Street Fighter 6: 10 Best Character Recipes

Get the best out of Street Fighter 6 by Using mentioned Character Recipes

Street Fighter 6 Recipes
Street Fighter 6 Recipes

Street Fighter 6 Recipes are the codes to create customized characters in-game. Players can customize their avatars influenced by other game characters or celebrities in the World Tour Mode. To do so, players must use recipes in Street Fighter 6. 

 Street Fighter 6 is among the hottest games on the market right now because of its character-creator engine that can also be used to share the created characters with different players within the game. It makes SF6 multifunctional, making your connection with the game more profound. 

During the World Tour Mode, players will face numerous challenges and trials and be given many opportunities to prove themselves worthy of becoming Street Fighters.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can create their Avatar at the Beginning of World Tour Mode via Beauty Salon in Metro City.
  • Players with lower levels will not be able to enter the beauty salon.
  • Firstly, they must reach at least chapter 2 by completing challenges in the game to unlock Beauty Salon.
  • To create these Customized characters in Street Fighter 6, Players need some Unique Codes.
  • To find Recipe codes, press R1 or RB  on your Console. At the end of the Menu Bar, you will find the Download Recipes option on the right side.
  • Lastly, you have to paste those Avatar Codes listed below, and you will be able to create your Customized character.

Here are some of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipes for an exquisite gameplay experience.

Sr No Avatar Codes Avatar Names Description About Avatars
1 SREG88L5F Harley Quinn Very Shy DC antagonist and best Competitor for Street Fighter 6
2 TFJXX6CLA Jinx Deadly and very Turbulent character from Leauge of Legends
3 GV3C54C4H Nina Williams An Assassin and Malcontent character from Takken
4 FVGDUTAC8 The Dude Customized Jeff Bridges character from The Big Lebowski makes his way into Street Fighter 6 
5 XEV8R349F Black Widow The red-headed protagonist originated as an Agent of Evil.
6 FDEWLR79C Geral of Revia A Monster Hunter and a Mutant with amazing powers.
7 EUA7CATB9 Lara Croft Lara Croft can be added to Street Fighter 6 as she is a brilliant character from the Tomb Raider video game series.
8 U9KS49VAG Kratos Full of anger and hate, Kratos is a Murderous and Vengeful character willing to kill anyone, no matter who stands in his way. He is also known as the God of War due to his cruel and violent nature. 
9 UPF7K9SVR Gaara An Anime character from Naruto, also known as Gaara from the Desert. Moreover, he is a monster whose sole purpose is killing, which can be helpful against Street Fighter 6 fighters
10 SRF68QWB Regina An athletic woman who appears in the Capcom game Dino Crisis. As the series’ main protagonist, she is also a weapon specialist, which can have an essential role in SF6.

Harley Quinn

DC’s Deadliest character can be added to Street Fighter 6 using its Avatar Code. Regarding competitive fighting, she can be the most skilled competitor and give fighters a tough time. Due to her delusional and unpredictable nature, she can likely be a very potent hand-to-hand combatant.

Customized character of Harley Quinn by using Recipe code in Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Recipes and unique codes have been used to create Harley Quinn.

By using its avatar code (SREG88L5F), players can add Harley Quinn to the game. Her colorful hair, a heart tattoo under her eye, and good looks can be beneficial for players to get a better game experience.


Fans of League of Legends can now enjoy their beloved character in Street Fighter 6. Jinx is so passionate about what she does that she does not even care about the outcome of her actions.

Street Fighter 6 Recipes used to create the avatar of jinx
Jinx has been customized by using her unique code in Street Fighter 6 (Picture Credit: IGN)

She is very violent and deadly, so players can easily defeat opponents. So using its recipe code(TFJXX6CLA), players can add Jinx to Street Fighter 6.

As a result of the traumatic incident that happened to her family, she has personality disorders. However, players must be aware because this aspect can affect their gameplay, or they may lose. 

Nina Williams

The blonde female character of Nina has been taken from Takken 7, the best-selling and renowned series Namco. She is an Irish assassin with different combinations of skills that she acquired from her parent.

Street Fighter 6 Recipes used to create the avatar of Nina
Most Letheal Character to be added in Street Fighter 6 (Picture Credit: IGN)

Most Importantly, she has been learning Martial Arts since she was young, making her very lethal and effective in hand-to-hand combat.

As one of the oldest characters in the Taken series, she has much fighting experience. Therefore she is the ideal pick for customization in Street Fighter 6, which allows players to give opponents a hard time. Avatar Code for this character is (GV3C54C4H), so add it, and you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

The Dude

The Big Lebowski’s most beloved character Jeff Bridges can be added to Street Fighter 6 through the customization process and using its avatar code (FVGDUTAC8). He is an idealist and lives a simple life. His Persian rug represents simplicity and validation.

Customize the character of The Dude by using Recipe code in Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Recipes were used to create the avatar of The Dude.

The character he portrays is hazardous. Other characters get scared of him when he bites off someone’s ear in the movie. Therefore he would be an excellent option for Street Fighter 6 to fight off those moralless fighters.

Black Widow

The next pick for customization in Street Fighter 6 is the Black Widow, a red-headed female originally from Marvel’s Cinematics with her iconic leather jacket. Also known as Natasha Romanova, she possesses a very distinct and stealthy character. Here sole purpose is to remove evil from the world.

Black Widow's character can been customized in SF6 by using her Unique code
Street Fighter 6 character code can be used to add Black Widow (Image Credits: IGN)

Black Widow has a very efficient combat technique. She has been training her whole life. However, that can be very helpful and handy while fighting the fighters.

 Including Black Widow in Street Fighter 6 brings a unique excitement and challenge, allowing players to experience her special moves and abilities with the (XEV8R349F) character code.

Geralt Of Revia

The protagonist of The Whitcher Series and a mutant with extraordinary powers. Fans of Whitcher can now delve into Street Fighter 6 Recipe creator mode to enjoy his character thoroughly. Geralt of Rivia is a cold-hearted person with exceptional magical abilities, and he was hired to kill monsters.

A mutant who possess magical powers can be added in SF6
Most powerful and deadly characters can be customized in Street Fighter 6 by using codes (Image Credits: IGN)

His appearance in Street Fighter 6 can be very effective due to his remarkable powers, and he can help players to win against their enemies. Players must have Geralt’s avatar code (FDEWLR79C) to add his character to the game. By including this in your collection, experience the epic adventure of Geralt of Rivia in SF6.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a brilliant character from the Tomb Raider series, making her way into the Street Fighter 6 Recipe creation mode. She is fluent in different languages and possesses excellent mental and physical condition, which helps her survive even in impossible situations.

Most intelligent character of Tomb Raider
Players can use this recipe to play as Lara Croft (Image Credits: IGN)

She knows different weapons, which can be handy in Street Fighter 6. Therefore to add her to the game, players can use the code (EUA7CATB7), and the new version will be slightly different from the original because the original character had a tighter pigtail. Still, this version of her in SF6 has a somewhat loose ponytail.


God of War Kratos can kill anyone, no matter who he fights. Because of this, he is recognized as cruel and vengeful. Kratos’s strength is unlimited and unmatchable to even the Gods like Zeus and Hercules. Plus, he can shatter stones with a single punch and can lift huge weights.

Kratos The God of War is a perfect pic for Street Fighters 6
Kratos Creation in Street Fighter 6 by using his code. (Image Credits: IGN)

To add that beast-like character to the game who can overpower mortals, you can use the code (U9KS49VAG) from Street Fighter 6 Recipes and enjoy killing your opponents.


Players can add an anime character to Street Fighter 6, Gaara from the Desert. Gaara’s messy red hair, black eyes, and forehead mark make his appearance more visible. His unusual skill set of manipulating sand differentiates him from other characters.

An anime character added in Street Fighter 6 by using Recipes which can help players to improve their gameplay
Players can Delve into World Tour Mode as Gaara (Image Credits: IGN)

In Short, players can use their selected avatar code in Street Fighter 6 Recipes option to fully experience their character in the game. Use this code to add Gaara (UPF7K9SVR)to your inventory and enjoy his skills through the gameplay.


Lastly, players can add Dino Crisis’s most efficient character Regina to the game using his unique avatar code (SRF68QWB). In addition, Regina is the main character in the game, and she is an athletic woman who has also mastered different weapons.

Main Character of Dino Crisis makes her way to Street Fighter 6
Playing as Regina by using her unique code (Image Credits: IGN)

She is a solid and robust character. Therefore, players can win against dreadful enemies with her martial arts and weapon training skills.

In conclusion, Street Fighter 6 is the best fighting combat release of the year to enhance your experience with the game. Playing with these players will allow you to experience many different things. 

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