Street Fighter 6: Trophy Guide

Unlock all 44 Street Fighter 6 trophies to attain 100% game completion.

Street Fighter 6 Trophy Guide
Street Fighter 6 Trophy Guide

Street Fighter 6 contains 44 trophies1 platinum, 8 gold, 9 silver, and 26 bronze for three main game modes. This guide outlines the trophies divided by Street Fighter 6’s three gameplay modes.

Key Takeaways

  • 44 total trophies across platinum, gold, silver, bronze.
  • Three gameplay modes: Arcade, Story, and Online.
  • Start with Story mode, then Arcade, then Online.
  • Bond with Masters to unlock story trophies.
  • Most trophies are unlocked by starting modes and tutorials.

Street Fighter 6 Trophy
Street Fighter 6 Trophy – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

World Tour Trophies

Start with the story mode: World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour
Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

NameCategoryDescriptionDifficultyHow to Get
Neighborhood PeacekeeperGoldHelp people by finishing 22 side questsRareComplete 22 blue side quests
Mastery's BondSilverGet one bond to 100RareMax one bond through gifts and quests
At Journey's EndSilverFinish the storyRareComplete all 15 chapters
Leaving the NestBronzeFinish intro trainingCommonComplete Luke's tutorial
Ha-dough-kenBronzeDo a part-time jobCommonPlay one job minigame
Actions Speak LouderBronzeUse a Master ActionCommonBreak a crate with a Master move

Fighting Ground Trophies

After finishing the story mode, jump to Fighting Ground.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground
Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground – Image Credits: Syeda Fatima – Gamesual

The Fighting Ground is the classic arcade mode, similar to the previous versions of Street Fighter 6. It has online and offline matches, which can be quickly completed.

NameCategoryDescriptionDifficultyHow to Get
A Quest for Strength FulfilledPlatinumUnlock all trophiesUltra RareGet all other trophies
Over the Top VictoryGoldWin 20 Extreme BattlesRareDefeat Extreme CPU 20 times
King of the RingGoldGet 30 winsUncommonWin 30 Battle Hub matches
The Struggle Over SelfGoldWin 20 Avatar BattlesRareDefeat players in 20 Avatar Battles
Dominating like a NinjaGoldWin 10 tournamentsUltra RareWin 10 tournament matches
Veteran of BattleGoldFight 100 matchesRarePlay 100 Battle Hub matches
Spirits of EncouragementGoldGet 600 "Nice" likesUltra RareGive 600 likes to others

Battle Hub Trophies

The final mode in the game is the Battle Hub, which takes the longest to complete and contains the most trophies. However, I suggest ending the base game before jumping into multiplayer, as it is easier to get familiar with it through story mode.

The online Battle Hub mode contains 32 trophies – 1 platinum, 6 gold, 5 silver, and 20 bronze.

NameCategoryDescriptionDifficultyHow to Get
The Grand Jete of 100 BattlesGoldFight 100 online matchesRarePlay 100 matches in Fighting Ground
Tales of the ValiantSilverFinish Arcade mode onceCommonComplete Arcade mode one time
Practical TrainingSilverFinish 45 combo trialsUncommonComplete 45 trials with 6 characters
Fighting FledglingBronzeEnter Training modeCommonGo to Training in Fighting Ground
Fighters' CodexBronzeView a Character GuideCommonPlay one Character Guide
Taking InitiativeBronzePlay one tutorialCommonComplete your first tutorial

Completionist Playthrough Recommendations

World Tour focuses on the story with six trophies to complete its chapters and side quests. In my experience, I enjoyed engaging with all aspects of the game to earn these trophies and complete my completionist playthrough. You can also start with small and qualify for all these trophies for Street Fighter 6.

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