Street Fighter 6: Characters Tier List [Ranked]

Find out the best characters in our Street Fighter 6 tier list based on difficulty, attacking moves and defensive capabilities.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List
Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Street Fighter 6 just released, and many wonder what the best characters are in the game. If you want to claim victory in a fight and select a fighter worthy of winning competitive matches, it can be difficult for new players to understand the characters. But do not worry; we have you covered with our Street Fighter 6 Tier list

Key Takeaways

  • Each player has a different playstyle, and the best characters will strongly depend on your preferences. This Street Fighter 6 Tier list will focus on each character’s ease of use.
  • S-Tier is for those characters who we think have an edge over other good characters such as in A-Tier. These include characters like:
    • Guile
    • Ken
  • A-Tier Characters are great characters with minimum drawbacks. Characters are:
    • E.Honda
    • Luke
    • Ryu
    • Lily
    • Juri
    • Blanka
  • B-Tier characters are average characters with a few drawbacks making them harder for new players. Here are the characters for B-Tier:
    • JP
    • Manon 
    • Dee Jay
    • Marisa
    • Kimberly 
    • Cammy
  • C-Tier is the hardest. This includes a character having a lot of moves to learn and/or having a tricky play style. Here are the characters for C-Tier:
    • Zangief
    • Jamie
    • Dhalism
    • Chun-li



Guile is one of the best characters to play in Street Fighter 6. There are a couple of reasons why we placed him in the S-Tier. He is a slow-paced character but doesn’t mistake that for weakness, as he can pin you in a corner easily.

A combination of super strong defense and attack, which are relatively easy to use. 3 special moves are all you need to know (Sonic Boom, Flash Kick, and sonic blade) which are all quite deadly.

Guile in Street Fighter 6


A great character focuses on Power, has medium range, and great level 1 reversal. these reversals can turn the tide of the battle from being trapped in a corner to pushing the opponent into the corner.

He has great fireballs, pokes, kicks, and more which you can use in a mix-up for a deadly combo. Easy to use, great damage and easy options make Ken worth being in the S-Tier.

Ken in Street Fighter 6



This character is pretty fun to use. His headbutts are very powerful because you can quickly get in close range with the opponent and then use your special punch to drain their health. This results in a solid combo paired with the fact you need to perfect parry or block the headbutt. E. Honda is a Power type character so he does deal good damage. 

E. Honda in Street Fighter 6
E. Honda


The face of Street Fighter 6 itself, Luke is a classic character in the game. He is very simple to use, starting with fireballs, double punches, and pretty easy-to-use combos as well. Plus, he has medium range and most players will find understanding him pretty easy because he is the first character you meet in Street Fighter 6. 

Luke in Street Fighter 6


Ryu is very similar to Luke, being a standard character with medium range, decent combos, and fireballs. they both do good damage and are pretty easy to catch onto their play-style in the game itself. Straightforward characters with not a lot to memorize, they aren’t tricky either so they deserve to be in the A-Tier.

Ryu in Street Fighter 6


Lily is a good character with good moves, especially her pokes, such as her heavy punch, which has good damage as well as good range. The character is focused on mid-range attacks and is also said to be “easy” in the game.

Lily features a good combo starting with her congress fire after using wind, then following up with a couple of other pokes/kicks, etc. The opponent then has to guess if you will use command-grab or not since you will be pretty close in range.

Lily in Street Fighter 6


Juri has amazing potential in the right-hands which are fast-paced players. She has a lot of good moves with good speed and damage as well, as she moves mostly close-range, but her being fast makes up for that.

You can use her fireballs to get in close with the enemy and from there you can choose from a lot of her pokes, kicks, and more to use in a combo or any mix-up you find easier and more efficient. This qualifies Juri to be in the A-Tier.

Juri in Street Fighter 6


While Blanka has a lot of specials, a good start is to go with his Heavy ball so they cannot punish you. You can spam it to deal great damage as well. Blanka also has a level 2, which increases his damage on some moves.

He is a mid-range character focusing on speed. This combination of speed and specials makes him worthy of being in the A-Tier.

Blanka in Street Fighter 6



JP is great when you are using his combos right, but he lacks defense because his moves can be tackled easily. You have three different fireballs, three different teleport moves, and a good command grab which in a combo deal massive damage.

He focuses on long-range attacks, and he is a Tricky type character. JP is good for low levels using his arsenal of moves but needs to be played with caution at higher levels.

JP in Street Fighter 6


A good character in general, she does have a lot of moves to learn but isn’t medium-range that tricky such as Dhalism. Her main focus is Power and that is at medium-range, pretty standard, and easy to use.

Moreover, she has a good combo where you can dry brush, heavy punch, and then command grab. This means dealing a lot of damage, is easy to use, and can be repeated as long as you can since she also has a good range. Solid character, good combos, and a lot of moves to learn. 

Manon in Street Fighter 6

Dee Jay

Dee Jay is a pretty easy character to understand. He is similar to Guile since you have Sonic Booms, anti-air, etc. Almost like a Trickier version since he has a lot more moves. He ranks in B-Tier due to two reasons.

First being easy to use and second, hard to learn because of many moves. Overall, he is a good character with a Level 2 install that powers him up.

Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6
Dee Jay


Marisa is quite easy to use since she has very good neutral moves such as the Superman punch and many others. These moves do deal good damage as well. She is also said in the game to be “easy” to use.

She is a Power type character and has medium range. Her stance moves are a bit harder to use because you can not cancel into them.

Marisa in Street Fighter 6


Although once a strong overall character, Kimberly was nerfed, which means that her Extp is no longer invincible, which means you will need to be careful, especially at higher levels. You need to learn a lot of moves.

Her focus is mainly on speedy attacks and has a medium range. in terms of ease of use, she is on a medium scale.

Kimberly in Street Fighter 6


A great character overall, Cammy has a lot of moves, which might be a good sign. Her dive kick is really good, but it does have a catch; you need to time it quite precisely. Her being slightly harder to learn to use the reason for her being in the B-Tier.

Cammy is mainly focused on close-range attacks and speed, a tricky combination.

Cammy in Street Fighter 6



He is a difficult character for new players to use because he has a slow pace, and his attacks focus on close-range grappling. Not a good combo in any fight. He does have a perfect move to throw the player from the air when in close range, which causes immense damage. The game does say his type is Power, so you need to find ways to get close to the opponent and deal them great damage.

Zangief in Street Fighter 6


Jamie has drinks to increase his moves. It does get tricky since you can get close to the opponent, land a few hits and use a drink. This results in giving time for them to get away.

You need to get closer again to attack them again. This puts Jamie into the C-Tier due to being tricky to use since you also need to learn what Jamie does after each drink. Ultimately, he is a straightforward character but with a few drawbacks for new players.

Jamie in Street Fighter 6


In Street, Fighter 6, you must react to many incoming attacks from the other players. Playing Dhalism is quite tricky because you need a lot of know-how to react to all the attacks. He cancels different attacks using different counters, and his long-range doesn’t help him at all. It only makes him harder to play with, as you must react quickly before the other player gets too close.

Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6


Chun-li is a pretty straightforward character. She focuses mainly on Speedy attacks and has mid-range; however, her play style resembles Guile. Follow a set of attacks after her Sonic Boom. She does become hard to learn because of her main stance having six different follow-up moves.

She also has a strict move execution requirement. New players should steer clear from learning such characters. Lastly, she focuses on speed, which requires learning a lot of moves.

Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6

To summarize this Street Fighter 6 Tier list, you must remember that everyone has different playstyles, and what we suggest to be the best characters may not be the same for you. This Tier list should be a general guide and starting point for the different characters.

Some characters are harder to learn and master due to their types. We strongly encourage you to try out each character and find your playstyle so you know which ones you should master. This is because each character is unique and has its advantages and weaknesses. Finally, this tier list is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make informed decisions about character choices and spending their valuable time.

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