Street Fighter 6: All Master Locations

Here is a comprehensive list about Master Locations in Street Fighter 6. So that you can learn from them to get extra gaming experience.

Street Fighter 6 All Master Locations
World Tour Mode All Master Locations (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In Street Fighter 6, players can participate in head-to-head battles, team battles, and tournament styles competitions to test their skills. World Tour Mode is one of them, which offers players a unique and thrilling adventure through its engaging story and customizable gameplay options. Through this mode, players can also learn about Street Fighter 6 Master Locations.

Key Takeaways

  • World Tour Mode allows players to customize their characters and battle with other fighters to make their Journey special.
  • Fighting other fighters and winning against them requires different techniques and styles.
  • Players will be able to learn fighting styles from Street Fighter 6 Masters.
  • Players must enter World Tour Mode to find these Masters. But finding them requires leveling up in the game.
  • To unlock every Master, players must find their location by completing some quests and missions and also unlock their required chapter.
  • Upon finding their location, request them to take you as their student, so you can learn their fighting moves and techniques to become worthy of Street Fighter 6.

World Tour Mode is a single-player story mode with 3D gameplay. It features customizable characters using recipe codes. Players can find Master Locations in Street Fighter 6 while exploring World Tour Mode, ultimately leading to an exciting gaming experience. Players can also engage in battles and earn money or zenny to buy clothing items and accessories.

World Tour Mode has many cities, each containing various Master Locations. Within World Tour Mode, players will meet fighters from Street Fighter 6’s main cast who also serve as Masters. From these masters, players can learn their fighting style and abilities. Moreover, players can challenge their masters to test their skills and grow as fighters, furthering their journey in Street Fighter 6.

There are 18 World Tour Masters from around the globe, ready to challenge players in various battles to strengthen them and make them Worthy of Street Fighter 6. However, you cannot encounter all these masters at the start of the game.

Each Master has been associated with different chapters. To find them, first, you must complete the main story quest and some side quests and missions to level up. Secondly, you should focus on opportunities that might come your way because these opportunities can play a vital role in finding Master Locations in Street Fighter.

Following are the unlocking chapters for each of the 18 Masters. Players will be able to get some insights and secrets about each Master Location and can discover clues to unlock them.

Masters Location to Find Masters Unlocking Chapters
Luke To reach Luke, find GYM in Metro City, USA. It is already opened in Chapter 1.
Chun-Li Chinese Master living in Chinatown, Metro City, USA. Unlock Chapter 2 to learn Martial Arts.
Marisa Terrifying Master from Italy, Colosseo. Chapter 3.
Lily Reach Thunderfoot Temple in Mexico. Chapter 4.
Blanka Ranger’s Hut is Blanka’s signature stage in Brazil Unlock Chapter 6.
Dee-Jay Bather’s Beech in Jamaica After completing Chapter 6, Luke will help unlock Dee Jay.
Cammy United Kingdom’s Kings Street Cammy should be standing in the corner of an ally. Complete a particular quest to unlock Cammy in Chapter 7.
Manon Travel to France through Worl Map and find Manon in Fete Foraineto Chapter 7.
Ken Sirn Building in Metro City, USA. Chapter 8-3.
E.Honda Chanko House Edomon is his base in Metro City, USA. To Unlcok a Japanese Master Complete Chapter 8.
Ryu A Japanese Master, Ryu, can be found in Genbu Temple. E.Honda can help players to unlock Ryu in Chapter 8.
Jamie Chinatown, Metro City. In Chapters 8-4, reach the side ally in Chinatown at night to Unlock Jamie.
Kimberly On a Rooftop near Beat Square, Metro City. After Unlocking Chapter 8, climb up the rooftop at night.
Guile Carrier Byron Taylor in USA. Chapter 8.
Zangeif Players need to Travel to Russia to find Zangeif. Complete a side quest in Chapter 9.
Dhalsim Dhalsimer Temple, India. Players need to complete a side quest given by Anik in Chapter 9.
Juri Old Nayshall, Back Alley. Chapter 12
JP Old Nayshall, Nayshall (Suval’hal Arena). Complete the Main Story Quest of Street Fighter 6.


Players will meet Luke at the start of the game as an Introductory Master and a Mentor after starting World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6. Therefore, there is no need to unlock Luke in Chapter 1.

Location of Luke In SF6 World Tour Mode
Luke is in a Metro City training center (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players can find him in the training center in Metro City, and he is a crucial player in the game. Luke teaches his students how to customize their fighters using his styles and moves.


Location of Chun-Li In SF6 World Tour Mode
Chun-Li can be found in Chinatown while standing in an ally (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In Chapter 2, after visiting Chinatown in Metro City, Master Chun-Li can be unlocked, but she can only be seen during Day time. However, she can be found standing in the middle of an ally. Despite Chun-Li’s status as one of the first Masters of World Tour Mode, she plays a minimal role in your training, so her brilliant Student Le-Fin will be beneficial throughout the Mode.


Marisa's location in Street Fighter 6.
Guide about finding Marisa in Street Fighter 6 World Your Mode (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Unlocking Marisa in World Tour Mode requires completing the main story quest, “The Search for the Bag,” which will bring you to Italy. Considering she is a gladiator in Italy, you and Marisa would fight. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. She will teach you her techniques and styles quickly, so you don’t need to bend in front of any fighter.


Location of Lily In SF6 World Tour Mode
Lily’s Location in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode (Image Credits: IGN).

Lily does not play any significant role in the game, so it is up to the players if they want to unlock her. But she can be opened by completing a side quest, “The Spirit Guide,” in Chapters 4-1. Helping a woman named Anna in Chinatown will Unlock Thunderfoot Settlement Mexico. Just like Marisa, you also have to fight Lily. Finally, you can convince her to teach you her techniques after the fight.


Location of Blanka in Street Fighter 6 Master Locations
Blanka’s Locations can be accessed through World Tour Mode (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Unlocking Blanka doesn’t require any side mission. After reaching Chapter 6-1, Luke will Unlock Ranger’s Hut in Brazil. After a conversation with Blanka, she will train players to pose as Blanka Chan. If players want to, he can further train them. Furthermore, you receive the Blanka Chan suit, which can boost your stats. 


No quests or side missions are required to unlock Dee-Jay, which can be accessed in Chapter 6 after Blanka. However, players can unlock Jamaica with Luke’s assistance, and Dee-Jay can be found at Bather’s Beach.

Players can find Master Dee-Jay in Bathers Beach
Master Dee-Jay can be found in Jamaica through World Map (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Unlike Blanka and Marisa, Dee-Jay will also challenge players to a dual. Therefore, players can ask him to be their Master and learn his moves and techniques.


Cammy's Location in Street Fighter 6
Cammy can be found in Kings Street in Uk standing at the corner of a street (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Cammy is a Missable Master who can be unlocked in Chapter 7 after finishing a Special Unit Del quest. Upon receiving a Metro Free pass from Luke, players will encounter Alferd, an NPC. Once the mission is complete, players will interact with Cammy in Kings Street, England. Therefore, players can learn her moves and styles to fight Street Fighter 6 fighters.


To Unlock Manon, you must meet an NPC named Oscar in Chapter 7, standing in Beat Square in front of the red staircase in Metro City. He will assign you a mission called “Extra.” To complete this quest, you must put on a Judo gi, an outfit you can purchase for 10800 Zeny. After the completion, Oscar will take you to France.

Manon's Location In Street Fighter 6
Master Manon can be found in France so that players can get training from her. (Image Credits: IGN).

As she is a model, she will be shooting in Fete Foraine. It would be best to fight her first before you can get training from her. After the battle, she’ll teach you her techniques.


Master Ken can be unlocked in Chapters 8-4 by completing “The Elusive Former National Champ” main story quest. To interact with Ken, you must enter an under-construction building during the daytime, but first, you must buy a Construction helmet from a Clerk named Gammorah for 2000 Zeny.

Location of Master Ken in Beats Square
Players can find Master Ken in Beats Square by completing a quest (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Further, rush back to that construction building and fight the construction worker. Once you have defeated that worker, take the stairs to the second floor, where you will encounter Ken.


Edmond Honda's location in Metro City
Players can find E. Honda in Beats Square, Urban Park (Image Credits: IGN).

Moving onto Master Edmond Honda, who can be found in Metro City, USA, in a Japanese restaurant in Urban Park. Therefore, Players will be assigned to track a powerful fighter from Japan. After the completion of the given task, head back to that restaurant. Upon speaking with him, he’ll agree to make you his Student. He can only be visited during the daytime so that you can complete your fighting lessons.


By E. Honda's guidance player can find Ryu.
Players can find Ryu in Japan with the guidance of E—Honda (Image Credits: IGN).

Players must reach Chapter 8 to locate Ryu, and E.Honda will guide them to a Temple in Japan. However, after entering the Temple, players must first take a photo of Ryu as a mission. After that, you can request him to become his Student to learn Ryu’s fighting style and moves. This way, players can fight all Street Fighter 6 fighters, emerge victorious, and show their superiority in front of other fighters.


In chapters 8-4, players must move to Metro City, Chinatown, at night. In a Side ally behind Chinatown, Players can meet Master Jamie. However, Jamie will get engaged in a fight with you due to a misunderstanding, thinking of you as Theif. 

Master Jamie's Location IN Street Fighter 6
Complete Jamie’s quest to locate him (Image Credits: IGN).

Therefore, you must converse with him and persuade him to make you his Student. In this way, you can learn all his deadly moves and techniques, which will be very helpful throughout World Tour Mode.


Master Kimberly's Location In World Tour Mode
In Chapter 8, Master Kimberly can be unlocked at nighttime (Image Credits: IGN).

Jumping on to another Master, players meet during the main story quest in Chapters 8-7, High Flying ManHowever, Kimberly is the only fighter in World Tour Mode who appears during a mission besides JP and Juri. So in any manner, players are not tasked with tracking her. Therefore, she can be found on a rooftop near Beats Square at night, and players might need a leader to climb up the rooftop.


Master Guile's Location In World Tour Mode
Master Guile’s Location is Carrier Byron Taylor In America (Image Credits: IGN).

Master Guile will be available in Chapters 8-7. Players must speak with an NPC, Jonathan, a security guard while wearing a Lab Coat. He will direct players to another NPC to access Carrier Byron Taylor. Players will be introduced to Guile after you board the Carrier Byron Tylor, an aircraft off the Coast of Grace Marina Port, to perform maintenance on their cleaning robots.


Master Zangeif's Location in World Tour Mode
Players can complete a quest and find Zangeif in Russia (Image Credits: IGN).

Another Master has been added to the list of Street Fighter 6 Master Locations. Players can find Zangeif by completing a side mission, Hither and Tither. However, find Urban Park and fight with the wrestlers outside the arena to complete the quest. Upon defeating them, players will receive a ticket to Russia, Barmaley Steelworks, where Zangeif lives.


Master Dhalsim is based in India and can’t be unlocked until players reach Chapters 9-2, where they must complete a side mission of locating a yoga statue. It is, however, necessary to travel to Metro City during the day to discover that statue. They will find an NPC named Anik there. Show owns the yoga statue, which can be purchased for 7000 Zeny.

Master Dhalsim's Location in Street fighter 6
Find Dhalsim in Chapter 9 in India and Learn his style of fighting (Image Credit: IGN).

After that, players must rush back to Beats Square, go to Hangouts to make it nighttime, and then travel back to Anik, a Con Artist, which later turns into a fight. After winning the battle, players will get a ticket to India, where you can find Dhalsim in Dhalsimer Temple.


Once you have completed Chapter 12, you can find Juri in the alley southern part of Old Nayshall Bazaar only at nighttime. But to first meet her, players must achieve a side mission, Hardboiled Adventure.

Therefore, players need to speak with NPC Govind to complete that quest. When you try to interview other NPCs at his request, things turn out wrong, leading to a fight with Govind.

Juri's Location in Street Fighter 6
Find Juri in Old Nayshall Bazaar at nighttime (Image Credits: IGN).

Once you finish the fight, reach the alley in Old Nayshall and look for Juri next to the motorcycle. However, she can give you a hard time, but once you fight her, she’ll become impressed with you and teach you her moves.


Jp Master's Location in World Tour Mode
Jp will appear in Old Nayshall Bazaar when players complete their Main Story Quest (Image Credits: Gamesual).

JP can also be found in Old Nayshall and unlocked once you finish the main story of World Tour Mode. After this, head back to Old Nayshall at nighttime. But first, you must fight your final battle at Suval’hal Arena and look for him in front of the entrance.

Hence you will find him wearing a fancy hat and a jacket. Speak with him, and he will agree to teach you his fighting style, which will help you survive in Street Fighter 6.

That’s everything on Street Fighter 6 Master Locations from our side. Let us know if we have missed anything on Street Fighter 6 Masters Locations! This will help players to take their gaming experience to the next level. 

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