Street Fighter 6: Marisa Combos [Complete Guide]

A complete guide to all Marisa combos, strategies, and special moves in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos [Complete Guide]
Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos

Among the various characters, Marisa’s body, muscles, height, and big hitbox can attract any player to choose her. Being a mid-range fighter, most of her special attacks greatly damage the opponents. 

Key Highlights

  • Marisa can cancel attacks into a Drive Rush, which is used to dominate opponents.
  • Utilizing crouching techniques with Marisa reduces her hitbox, enhancing her defensive capabilities.
  • Following the Phalanx Combo with the Novacula, a double-hit move, can cause massive damage.
  • Her super combo is often reserved as a decisive finishing move.

DimachaerusQuarter Circle Back + (Any) Punch, Forward + (Any) Punch
PhalanxDragon Punch + (Any) Punch
QuadrigaQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) Kick
ScutumQuarter Circle Back + (Any) Kick
TonitrusScutum (Any) Punch + (Any) Punch
Procella(After Scutum) (Any) Kick
Enfold(After Scutum) Light Kick + Light Punch

Marisa’s Fighting Style

During my early playthrough, she was an absolute powerhouse, allowing me to harness her muscular prowess to overwhelm opponents with relentless punches and power. 

Powerful Kicks And Punches

During my first playthrough, even after blocking, I could counter with powerful punches, pushing adversaries to the corner. This strategy works as it keeps your opponents constantly on the defensive.

Powerful Kicks And Punches
Powerful Kicks And Punches – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Attack Counters Into A Driving Rush

Marisa enables canceling attacks into a Drive Rush, controlling the battlefield. This technique keeps opponents off-guard and consistently under pressure, especially after pushback attacks.

Attack Counters Into A Driving Rush
Attack Counters Into A Driving Rush – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Gladius Defends Against Enemy Attacks

Curious, when I armed myself with Gladius, Marissa could use a special move that swiftly counters enemy punches, turning defense into offense.

Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos
Gladius Defends Against Enemy Attacks. – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Reduce The Hitbox

Surprisingly, she enables players to decrease their hitbox by crouching techniques, making a more elusive target against distant enemies and enhancing overall defense.

Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos
Reduce The Hitbox – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Easy Beginner Combos (Two Medium Hitter+Phalanx)

Starting with swift punches to catch opponents off-guard with a final powerful strike. 


  • Medium Two Hitter: Medium Punch+Medium Punch
  • Phalanx: Dragon Punch+Any Punch
Easy Beginner Combos (Two Medium Hitter+Phalanx)
Easy Beginner Combos (Two Medium Hitter+Phalanx) – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Intermediate Combo (Marisa’s Novacula+Gladius)

For this, I tested a combination of Novacula with Gladius, which was a potent combo. 


  • Novacula: Forward + Medium Punch, Heavy Kick
  • Gladius: Quarter Circle Forward + Any Punch
Intermediate Combo (Marisa's Novacula+Gladius)
Intermediate Combo (Marisa’s Novacula+Gladius) – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Corner Combos/Super Combos

To deliver a match-ending move, I rely on this super combo. 


  • Quadriga: Quarter Circle Forward + Any Kick
  • Javelin of Marisa: Double Quarter Circle Forward + Any Punch
  • Goddess of the Hunt: Double Quarter Circle Forward + Any Kick
street fighter 6 marisa combos
Corner Combos/Super Combos – Image Credits: Shaheer – Gamesual

Marissa – Is She Worth It?

I have covered everything you need about Marisa, from her strategies and special moves to her powerful combos. If you are new to this version, it’s crucial to grasp these combos.

Like many characters, Marisa’s combos are potent yet straightforward to execute. In this case, the character is definitely worth a try for beginners who want to push maximum offense. 

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