Street Fighter 6: All Master Locations

Here is a comprehensive list about Master Locations in Street Fighter 6. So that you can learn from them to get extra gaming experience.

Street Fighter 6 All Master Locations
World Tour Mode All Master Locations (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Here is a comprehensive list of Master Locations in Street Fighter 6 so you can learn from them for extra gaming experience. 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn from 18 Masters by finding and training with them across the world.
  • Level up and complete quests to unlock new chapters and Master locations.
  • Request training from Masters once you find them to learn and become an ultimate Street Fighter.

To find the 18 World Tour Masters, you must level up by completing story quests, side quests, and missions. During my playthrough, I unlocked chapters that reveal insights about each Master’s location.

Here is a table on how to find each World Tour Master, their location, and the required chapter to unlock them:

Location to Find MastersLocation to Find MastersUnlocking Chapters
LukeGYM in Metro City, USAChapter 1
Chun-LiChinatown, Metro City, USAChapter 2
MarisaColosseo, ItalyChapter 3
LilyThunderfoot Temple, MexicoChapter 4
BlankaRanger's Hut, BrazilChapter 6
Dee-JayBather's Beech, JamaicaAfter Chapter 6
CammyKings Street, United KingdomQuest in Chapter 7
ManonFete Forainet, FranceChapter 7
KenSirn Building, Metro City, USAChapter 8-3
E.HondaChanko House Edomon, Metro City, USAChapter 8
RyuGenbu TempleUnlocked by E.Honda in Chapter 8
JamieChinatown, Metro City, USAChapter 8-4
KimberlyRooftop near Beat Square, Metro City, USAAfter Chapter 8
GuileCarrier Byron Taylor, USAChapter 8
ZangeifRussiaSide quest in Chapter 9
DhalsimDhalsimer Temple, IndiaSide quest in Chapter 9
JuriOld Nayshall, Back AlleyChapter 12
JPOld Nayshall, Nayshall (Suval'hal Arena)Main Story Quest


Location of Luke In SF6 World Tour Mode
Luke is in a Metro City training center (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Luke was my introductory mentor when I started World Tour mode in Metro City.
  • Players can find him at his gym in Metro City as soon as Chapter 1 begins.
  • Master Luke teaches how to customize your character and use his unique kickboxing style.


Location of Chun-Li In SF6 World Tour Mode
Chun-Li can be found in Chinatown while standing in an ally (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Chun-Li is a Chinese martial arts master located in Chinatown, Metro City.
  • I unlocked her in Chapter 2 by visiting Chinatown during the day and finding her in an alley.
  • She trains in Chinese martial arts, though her student Le-Fin is more involved in your lessons.


Marisa's location in Street Fighter 6.
Guide about finding Marisa (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Marisa is a gladiator master in Italy whom I encountered in Chapter 3.
  • To find Marisa, complete the main story quest, “The Search for the Bag.”
  • After dueling Marisa, she agrees to teach you her gladiator fighting techniques.


  • Lily is a mystical fighter located at Thunderfoot Temple in Mexico.
  • You can unlock her in Chapter 4 by finishing Chinatown’s “Spirit Guide” side quest.
  • By helping NPC Anna, I gained access to Thunderfoot Settlement. After a brief fight, you can ask her to train your character.


Location of Blanka in Street Fighter 6 Master Locations
Blanka’s Locations can be accessed through World Tour Mode (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Blanka is a wild electric fighter stationed at Ranger’s Hut in Brazil.
  • Luke automatically unlocks Blanka for me in Chapter 6-1 by granting access to Brazil.
  • You must meet and pose as Blanka Chan to learn his shocking fighting style.


Players can find Master Dee-Jay in Bathers Beach
Master Dee-Jay can be found in Jamaica through World Map (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Dee Jay is a kickboxer found at Bather’s Beach in Jamaica.
  • After reaching Chapter 6, Luke helped me travel to Jamaica to find Dee Jay.
  • You must defeat Dee Jay to convince him to teach you his rhythmic kickboxing skills here.


Cammy's Location in Street Fighter 6
Cammy can be found in Kings Street in the UK, standing at the corner of a street (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Cammy is a special ops agent on Kings Street in the United Kingdom.
  • You can unlock Cammy in Chapter 7 by finishing the “Special Unit Del” quest from Metro City’s Luke.
  • It will allow you to go to London, where you will meet Cammy and learn her lethal moves.


  • Manon is a model and fighter in France’s Fete Fortinet amusement park.
  • I was tasked to complete the “Extra” mission from NPC Oscar in Chapter 7 to access France and find Manon.
  • After battling her, Manon agrees to teach you her elegant fighting style.


Location of Master Ken in Beats Square
Players can find Master Ken in Beats Square by completing a quest (Image Credits: Gamesual).
  • Ken is a former national champ hiding out in Metro City.
  • I gained access to Ken in Chapters 8-3 by finishing the main story quest, “The Elusive Former National Champ.”
  • You can earn training from this mighty World Warrior by battling Ken at his construction site hideout.


  • E. Honda is a sumo wrestler stationed at his restaurant in Metro City.
  • You can find Honda when tracking down a Japanese fighter in Chapter 8, leading me to his restaurant.
  • He will teach you powerful sumo fighting techniques during the daytime.


  • Ryu is the iconic World Warrior at his dojo, Genbu Temple, in Japan.
  • In Chapter 8, E. Honda guides players to Ryu’s temple after they complete the proper story quests.
  • Ryu agrees to instruct your character in his legendary Ansatsuken fighting style.


  • Jamie is a kickboxer found in the back alleys of Metro City’s Chinatown at night.
  • You can find Jamie in Chapters 8-4 by exploring Chinatown’s side alleys when it’s dark out.
  • After a misunderstanding battle, Jamie will see your potential and take you as his student.


  • Kimberly is a nimble ninja martial artist on a Metro City rooftop.
  • I met Kimberly automatically during Chapter 8‘s primary story mission rather than tracking her down.
  • Kimberly will teach you fast Bushinryu ninjutsu moves.


  • Guile is a military martial arts master on the Carrier Byron Taylor.
  • You can get to Guile in Chapters 8-7 by following the clues of an NPC named Jonathan.
  • Guile instructs in his harsh military fighting style on the aircraft carrier.


  • Zangief is a wrestling master situated in the Barmaley Steelworks factory in Russia.
  • “Hither and Tither” is a side quest in Chapter 9 to gain a ticket to Russia to meet Zangief.
  • By defeating his wrestlers, Zangief will take you as his student.


  • Dhalsim is a yoga master located at his temple in India.
  • Finish a side quest about a yoga statue from NPC Anik in Chapter 9 to gain access to Dhalsim’s temple.
  • The flexible fighter teaches players his distinctive yoga and mystic arts fighting style.


  • Juri is an assassin in the back alleys of Old Nayshall at night.
  • After completing Chapter 12, finish the “Hardboiled Adventure” quest to locate Juri.
  • This unlocks a battle with the formidable fighter.


  • After completing the main World Tour story, JP is the final boss only found in Old Nayshall.
  • Return to Old Nayshall at night after finishing the mode’s climax battle at Suval’hal Arena.
  • JP shares his formidable techniques, helping me complete my worldwide training.

Are These Worth It?

My experience throughout each master’s was exhilarating, as I explored the world that lives and breathes around me. Also, it gives players a choice of replayability and a new approach to the story. I highly advise players to find all these master locations in World Tour Mode.

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