Street Fighter 6: Characters Tier List [All Ranked]

Find out the best characters in our Street Fighter 6 tier list based on difficulty, attacking moves and defensive capabilities.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List
Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Here is the best characters in the tier list for Street Fighter 6 based on difficulty, attacking moves, and defensive capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Playstyle preferences determine the best character, so I recommend experimenting with the diverse roster to find your perfect fit.
  • S-Tier fighters like Guile and Ken have advantages, making them excellent for beginners.
  • A-Tier contains great characters with minimal drawbacks, perfect for honing fundamentals.
  • B-Tier has average characters with some limitations requiring dedication to master.
  • C-Tier‘s steep learning curves demand patience and matchup knowledge before rewards come.

SF6 Tier List

Before diving into each character individually, let’s have a look at the ranking list:

TierStreet Fighter 6 Tier List
S-Tier (best)Guile, Ken
A-Tier (great)E. Honda, Luke, Ryu, Lily, Juri, Blanka
B-Tier (average)JP, Manon, Dee Jay, Marisa, Kimberly, Cammy
C-Tier (hardest)Zangief, Jamie, Dhalsim, Chun-Li



Guile is a composed warrior, calmly controlling the battlefield with his methodical fighting style. You will find satisfaction in mastering his small but mighty moves, using Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks to lock opponents into inescapable defense. 

Guile in Street Fighter 6
Guile – Image Credits: Gamesual


Ken is the wild brawler, aggressively rushing down foes with high-risk combos, and he is the most popular. I’m thrilled by Ken’s relentless offense and showmanship, turning the tides with explosive Shoryuken reversals.

His flashy kicks and fireballs enabled me to play instinctively and press advantage. 

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken – Image Credits: Gamesual



Honda is the relentless brawler, bulldozing opponents with his imposing sumo physique. His overwhelming power will allow you to slam foes with earth-shaking headbutts and punishing strikes. Honda will teach you to press advantages and control the pace of fights.

E. Honda in Street Fighter 6
E. Honda – Image Credits: Gamesual


Luke is a well-rounded newcomer, balanced yet formidable with his basic but hard-hitting moves. I found Luke’s back-to-basics playstyle perfect for learning fundamentals. 

Luke in Street Fighter 6
Luke – Image Credits: Gamesual


Ryu, the wandering world warrior, focused on honing his craft through discipline and training. I admire Ryu’s simplicity and patience, using precise fireballs and uppercuts to control the fight. Mastering Ryu teaches me focus and refinement in fighting game fundamentals.

Ryu in Street Fighter 6
Ryu – Image Credits: Gamesual


Juri is the unpredictable trickster, overwhelming enemies with her dizzying array of tricky kicks. Most of the players in the community are drawn to Juri’s complex and creative playstyle, mixing up opponents with a blended range of attacks. During my playthrough, she always pushed me to improvise combos and capitalize on openings with flair.

Lily in Street Fighter 6
Lily – Image Credits: Gamesual


Juri is the unpredictable trickster, overwhelming enemies with her dizzying array of tricky kicks. Juri’s complex and creative playstyle mixes up opponents with a blended range of attacks is always a winning point. She forces players to improvise combos and capitalize on openings with flair.

Juri in Street Fighter 6
Juri – Image Credits: Gamesual


While Blanka has a lot of specials, a good start is to go with his Heavy ball so they cannot punish you. You can spam it to deal significant damage as well. Blanka also has a level 2, which increases his damage on some moves.

He is a mid-range character focusing on speed. This combination of speed and specials makes him worthy of being in the A-Tier.

Blanka in Street Fighter 6
Blanka – Image Credits: Gamesual



JP is the unpredictable magician, bewildering foes with his array of tricky teleports and fireballs. I personally enjoyed JP’s technical playstyle but struggled with his lack of defense. Mastering his combos and mobility gives satisfaction but requires dedication.

JP in Street Fighter 6
JP – Image Credits: Gamesual


Manon is a powerful brawler, overwhelming enemies through sheer brute strength. Manon is very straightforward to pick up with her hard punches and grabs. Her move set isn’t too complex but still allows for skillful play.

Manon in Street Fighter 6
Manon – Image Credits: Gamesual

Dee Jay

Dee Jay is a carefree kickboxer, forcing opponents to react quickly with his dancing fighting style. Playing with him will teach you to mix projectiles and anti-airs to throw off foes.

Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6
Dee Jay – Image Credits: Gamesual


Marisa is the no-nonsense officer, efficiently subduing criminals with textbook techniques. I appreciate Marisa’s simple yet solid move set for learning fundamentals. Her limited combo options will teach you the strong basics and honing techniques.

Marisa in Street Fighter 6
Marisa – Image Credits: Gamesual


Kimberly is a resourceful street fighter, adapting to challenges with her unpredictable moves. She will push you to be creative and make the most of her versatile toolkit.

Kimberly in Street Fighter 6
Kimberly – Image Credits: Gamesual


Cammy is the relentless assassin, pressuring enemies with her lethal mix of speed and precision. Her diving kicks and rapid strikes require perfect timing to execute.

During my early playthroughs, Cammy pushed me to play instinctively in close quarters and maximize damage from the smallest openings. Though challenging, her ruthless rush downplay is advantageous.

Cammy in Street Fighter 6
Cammy – Image Credits: Gamesual



Zangief is the brutal grappler, crushing enemies in his overwhelming bear hugs. While playing Zangief, I struggle with his slow speed and must get extremely close to deal damage. Mastering his powerful throws requires patience and learning timing.

Zangief in Street Fighter 6
Zangief – Image Credits: Gamesual


Jamie is the drunken brawler, unpredictable with his alcohol-fueled fighting style. I found Jamie’s booze buffs tricky to utilize appropriately in combos. His playstyle resulted in constant re-close distance.

Jamie in Street Fighter 6
Jamie – Image Credits: Gamesual


Dhalsim is the mystical yogi who keeps opponents at bay with his long-reaching attacks. His range gives space but requires fast reactions. Dhalsim demands focus and matchup knowledge.

Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6
Dhalsim – Image Credits: Gamesual


Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6
Chun Li – Image Credits: Gamesual

Chun-Li is a graceful prodigy, overwhelming with complex kicking combos. Though Chun-Li is initially straightforward, her intricate mix-ups require strict timing. Her speed will implore you to execute long combos flawlessly. The major downside with her is the steep learning curve.

My Recommendations

As an avid Street Fighter player, I recognize that tiers only go so far in recommending characters. Each fighter caters to different playstyles and skill levels.

The best way to find my main is to experiment with the diverse roster based on my personal preferences, not arbitrary tier lists. 

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