Street Fighter 6: 10 Best Character Recipes

Get the best out of Street Fighter 6 by Using mentioned Character Recipes.

Street Fighter 6 Recipes
Street Fighter 6 Recipes

Recipes are the codes to create customized in-game characters. These are the best ways to customize avatars influenced by other game characters or celebrities from any movie or game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Avatars can be created at the beginning of World Tour Mode via Beauty Salon in Metro City. However, unlocking Beauty Salon requires you to reach Chapter 2 by completing missions and quests. 
  • During the gameplay, you can create Avatars using specific Unique Codes.
  • To find Recipe codes, press R1 or R.B. on your Console, and at the end of the menu, you will find the Download Recipe option, with which you can download codes of various characters. 

Here are some of the best character recipes for an exquisite gameplay experience.

Sr No Avatar Codes Avatar Names Description About Avatars
1 SREG88L5F Harley Quinn Very Shy DC antagonist and best Competitor for Street Fighter 6
2 8J7P4XN35 Waluigi An old and fan-favorite character from the Super Mario Bros series.
3 LYVSBYF9P 2B The Nier franchise’s best protagonist enters the realm of Street Fighter 6.
4 BKXWPXWN6 A.K.I. The Poisonous Street Fighter brings a new character, The Poisonous, through DLC.
5 XEV8R349F Black Widow The red-headed protagonist originated as an Agent of Evil.
6 FDEWLR79C Geralt of Rivia A Monster Hunter and a Mutant with amazing powers.
7 CW65HB5MR Makima  The Chainsaw Man’s character was introduced in the Street Fighter 6.
8 U9KS49VAG Kratos Full of anger and hate, Kratos is a Murderous and Vengeful character willing to kill anyone, no matter who stands in his way. He is also known as the God of War due to his cruel and violent nature. 
9 LAMEVBRQ3 Hellboy The Red Monster, a.k .a. HELLBOY, is from Dark Horse Comics and sets his foot in the game.
10 SRF68QWB Regina An athletic woman who appears in the Capcom game Dino Crisis. As the series’ main protagonist, she is also a weapon specialist, which can have an essential role in SF6.

Harley Quinn

Using her Avatar Code, you can now add D.C.’s Deadliest character to Street Fighter 6. Regarding competitive fighting, she can be the most skilled competitor and will give your opponents a tough time.

In my opinion, her delusional and unpredictable nature can be very potent in hand-to-hand combat.

Customized character of Harley Quinn by using Recipe code in Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Recipes used to create Harley Quinn (Image Credits: Gamesual).

By using its avatar code (SREG88L5F), you can add Harley Quinn to the game. Her colorful hair, a heart tattoo under her eye, and good looks will benefit you with a better gameplay experience.


The Weird Waluigi’s character is from Super Mario Bros who enters Street Fighter 6. Despite that, he is a fan favorite with an impish sense of humor. You can add his character to the game by using his character Recipe code (8J7P4XN35).

Street Fighter 6 Recipe creation of Waluigi.
Waluigi’s character in Street Fighter 6 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

While playing, you will experience that his character is very violent and deadly and can easily defeat opponents.


The silver-haired character named 2B is the protagonist of the Nier Automata. She had tons of survival skills with which she could survive in hostile environments. Also, she can adapt to the new environment very quickly. 

Character Creation in Street Fighter 6.
Most Letheal Character to be added in Street Fighter 6 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

She is the ideal pick for customization in Street Fighter 6, which will allow you to give your opponents a hard time. The Avatar Code for this character is (LYVSBYF9P).

The Poison

Through DLC, you can now add Poison’s character in Street Fighter 6. Her pink hair and masculine body gave a very deadly look. However, with her Snake Fist Kung fu, she is very lethal and difficult to track, which will help you win most of your battles.

Create character of The Poison by using Recipe Codes.
A.K.I. The Poison’s character (Image Credits: Gamesual).

To add this character in Street Fighter 6, you can use her Character Recipe Code (BKXWPXWN6).

Black Widow

The next pick for customization in Street Fighter 6 is the Black Widow, a red-headed female originally from Marvel’s Cinematics with her iconic leather jacket. Also known as Natasha Romanova, she possesses a very distinct and stealthy character. 

Black Widow's character can been customized in SF6 by using her Unique code
Street Fighter 6 character code can be used to add Black Widow (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Use her character code (XEV8R349F) to experience her special moves and abilities.

Geralt Of Rivia

He is the protagonist of The Whitcher Series and a mutant with extraordinary powers. Fans of Whitcher can now delve into Street Fighter 6 Recipe creator mode to enjoy his character thoroughly. 

A mutant who possess magical powers can be added in SF6
Enhance your gaming experience to the next level by playing with Geralt (Image Credits: Gamesual).

I was thrilled to have him in Street Fighter 6 using his code (FDEWLR79C) because his remarkable powers make him an effective and valuable ally, which helped me beat opponents easily. 


Capcom has revealed that the game will feature Makima from Chainsaw Man as a playable character with a move set inspired by anime. Yet, immersing yourself in gameplay with her will evoke the nostalgic essence of the Chainsaw Man series. 

Makima's character
Enhance your gaming experience by adding Makima to your game (Image Credits: Gamesual).

I recommend adding her to the game using her code (CW65HB5MR)


Kratos’s strength is unlimited and unmatchable to even the Gods like Zeus and Hercules. He can shatter stones with a single punch and lift huge weights.

Kratos The God of War.
Kratos The God of War is a perfect pic for Street Fighters 6 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

You can add this beast-like character to the game using his code (U9KS49VAG).


In my opinion, the last character you would want to pick is Hellboy, known as The Red Monster. However, his appearance in the game will be very potent in hand-to-hand combat. His character is like a powerful weapon with which you can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

HellBoy in Street Fighter 6.
Experience the unique strength of Hellboy in the game (Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, to experience his strength and agility in the gameplay, you can use his Recipe code (LAMEVBRQ3) to add him to the game.


Lastly, I recommend adding Dino Crisis’s most efficient character, Regina, to the game using her unique avatar code (SRF68QWB). In addition, Regina is the main character in the game, and she is an athletic woman who has also mastered different weapons.

Main Character of Dino Crisis makes her way to Street Fighter 6
Playing as Regina by using her unique code (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Would I Recommend?

Yes. In my opinion, customized characters using these recipes greatly add diversity and an element of replayability to the game. You can also enjoy roleplaying Street Fighter 6 with your favorite character from other games or movies. 

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