GTA 5 Online : Sultan RS [Definitive Guide]

This guide will help you learn more about the Sultan RS and how to add this car to your collection.

Sultan RS gta 5 online
Sultan RS - GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 has one of the most diverse car collections in video game history. These iconic vehicles have been integral to the GTA’s large open world. Moreover, these vehicles range from cars inspired by real-life vehicles to cars created purely for the game. These cars can be sleek and sophisticated to humongous and over the top. However, in this guide, I will discuss one of the simpler cars in the GTA 5 online, the Sultan RS.

Key Takeaways

  • Sultan RS is the Rally Sport version of the Sultan vehicle from GTA 5 online.
  • This vehicle was first introduced in the open world of GTA 4 and was added to GTA 5 as a legacy vehicle.
  • The vehicle is based on a real-life Lexus IS and Mitsubishi Lancer.
  • Sultan RS is a fast vehicle with excellent handling, even in difficult terrain.
  • This car shares the open world with four other variants of the Sultan, yet notably, RS hails above all.
  • You can acquire Sultan RS by modifying the regular version of Sultan in the game from auto shops.
  • This car is sometimes also available in special car-based events or missions.
  • Moreover, you can also customize this car to give this car more of a personal touch.

Calling Sultan RS a more straightforward vehicle is in no way a disrespect to the vehicle. It makes it even more impressive that this seemingly simpler vehicle is a fan favorite and certainly one of my top choices. However, this fan-favorite vehicle was not even part of the game until early 2016.

The vehicle was added to GTA 5 Online for the January 2016 update. It gives me no joy to tell you this but the Sultan RS is unavailable in the Story mode of GTA 5. You can modify the Sultan to make it cosmetically look more like the Sultan RS, but this does not affect the car’s performance.

Sultan RS In GTA 5 Online

Karin sultan rs in gta 5 online
Karin Sultan RS

GTA 5 Online is home to some of the most creative vehicles in the game. The heavily armored Mad Max-style vehicles to the casual soccer mom Vans all share the world in the game. However, I found out that GTA 5 is not the first home of this car.

This car was also featured in GTA 4 and, due to its insane speed, instantly became a fan favorite. As a result, this legacy vehicle made its way into the biggest video game Rockstar ever created.

The vehicle’s look was modified a little bit in GTA 5. However, if you are seeking a bit of nostalgia, you can modify the look of the vehicle in a workshop to make it look more like the Sultan from GTA 4.


The RS in the car’s name stands for Rally Sport. This automatically indicates the vehicle has got speed and grip. Moreover, I came across other variants of this sports car in the game. This car serves as the sport version of the normal variant of Sultan.

This two-door sports model is faster and modified, making it a good choice for sports car lovers. There are currently four variants of the Sultan in the game. The Classic variants were recently added with a newer update. As a result, now we have the Sultan, Sultan RS, and the newly added Sultan Classic, Sultan Classic RS.

This car, however, has a real-life inspiration.  The Sultan RS takes inspiration from the famous Lexus IS. However, in 1998, this car was known as Toyota Altezza. This Japanese car is one of the most popular cars to modify in the underground racing culture.

The resemblance between the two can easily be noted, especially when I looked at both of them side by side. Moreover, the Mitsubishi Lancer inspires the spoiler and much of the back of the Sultan RS. Therefore, the Sultan RS takes inspiration from some of the most popular cars, making it an instant classic.

Features Of Sultan RS

The Sultan RS is a Rally Sports car. This means that the car can handle all terrains, even the roughest of conditions. I was surprised to see that the car can take it all from dirt roads to muddy tracks. In GTA 4, this car is one of the fastest cars in the game, with a top speed that can not be matched.

However, what the car makes in speed lacks in handling here. The car has poor handling and grip at higher speeds. However, the efficient braking system makes it so you can avoid crashes.

Sultan RS received a major upgrade in GTA 5 online. The car now has a greater pickup, which means the car can now reach top speeds quickly.

Even the top speed was taken up a notch, so the overall car is now faster. The car’s current top speed is 104 Miles Per Hour in the game. However, a fully upgraded Sultan RS has a top speed of 120 Miles Per Hour.

The car even has better handling than the Sultan RS from GTA 4. So you do not need to worry about taking on sharp turns. Moreover, as the vehicle is still all-terrain, handling is smoother on dirt roads than most other vehicles. This car can even climb very steep slopes; however, due to the car’s light build, the car is more prone to damage.

Compared To Other Variants

Other Sultan Variants
All Four Sultan Variants

As four Sultans co-exist in the world of GTA 5, it is good to know which variant is the best. From my testing, the Sultan RS has the highest top speed of all the variants. However, I also learned that the RS Classic is a very close second in terms of maximum speeds.

This makes the Sultan RS the fastest Sultan in the game. The RS has the quickest acceleration between the Sultans, as the Sultan RS can go from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. So, Sultan RS is a trustworthy companion and should be the top choice among the other variants.

Where To Find Sultan RS In GTA 5

There are a few ways to acquire a Sultan RS in GTA 5 Online. You can head out into the open world to look for this vehicle or participate in special events and missions. However, you can always buy the vehicle if you have enough cash.

Buying A Karin Sultan RS

Even though this vehicle is rare to spot in the open world, you will usually only find the basic variant. This rarity makes it even more special, so the players owning it can consider themselves lucky.

However, I do consider buying this vehicle as the simplest and easiest option. You would still need to spend a good chunk of money to own this car.

buying a karin sultan from gta 5 online
Benny’s Original Motorworks Website

Here’s our step by step guide on how you can get your very own Sultan RS:

  • Bring up your phone and go to the Internet App.
  • Now open the Travel and Transport tab under the search bar.
  • Here you will use Benny’s Original Motoworks Website. Click and head on to the website.
  •  You will see a stock option on the website at the top of the screen. Click on this Stock Option.
  • Now you will see a page full of cars. Scroll down until you see Karin Sultan.
  • You can buy this vehicle for $12,000. However, you must remember that this isn’t Sultan RS yet and needs further modification.
  • After selecting buy, select any one of the properties you want this class to be delivered to and then wait for it to be delivered.
  • You will now own a Karin Sultan. Even though this car has decent speed and traction, it is no Sultan RS.
  • For an upgrade to the RS version. Head out to Benny’s workshop in Los Santos. You can identify the workshop by the screwdriver and wrench marker.
  • Once in Benny’s Original Motorworks, you can upgrade your regular Sultan to Sultan RS. This will cost you $795,000.
  • Your vehicle now has a higher top speed and twin-turbo engine.
Benny's Original Motorworks Location in gta 5 online
Benny’s Original Motorworks Location

Other Ways To Acquire An RS

It is important to remember that you would need to own a regular Sultan. Then you can upgrade this regular variant to the Rally Sport variant of the vehicle through auto shops spread throughout GTA 5 online.

Sultan RS is tough to spot in the open world and is, most of the time, owned by other players. Moreover, it is challenging to find a Sultan RS that spawned itself. However, you can always take the regular version to the workshop and upgrade it to the RS version.

The vehicle, however, sometimes also appears for special events and missions in the game. These events could include the Gang Attack or even Simeon’s Car Export Requests missions. It’s a given that the car would be available in more car-based special events, so keep a lookout for such events.

Custom Built Recommendations

Karin Sultan RS, I strongly believe is a vehicle meant to be modified. The vehicle’s look makes it so you can mold it according to your needs and create a unique RS. This is one of the vehicles that look better with added spoilers and other cosmetic enhancements.

So here are a few basic custom builds that can help you set your Sultan RS apart from others. You can use these builds as it is or as a basic template to create your own.

Red Beast Karin

Red Beast Sultan rs gta 5 online
Red Karin Beast – Sultan RS

This is personally my favorite custom-built for the Sultan RS. The overall Red and Black color scheme makes the car stand out. Moreover, the dark red theme of the car makes it look menacing and gets other players’ respect. The modification makes the car look like the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift cars.

You can head out to Benny’s Original Motorworks to get everything necessary for the build. Moreover, some items are essential for the look, while some add to the vehicle’s overall functionality. So the vehicle isn’t just a beast from the outside but also from the inside.

This is what you need to get for this build:

  • 100% Armor Upgrade – $30,000
  • Race Brakes – $7000
  • Street SPL Extended Front Bumper – $4400
  • Street SPL Rear Bumper – $3700
  •  Carbon Eyebrows Headlight Trim – $10200
  • Carbon Rally Foglights – $15130
  • Roof Vent – $6240
  • Carbon Wind Deflector Doors – $2040
  • Padded Full Roll Cage – $3600
  • Carbon Valve Covers on Engine Block – $47500
  • Purple Exposed Vernier Pulleys – $28810
  • Lightened Racing Strut Brace – $24674
  • EMS Upgrade Level 4 – $6700
  • Twin Short Side Exhaust – $3000
  • Widebody Arch Extensions Fenders – $3300
  • Vented Hood – $3500
  • Sunstrip Trim Design – $4960
  • Carbon Dash and Striped Interior – $34770
  • Ballistic Fiber Bucket Seats – $17775
  • Xenon Headlights – $3000
  • Neon Layout for Front, Back, and Sides – $30000
  • Red Neon Color – $6675
  • Street Drifter Livery – $36000
  • You can also select Custom license plates here.
  • Classic Primary Color Red – $920
  • Classic Secondary Color Red – $460
  • Trim Color Black – $420
  • Vortex Generators Roof – $1150
  • Primary Color Mudflaps – $1000
  • Carbon Wing Spoiler – $4500
  • Competition Suspension – $4400
  • Super Transmission – $12000
  • Turbo Tuning – $30000
  • Ruff Weld Rims – $20000
  • Bulletproof tires – $25000
  • Light Smoke Windows – $1500

White Lancer

White Karin Sultan RS from GTA 5 online
White Lancer – Sultan RS

I have picked this build, especially for all of the Evolution Lancer fans. Moreover, the customization is not just purely cosmetic, as the car is also a monster from the inside. The white color gives this build a flawless and fresh look.

So the car looks very scary but also sophisticated at the same time. However, carefully drive this white vehicle because even a tiny scratch will appear.

Here’s what you need to complete this build:

  • 100% Armor Upgrade – $30,000
  • Race Brakes – $7000
  • C1 Loop Front Bumper – $3420
  • Clean Cut Rear Bumper – $1900
  • Custom Eyebrows Headlight Trim – $9120
  • Street Half Cage – $1045
  • Carbon Valve Engine Covers – $45125
  • Red Exposed Vernier Pulleys – $26732
  • Lightened Racing Strut Brace – $24674
  • EMS Upgrade Level 4 – $6700
  • Straight Side Exhaust – $712
  • Primary Color Bolt On Arches – $1615
  • Vented Hood – $3500
  • Carbon Dash and Striped Interior – $34770
  • Rally Professional Steering Wheel – $21802
  • Black RS Evolved Striped Livery – $29070
  • Primary Color Frost White – $1377
  • Secondary Color Frost White – $641
  • Vortex Generators on Roof – $1042
  • Primary Color Mudflaps – $950
  • Painted Classic RS Wing Spoiler – $665
  • Competition Suspension – $4400
  • Super Transmission – $12000
  • Turbo Tuning – $30000
  • Deep Flake Street Rims – $34010

This completes your all-white look for this Sultan RS. Moreover, you can add your unique touches to any of these customizations to create something unique for you. In GTA 5 Online only sky is the limit, as you can create any vehicle possible. So good luck acquiring your very own RS and giving it the makeover you prefer.

My Recommendations

Sultan RS is one of the most underrated cars in the game. In my opinion, this legacy vehicle deserves to be in every player’s garage. I have a soft spot for the old-school Japanese look of this vehicle which also makes it an ideal vehicle for modification. During my playthrough, I tested the fully upgraded version of this car which got to a top speed of an impressive 120 Miles per hour.

Even though the vehicle shares the world of GTA 5 with other Sultan variants, the RS still tops in all categories. So if you are looking for your new favorite vehicle, I recommend you add the Sultan RS to your garage and show off custom builds. Once you drive Sultan RS, you will not be changing vehicles any time soon.

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