Street Fighter 6: Trophy Guide

Unlock all 44 Street Fighter 6 trophies to attain 100% game completion.

Street Fighter 6 Trophy Guide
Street Fighter 6 Trophy Guide

Your favorite fighting game for the season is here to stay. Street Fighter 6 has taken to the charts with its intense combat. The trophy list for the game is extensive and gives players a challenge. Find out how to unlock all of them by reading the following trophy guide for Street Fighter 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 has 44 trophies- one platinum, eight gold, nine silver, and 26 bronze.
  • The game features three modes, Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.
  • Fighting Ground is in Arcade mode and contains six trophies- 1 gold, two silver, and three bronze.
  • World Tour is the classic story mode, featuring 6 trophies- 1 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze.
  • Battle Hub is the online mode, containing 32 trophies- 1 platinum, six gold, five silver, and 20 bronze.
  • The best way to unlock trophies is to start with story mode, jump to Arcade, and switch to online and multiplayer.
  • Some trophies of the story mode and heavily reliant on Masters. Bond with them by giving them gifts.
  • Most trophies are unlocked while starting a mode, completing the first tutorials, and entering the first fights – Kickin’ It Old School, First Encounters.
  • However, some trophies are also unlocked while unlocking others or completing a game modeA Journey’s End, Spirits of Encouragement; Gotta be Popular UWO!

The game features three modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. Each mode has unique gameplay, special abilities, and exciting ventures.

  • The Fighting Ground, much like the previous versions in terms of gameplay, has both online and local battle and training arcade modes.
  • The World Tour is a story mode set in 3D environments. It has a variety of customizable player options.
  • Battle Hub is for competing in ranked and casual matches.

Moreover, Street Fighter 6 contains 44 trophies in total – 1 platinum, eight gold, nine silver, and 26 bronze. The trophies are divided into game modes; 32 are achieved purely through Battle Hub, 6 through Fighting Ground, and 6 through World Tour. This trophy guide features trophies divided into three game modes of Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Trophy
Street Fighter 6 Trophy

The roadmap to unlock trophies is as follows:

World Tour Trophies

Start with the story mode: World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour
Street Fighter 6 World Tour

The mode contains a 3D environment for navigating the city, whereas the battles are set in 2D. You can create and customize your character in this mode and gain experience points to level up. In addition, this model has a lot of room for exploration. As you venture around the city, you can fight different characters, train as a student, and purchase and customize.

  • The story mode takes about 15 hours to complete.
  • It has fifteen chapters and contains six trophies, of which one is gold, two silver, and three bronze.
  • These trophies can be unlocked by completing the main and side quests.
  • The story mode also features Masters, whose moves you can learn and choose for your character to perform.
  • Choosing one Master and sticking with them will help you unlock their special moves and powers.
  • Giving Masters gifts or completing their side quests will help them bond with them, which will help unlock some lore about them.
  • Furthermore, the regular moves you use in the game will be those of the Master you train with.
Name Category Description Difficulty Level How to Get
Neighborhood Peacekeeper Gold You gotta help people in need. I mean, that’s the secret to keeping any city peaceful. So get out there and complete 22 sub-missions, got it? Rare
  • Complete 22 side-quests. You can choose any to your liking.
  • Side quests will be marked in blue.
  • The locations marked with green crown icons contain side quests.
  • Start after completing main story missions.
Mastery’s Bond Silver Once you find someone to call a master, you would do well to seek to deepen your bonds. Raise the bond with one of your masters to 100. Rare
  • Unlock by earning 100 bonding points with your Master.
  • To unlock conversations with your Master, raise your Style level by playing by their style.
  • The more you spend time with one Master, the more your bond strengthens.
  • Finishing side-quests for your Masters’s or giving them gifts also raises bonds.
  • Gift your Master’ spare cash until your bond reaches 100 points, to unlock the trophy.


At Journey’s End Silver Oh, you finished World Tour, did you? I suppose a word of congratulation is in order. I do hope your journey was a meaningful one. Rare
  • This is a secret trophy.
  • Unlocked by completing all 15 chapters of the World Tour mode.
Leaving the Nest Bronze That’s a wrap for basic training! You’re a full-fledged fighting chickadee now, buddy. It’s all up to you from here on out. Enjoy it! Common
  • The best way to defeat Bosch is by following Luke’s tutorial.
  • This trophy is unlocked by finishing introduction training.
Ha-dough-ken Bronze I’ve worked a few odd jobs during my travels, and they all helped me with my training. You should also take up a part-time job during your World Tour. Common
  • Unlock by playing a Part-Time Job minigame.
  • To play, approach the booths.
  • Common examples are Hado Pizza, Kung Fu Target, and Scrap Heap.
Actions Speak Louder Bronze Something in the way while you’re walking through the city? Here’s an easy solution: send it flyin’ with a Master Action! Mm-mm-mmm… It’s the little pleasures in life. Common
  • Complete by unlocking your first Master Action.
  • Perform the move of one of your Masters and use it to break open a crate.

Fighting Ground Trophies

After finishing the story mode, jump to Fighting Ground.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground
Street Fighter 6 Fighting Ground

The Fighting Ground is the classic arcade mode, much similar to the previous versions of Street Fighter 6. Furthermore, it has online and offline matches, which can be easily completed.

  • The arcade mode takes about 5 hours to complete.
  • It contains six reasonably simple trophies to unlock: gold, two silver, and three bronze.
  • These trophies can be achieved by completing character guides, playing the tutorial, training, and arcade modes.
  • You will also be required to fight 100 battles online and finish 45 trials.
Name Category Description Difficulty Level How to Get
The Grand Jete of 100 Battles Gold Fight 100 online battles via Fighting Ground. What’s that? Too difficult, you say? If you wish to take on the world, there can be no other path.  Rare
  • Unlock by fighting 100 matches in Frighting Ground.
  • Create or search for matches by turning matchmaking on.
  • The matches include Ranked, Casual, and Custom.
Tales of the Valiant Silver Gonna need ya to head to the Fighting Ground and finish Arcade Mode once, buddy! It’s time ya heard the stories of your fellow fighters! Common
  • Unlock by completing Arcade mode once.
  • To speed run, do the following:
  • Choose minimum stages (5), rounds (1), time (60), and difficulty level (easy).


Practical Training Silver You’ve heard of combo trials, I presume? It’s time you practice attack sequences. I want you to finish 45 of them. It won’t be easy, but I have the utmost faith in you. Uncommon
  • Finish 45 combo trials to unlock this trophy.
  • The game has 18 characters, with more than 20 trials each.
  • Choose any 6 characters, and complete about 7-8 beginner trials.
Fighting Fledgling Bronze You know how a swallow can fly up to 200 kilometers an hour? Well, even they were chicks once. It’s all about practice! Get yourself into Training Mode! Common
  •  All you have to do is enter Training Mode.
  • Go to the Practice tab in the main Fighting Ground menu to start.
Fighters’ Codex Bronze Whoa, have you seen these Character Guide things? Talk about rad! They have all kinds of information about people’s fighting styles and moves. Oh yeah, Bushinryu gets some rep, too, naturally. Common
  •  Simply play a character guide and unlock this trophy.
  • To start, go to the Practice tab > Character Guides.
  • Choose any to begin.
Taking Initiative Bronze Do you want to learn street fighting fundamentals? Well, too bad, ’cause I’m not in the mood to take on any students. Go hit the Tutorials, kid. Common
  • Get your first playthrough complete.
  • Unlocked after playing your first tutorial in Fighting Ground.

Battle Hub Trophies

The final mode in the game is the Battle Hub, which takes the longest to complete and contains the most trophies. However, we suggest completing the base game before jumping into multiplayer, as it is easier to get familiar with the game through story mode.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub
Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub
  • The Battle mode is the game’s online mode, containing 31 trophies.
  • It takes approximately 20 hours to complete.
  • This mode contains the platinum trophy.
  • The Lobby features a club, a dance floor in the middle, various Arcade Cabinets, and particular areas like Game Center, Shops, and Extreme Battle.
  • 20 Avatar battles, based in the dance-floor arena at the center of the Battle Hub, need to be won.
  • Play 100 matches and win 30 of them.
  • Ten tournament fights need to be won.
  • To get the trophies, leave likes on other players’ profiles, about 600 of them. You can do this during or after matches and also on leaderboards.
  • Interact and make friends by messaging. Find new friends using their usernames to request a friend to the Friends list.
  • Play at the Game Center and also spectate some of the fights.
  • Change your Avatar’s outfit by visiting the Clothing store.

Earn profile titles by competing and training. 

Name Category Description Difficulty Level How to Get
A Quest for Strength Fulfilled Platinum Fight 100 online battles via Fighting Ground. What’s that? Too difficult, you say? If you wish to take on the world, there can be no other path.  Ultra Rare
  • The only platinum trophy in the game, and also the rarest one.
  • Achieved after unlocking all base game trophies.
Over the Top Victory Gold Over the Top Victory Rare
  •  This trophy is unlocked by winning 20 matches in Extreme Battle.
  • Play on an easy difficulty level against the computer to complete.
King of the Ring Gold Do you want to learn street fighting fundamentals? Well, too bad, ’cause I’m not in the mood to take on any students. Go hit the Tutorials, kid. Uncommon
  • Achieve 30 Battle hub victories to unlock this trophy.
  • Invite friends to play.
The Struggle Over Self Gold An alternate form of combat, with an alternate path to victory. Get 20 wins in Avatar Battles. But don’t obsess over the results. Let experience be your guide. Rare
  • Complete and win 20 Avatar battles to unlock the trophy.
  • You can start the Avatar Battle in the middle of Battle Hub if anyone in the Lobby approaches you.
  • Finding an opponent with the same skill set as you is purely based on luck.
  • Consider playing with friends if you get stuck.
Dominating like a Ninja Gold Ninjas can leap staircases in a single bound, but there are no skipping steps in training. Win ten Tournaments. It won’t be easy, but you can do it. Ultra Rare
  • Win 10 tournament fights (not the entire tournament), to unlock the trophy.
  • Check for the next available tournament at the counter.
  • Sign up for a tournament to play. The sign-ups start an hour prior to the tournament.
  •   A tip is to check the rankings of players joining the tournament before signing up, to get an idea of the skill level you will be playing against.
Veteran of Battle Gold Kung fu is the result of ceaseless training. Do anything enough times, and you’ll see results. So will you once you fight in the Battle Hub 100 times. Rare
  • Complete this as you progress. To unlock, you need to fight 100 Battle Hub matches.
  • The unlock requires you only need to fight; winning is not necessary.
Spirits of Encouragement Gold Having outside support is a bit like having a spirit. You can’t see them, but they lend you strength. Get 600 “Nice” fans, and you’ll feel strong too. Ultra Rare
  • To unlock, you need to have 600 “Nice” fans.
  • To get nice fans, you need to GIVE 600 likes.
  • It can be done in rematches, spectating, or through leaderboards.
There’s Always Time for Training! Silver How’re 30 matches in the Battle Hub sound? If yer not there yet, just keep at it! If ya wanna get sumo strong, ya can’t be shy of the ring! Very Rare
  • To unlock, complete 30 matches at the Battle Hub cabinet.
  • Casual, Custom, Extreme, Ranked, and Avatar matches will not be included.


Extreme Combat Training Silver If you can’t adapt, you won’t last five seconds on the battlefield. Fight 20 Extreme Battles. Perfect training to sharpen your judgment. Rare
  • Earned by playing 20 matches in Extreme Battle.
  • You can play matches against the CPU to complete as they will also count.
Steely Determination Silver The determination to stand in the ring and fight is what turns mind and muscle into tempered steel! Enter five Tournaments, and see for yourself! Ultra Rare
  • Similar to Gazing At the Peak.
  • Complete by entering five tournaments.


Fixin’ for a Fight Silver Nothing revives my engine more than a brawl between avatars, live and in the flesh! Let’s see you do 20 Avatar Battles! Rare
  • Unlock by fighting 20 Avatar Battles.
Gotta Be Popular! Uwo! Silver Uwo! My dream’s to become famous and make Mama proud! You should become famous too! Try gathering 200 “Nice” fans, for starters! Very Rare
  • Much like Spirits of Encouragement, get 200 “Nice” fans.
  • Meet new players and give them a “Nice” to get the 200 marks.
Get Your Game Face On! Bronze Where’s your face, dingus? Get your butt to the avatar creator and sort yourself out! Crying shame we can’t fix that attitude of yours while we’re at it. Common
  • Easy to achieve, all you have to do is create an avatar before entering Battle Hub for the first time.
So This is the Battle Hub… Bronze Ah, yes. Welcome to the Battle Hub. I do not know what you seek, but please, enjoy yourself. That is the purpose for which it was built, after all. Common
  • This trophy is unlocked at the start of Battle Hub while entering it for the first time.
  • Create an online profile. Use the QR code to create a new profile or to link your account if you have Capcom ID.
First Encounters Bronze Start by fighting a match in the Battle Hub. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is challenging yourself to take that first step. Common
  • Also one of the first trophies unlocked in Battle Hub.
  • Unlock after playing your first match in Battle Hub.
  • Use the Arcade Cabinet to find someone to fight.
Jungle-Sized Surprise Bronze Ever hear of Extreme Battles? They’re a little different from regular fights—a little more WILD. Try it out, and let your instincts take over! Uncommon
  • Fairly easy to unlock, play one Extreme Battle match and you’re set to go.
  • The most efficient way to go about this is to play against a computer.
  • To play, go to the Fighting Ground Menu > Special Match.
Gazing at the Peak Bronze If you wanna match the one-and-only Jamie Siu, you’d better be early to the starting line. Give a Tournament a shot! Ultra Rare
  • Enter any tournament using Battle Hub Event Counter or through the server menu.
Becoming the Avatar Bronze In Avatar Battles, you can battle others as an avatar―a self outside of yourself. Go there, and experience all that such combat has to offer. Uncommon
  • Unlocked while unlocking similar trophies, the only requirement is to fight an avatar battle.
  • For fighting, enter the center ring in Battle Hub> Avatar matchmaking turn on.


Kickin’ it Old School Bronze Did you know you can play classic games at the Battle Hub Game Center? It’s true! Cassette tapes and cartridges might be old…but they’re still hecka rad. Common
  • Enter the Arcade Cabinet in the game center.
  • Play one of the old Capcom classics for the first time to unlock the trophy.
  • Both Free Play and Ranking Challenge are included.
Classic Leaderboard Champ Bronze Ever try the Ranking Challenge at the Game Center? Give it a shot! It’s important to always challenge yourself, even in games. Uncommon
  •  The Ranking Challenge Mode is available in the Game Center section in Battle Hub.
  • Play the mode once to unlock the trophy.
Entranced by Battle Bronze Having an audience changes everything…and turns a mere fight into a thrilling spectacle. Spectate a Battle Hub Match, and bear witness to glory. Uncommon
  • You don’t have to actively play; spectate a match and the trophy will unlock.
  • Approach the Arcade Cabinet anytime when you see other players playing.
Combat Analysis Bronze In combat, you must constantly analyze the situation. Spectate an Extreme Battle, and hone your ability to read and react to the unexpected. Uncommon
  •  Another trophy is unlocked if you spectate a match.
  • Enter the Arcade Cabinet and approach the Extreme Battle area.
  • If you find two people playing, spectate to unlock the trophy.
Watching Gets ME PUMPED! Bronze Ah, there’s nothing quite like a fight, one-on-one, in the flesh! If you wanna appreciate it too, go spectate an Avatar Battle! Uncommon
  • For this one, you need to spectate an Avatar Battle.
  • Go to the center ring of the Battle Hub and find any two Avatars with arrows under their feet.
  • Press X to spectate.
Welcome to the Stable Bronze Sounds like the Battle Hub has clubs you can join. Just like a sumo stable! You should join one! Ooh, I wonder if they have chanko stew… Uncommon
  • CFN has several Battle Hub Clubs.
  • Go to Options > Game Setting> CFN and Clubs.
  • Create a club or join one to unlock the trophy.
Let the Praise Become Your Muscle Bronze Hrrah! To fight before a cheering crowd is an honor shared by all wrestlers! Go on—try earning yourself a “Nice” fan! Uncommon
  • Like the Spirit of Encouragement, you will unlock this trophy after gaining your first “Nice” fan.
  • Gain a ‘Nice’ fan by giving a thumbs up to other players.
Pleased to Meet You! Bronze I used to ask millions of questions as an agent. You can learn a lot from people just by talking to them—try chatting in the Battle Hub. Very Rare
  • To unlock the trophy by chatting in the Battle hub.
  • The chat window is present at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Coolheaded Analysis Bronze Reviewing replay footage is a great way to learn from past fights. Watch with a calm, subjective eye, and you’re bound to make some discoveries. Uncommon
  • Watch the replay of a match to unlock the trophy.
  • Replays can be loaded from Multi-Menu > CFN > Replays
My Title, My Life Bronze Earned any titles for your efforts yet? Me? Pfft. I don’t need a title. I’m Jamie freakin’ Siu! Common
  •  Profile titles are earned by collecting 30 kudos.
  • You can earn kudos by completing any six of any characters’ combo trials.
  • Unlock the trophy after gaining your first Fighter Profile Title.
Joining the Pack Bronze A lone wolf is strong, but they’re far more fearsome if they have a pack to call their own. So go on—try making some friends! Uncommon
  •  Make a friend online to unlock the trophy.
  • Go the Multi Menu > CFN > select Players > Search tab.
  • If you already know usernames, type out to find friends.
  • Select the player and send them a friend request.
Fashion Leader Bronze Clothing allows us to express ourselves. Know who else never changes their clothes? Animals. Change your outfit. Please. Common
  • Customize your Avatar and change their gear to unlock the trophy.
  • To change gear, open your Smart Device and go to the Status Menu.
  • Drippin’ Style in Beat Square has new gear available, and you can purchase and update it.
Ready to Dance? Bronze Have you had a chance to jam out at the DJ Booth in the Battle Hub, bud? Pick your favorite tunes, and light the dance floor aflame! Uncommon
  • At the DJ Booth, play Music to unlock the trophy.
  • The DJ Booth is present on each Plaza Mezzanine.
  • To start playing, interact with the station.
Up on the Big Screen Bronze Sit down by the big monitor in the Battle Hub, and you can view all kinds of stuff. Man… Used to be me up there going wild on the big screen. Uncommon
  • Unlocked by watching a video on The Battle Hub Big Screen, present opposite the entrance.


This was the complete trophy guide for Street Fighter 6, containing all the currently available trophies. The game is completed after completing the trophies. However, here are a few guides that might help you throughout the game:

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