France
ManonBeaujolaisBathers Beach, Jamaica
LukeRed Elevator 8Bathers Beach, Jamaica
LilyCelery ChipsBathers Beach, Jamaica
JuriWrenchDhalsimer Temple, India
GuileNattoGenbu Temple, Japan
Edmond HondaRubber DuckiesColosseo, Italy
Dee JayLukewarm BeerRanger’s Hut, Brazil
Chun LiCanned HerringOld Nayshall, Nayshall
CammyJellied EelBathers Beach, Jamaica
BlankaKnock-Off Blanka Chan DollBathers Beach, Jamaica
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerBathers Beach, Jamaica
DhalsimInstant Curry Ultra MidOld Nayshall, Nayshall
JPAntique Playing CardsBathers Beach, Jamaica
KimberlyThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveBathers Beach, Jamaica

In Street Fighter 6, gifting a master their favored item earns you five friendship points, boosting your bond faster than standard items, which usually give 2 or 3 points. Gathering more Zenny from various locations enables you to purchase these unique gifts for even more bonding points.

Gift Items
Gift Items | Credits: Gamesual

Special Gift Items For Maximum Points

  • Special items like Fighter’s Magazine and Double KO Gum yield 30 to 40 friendship points.
  • These items offer a faster bond growth with masters.
Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide and item locations
Special Gifts | Credits: Gamesual

Unique Items And Their Locations

MasterSpecial GiftsLocation
CammyNeco KeychainChung-Li
ZangiefWeight SetMarisa
Chung-LiCitrus PerfumeJuri

How To Obtain Gift Items

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide
Gifts in Street Fighter 6 | Credits: Gamesual
  • Acquire gifts via match victories, quests, or in-game shops.
  • To buy gifts, you’ll need Zenny, in-game currency.

Gift Prices In Zenny

Gift Items NameZenny Required
Red Elevator 84,690 Zenny
Canned Herring4,690 Zenny
Cold Tomato Soup4,900 Zenny
The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love4,690 Zenny
Antique Playing Cards4,970 Zenny
Instant Curry Ultra Mid4,410 Zenny
Bao Bao Bro Sticker4,200 Zenny
Knock-Off Blanka Chan Doll3,710 Zenny
Jellied Eel3,920 Zenny
Lukewarm Beer4,620 Zenny
Wooden Bear4,410 Zenny
Instant Soba4,060 Zenny
Beaujolais4,410 Zenny
Celery Chips4,550 Zenny
Cookbook4,340 Zenny
Wrench4,690 Zenny
Natto4,550 Zenny
Rubber Duckies3,850 Zenny

Earning Zenny For Purchase

Gift locations
How to get gifts | Credits: Gamesual
  • Engage in mini-games and side missions offered by various NPCs worldwide.
  • As you explore, participate in side games or tasks to earn Zenny.
  • Look for the yellow Zenny icons on the map in Metro City and elsewhere.
  • Utilize skills like the ‘payday skill‘ to double your Zenny earnings.
  • Investing skill points into ‘payday‘ requires nine points and a high enough character level.
  • Among the mini-games, ‘Scrap Head‘ is the best option I recommend for quick Zenny farming.

Reward For Master Bonding

masters locations
Finding masters | Credits: Gamesual
  • Attain level 100 with a master to receive a special costume for matches and battle arenas.
  • If you have not maximized your bond, you can buy the second costume using Fighter coins or real money.
  • Players need Fighter coins or real money without max bonding to obtain the second costume.
  • To gift masters in World Tour mode, press “R” on PC, “X” on Xbox, or “Square” on PlayStation.
  • Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide Luke Gifts
    How to give gifts | Credits: Gamesual

Should You Go For Gifts?

Gifts add engagement and enhance the playthrough experience by bonding with Masters and achieving a completionist playthrough. If you are also a completionist player like myself, I strongly recommend offering gifts to all masters.

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