Street Fighter 6: All World Tour Clothes

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get clothes by completing missions and quests in World Tour Mode Street fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour All Clothes.
Clothing stores in World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6 (Image Credits: Gamesual).

I wanted to explore different skin options in Street Fighter 6, and fortunately, you can. With so many options, one can fully customize my character’s look. Here is how you can unlock world tour clothes in Street Fighter 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete missions and side quests to earn Fighter Coins (Zenny)
  • Use Fighter Coins at shops to buy new clothes and outfits.
  • Open chest crates found by exploring to get free clothes.
  • Increase the bond with Masters through gifts and missions to earn outfits.
  • Higher bond levels let you unlock more free clothes and items.

Ways to Find Clothes In World Tour Mode

There are two main ways to get clothes in World Tour Mode. First, you can complete side missions and quests to earn rewards like cash and clothes. For example, you are finding Bo Bo running through Metro City.

Second, you can increase your bond level with a character up to 100. At higher bond levels, you get rewards like legendary outfits that fit the character’s personality. To raise bond levels, complete missions for Masters, give them gifts bought from Merchant Hawker and frequently communicate with them.

Metro City Clothing Stores

Two leading clothing stores in Metro City offer various outfits:

Drippin’ Style Store:

  • Located opposite the Beauty Salon in Beats Square.
  • Sells hats, shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, and accessories.
  • Items increase protection and punch strength.
Street Fighter 6 Word Tour Clothes can be found in Drippin' Style Store.
Drippin’ Store location opposite Beauty Salon Metro City (Image Credits: Gamesual).
Item NameIncrease in Protection / Punch StrengthPrice (Zeeny)
Knit BeanieProtection up to 6 points, Punch Strength up to 15 points800
BusinessProtection up to 21 points3,500
Newsie CapProtection up to 21 points, Punch Strength up to 53 points4,700
Street CapProtection up to 4 points, Punch Strength up to 10 points300
Work CapProtection up to 20 points, Punch Strength up to 49 points4,300
Normal T-ShirtIncrease protection by up to 21 points1,800
Casual T-ShirtIncrease protection by up to 18 points1,000
Investment vestIncreases protection up to 37 points5,200
Business CasualIncreases protection up to 34 points4,700
Gi (Top)Increases protection up to 35 points5,800
Backward CapPunch Strength up to 10 points, Defense up to 4 points500
Suit VestProtection up to 85 points9,500
SlacksProtection up to 83 points1,400
BandanaPunch Strength up to 20 points, Defense up to 8 points1,400
Heel ShoesProtection up to 51 points4,500
Sports VisorPunch Strength up to 17 points, Protection up to 7 points1,100
Sun Runner CapPunch Strength up to 38 points, Protection up to 15 points3,200
TriblyPunch Strength up to 35 points, Protection up to 14 points3,000
Bomber JacketProtection up to 86 points14,500
Tailored JacketProtection up to 80 points13,300
Skinny JeansProtection up to 34 points3,400
MiniskirtProtection up to 38 points5,500
Bell BottomsProtection up to 58 points9,000
SkirtProtection up to 62 points10,000
Mary JanesProtection up to 5 points600
Long Leather BootsProtection up to 9 points1,600
Oxford ShoesProtection up to 6 points950
Riding BootsProtection up to 8 points1,300
Wrinkle PickersProtection up to 14 points2,800
Denim JeansProtection up to 18 points1,100
Bottom GiProtection up to 35 points5,000
ChinoProtection up to 27 points3,000
Pants TemperedProtection up to 22 points2,200

Apparel Clerk In Urban Park

  • Behind Mike Haggar Stadium parking lot.
  • Sells jackets, shirts, headgear, hats, shorts, jeans, boots, and shoes.
  • Items boost protection and punch strength.
Item NameCost (Zeeny)Increase in Protection / Punch Strength
Sukajan13,000Protection up to 78 points
Biker Jacket with layers12,500Protection up to 75 points
Denim Jacket7,000Protection up to 46 points
Sleeveless Shirt8,800Protection up to 56 points
Training Headgear2,700Punch Strength up to 33 points, Protection up to 13 points
Wrestler’s Mask4,000Punch Strength up to 46 points, Protection up to 18 points
Boater2,100Protection up to 11 points, Punch Strength up to 27 points
Down Jacket7,900Protection up to 51 points
Hairband1,600Protection up to 9 points
Biker jacket5,700Protection up to 38 points
Boater hat2,100Protection up to 11 points
Safety helmet2,000Protection up to 8 points
Training headgear2,700Protection up to 27 points
Shorts5,300Protection up to 37 points
Short pants6,000Protection up to 42 points
Jeans8,200Protection up to 54 points
Ripped jeans11,800Protection up to 72 points
Sandals3,800Protection up to 18 points
Work boots2,200Protection up to 11 points
Boxing Shoes4,200Protection up to 19 points
Sheepskin boots1,900Protection up to 10 points

Clothing Stores In Old Nayshall

There are two main clothing stores in Old Nayshall:

Lehenna Store:

  • Located under the iron bridge across from the City Bazaar.
  • Sells hats, shoes, coats, jeans, and masks.
  • Items increase protection and punch/kick strength.
ItemCost (Zeeny)Increase in Protection / Punch Strength
Motorcycle helmet4,400Protection up to 20 points, Punch Strength up to 50 points
Geta4,800Kick Strength up to 54 points, protection up to 22 points
Beach Sandals4,300Kick Strength up to 49 points, protection up to 20 points
Earflap Beanie3,600Protection up to 17 points, Punch Strength up to 43 points
Down Vest11,000Protection up to 67 points
Geta shoes4,800Protection up to 22 points
Poncho coat13,700Protection up to 82 points
Shell jacket12,000Protection up to 74 points
Ripped jeans15,500Protection up to 91 points
Beanie covered to the ear3,600Protection up to 17 points
Mask5,300Protection up to 24 points
Skirt14,200Protection up to 85 points
Serouel pants10,500Protection up to 64 points
Wanderer12,800Protection up to 77 points
Street Fighter 6 Word Tour Clothes in N.E Wear.
N.E. Wear in City Bazaar in Old Nayshall City (Image Credits: Gamesual).

To get new clothes, you should visit these stores in Metro City after completing missions and earning Zeeny rewards. The items offer your character defensive boosts and stronger attacks during fights. Checking the stores periodically as I progressed allowed me to upgrade my character’s wardrobe.

N.E Wear:

  • Found inside the City Bazaar.
  • Sells hats, shirts, shoes, coats, pants, and skirts.
  • It provides boosts to protection and punch strength.
ItemPrice (Zeeny)Increase in protection / Punch Strength
Top Hat3,800Protection up to 18 points and Punch Strength up to 44 points
Deerstalker4,400Protection up to 20 points, Punch Strength up to 50 points
Tam o'Shanter4,900Protection up to 22 points, Punch Strength up to 56 points
Formal Shirt10,700Protection up to 66 points
Trench Coat14,800Protection up to 88 points
Long Sleeve shirt9,800Protection up to 61 points
Sandals for bath4,600Protection up to 21 points
Quilted jacket11,500Protection up to 70 points
Platform Shoes3,600Protection up to 17 points
Kung Fu Shoes5,200Protection up to 23 points
Penny Loafers3,900Protection up to 18 points
Top Hat3,800Protection up to 18 points
Tight Skirt14,300Protection up to 86 points
Long Skirt12,800Protection up to 86 points
Cargo pants11,200Protection up to 69 points
Sun Hat3,400Protection up to 16 points
Knit pants12,200Protection up to 62 points

To expand my wardrobe, you can visit these Old Nayshall stores after missions to purchase defensive and offensive upgrades for your character. 

Free Clothes In World Tour Mode

Here are some of the free clothes I could find in chests while exploring World Tour mode:

Clothing ItemLocationStats Boosted
Fanatic T.V. HeadSiRN building cratesDefense +14
Safety HelmetDefeating GusDefense +8
Bao Bao Bro HeadpieceCompleting White Hat Down questDefense +12
Lab CoatSiRN building grey chestDefense +50
Competition SwimsuitMetro City underground tunnel chestDefense +109
Thrasher’s SunglassesDefeating ThrasherExplosive

Opening chests and completing quests in each area will allow players to expand their wardrobe with free outfits that provide defensive boosts. 

My Thoughts On Clothes

World Tour Mode was a great approach to enhancing the character’s abilities and offering the best costumes. It personalizes your character looks while engaging uniquely with the world that lives and breaths around you.

I strongly recommend players try the World Tour Mode and its offerings like clothes, and you will also notice an increase in performance throughout the combat and fashion appeal. 

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