High On Life: Tammy And The T-Rex [Movie Location]

How about watching a Sci-Fi/comedy inside a video game? Well now you can in High On Life

Tammy and the T rex in High on Life
Tammy and the T rex in High on Life

The new comedic FPS game, “High on Life” has received mixed reactions from the gaming community. Thanks to the co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, the inappropriate humor has made some fans love the game for its comedic relief.

The well-timed jokes during tense battles make you smirk, even when you get beat up by a bunch of aliens. This is exactly what we can expect from the co-creator of Rick and Morty, to create something absurd and chaotic that will make you either love the game or find it annoying.

Your main source of jokes and comedic commentary comes from your trusty Gatlin weapon. The talking weapon never calms down, as it always passes comments and keeps the game lighthearted, even when you’re in the middle of slaughtering aliens.

Justin Roiland is the master of adding pointless and unique stuff in his work, which makes it pretty funny because of its sheer randomness. One of these random things is his decision to add a 95-minute film inside a game.

Key Takeaways

  • You can watch the entire 1994 Sci-Fi film “Tammy and the T-Rex” in High on Life.
  • This feature is available from the game’s early stages after a couple of bounties by simply visiting your house. You can sit next to Gene and watch the entire 90-minute film on the in-game TV.
  • All you have to do is face your character on the TV screen and watch the movie along with Gene, who will often give commentary and pass jokes during the movie.
  • There are two other movies that you can watch with Gene in the later stages of the game. In contrast, one movie is only available in the theater.

This game revolves around a cartel of Aliens, the G3 cartel, who arrived at earth to conquer it and take humans. These aliens get high from consuming humans, hence the name “High on Life.” This game is filled with constant jokes and funny comments.

A unique feature of the game, which has surprised everyone, is that you can watch entire films inside the game. The creators got licenses for four films, all released before the 2000s. These films can be watched alongside another character named Gene.

How To Watch Tammy And The T-Rex With Gene

For those uninitiated, Gene is the three-eyed purple alien your character meets in the game’s early stages. He is a failed bounty hunter who has given up on his life and decides to mooch off the protagonist.

However, he eventually becomes the game’s mentor and the “wise” figure. Although apart from sitting on the couch all day watching TV, he is still an essential part of the game and assigns you missions.

Gene sitting on a couch watching Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life
Gene sitting on the couch in High on Life

Tammy and the T-Rex is the first movie the players can watch with Gene, as it is available in the early stages of the game. After you have started the quest “Lizzie Returns,” visit your house, and walk up into the lounge. You will see ads being played on the TV.

In addition to that, you will see the option to sit on the couch next to Gene. Get comfortable and relax on the couch since it will be a 95-minute film, including ads.

Initially, “Human TV” will be playing on the screen with a host talking about the newly discovered humans and their lifestyles. He introduces the film “Tammy and the T-Rex” as “one of the most famous movies of all time on earth.”

Human TV playing on the TV before playing tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life
“Human TV” playing on the TV.

The screen then fades into black, and the movie begins. Your character should keep the face turned in the direction of the TV. Although this may not be the best way to watch a movie since the TV screen covers just a portion of your screen.

You may be asking, what is the relation between the film “Tammy and the T-Rex” and the game High on Life? Well, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That’s the beauty of Justin Roiland; his sense of humor is so unique and unpredictable that the shock factor leaves you laughing.

This film wasn’t a big success back in the day since it has a low rating of 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. The reason may be that they had to cut out scenes with a lot of gore and blood, to be more appealing to a family-friendly audience. However, “High on Life” includes the Gore version of the movie.

Paul Walker in movie eating flower in tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life
This movie has some bizarre scenes, including Michael eating a flower.

The bizarre film features the young Paul Walker, before his rise to fame, and the newly starting Denise Richards. The weird movie is about a young couple in love with each other but threatened by a jealous boy.

The jealous boy and his gang kill the boyfriend, and the movie gets downright bizarre. A mad scientist then transplants the boyfriend’s brain into a dinosaur.

The peculiar film shows the T-Rex’s struggles and how he takes revenge on the bullies that killed him. Michael, the boyfriend who was brought back to life in the body of a dinosaur, also gets back into his girlfriend’s life.

Watching tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life
Watching Tammy and the T-Rex with Gene

Michael’s brain is transplanted into a computer at the movie’s end. The film ends with Tammy making a tease video while the boyfriend is looking with the help of the front camera of the computer. He then short-circuits, the screen fades into black, and the movie finishes.

Other Movies You Can Watch

The creators of this game went and bought licenses for four actual films. Apart from watching Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life, you can watch Vampire Hookers, Blood Harvest, and Demon Wind. All these films are old films that the gamers of this generation would not have heard of before.

However, you can now watch these old art pieces along with Gene, enjoying his funny commentary on the side.

Vampire Hookers

It is the second available after Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life. This 88-minute comedy horror film is about an aging evil vampire who has recruited three young and beautiful women. He sends these women to lure men into his house.

Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest is the third film that Gene will be watching on TV. It’s a horror/slasher movie with the plot revolving around a girl who returns to her home in a rural area. Upon returning, she finds her house wrecked and her parents missing. A clown is then introduced as the only person who seems to like her.

Demon Wind

You may get used to having Gene’s company while watching these films, but unfortunately, this film cannot be watched with Gene. Waiting at home for this movie to get played isn’t the best thing to do since this movie can only be watched at the theatre.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is to buy the Movie Theatre Warp Disc from Blorto, located in Blim City. Navigate through the menu below and buy the Warp Disc using Warp Crystals.
Getting Disk in High on Life
Buying the Warp Disc from Blorto in High on Life
  • Go to the house and go up to the Bounty 5000.
  • Navigate to the second tab, which are portals.
  • You want to select “Zephyr Paradise” and click on the “Upper Valley” option.
Selecting the right portal in High on Life
Choosing Upper Valley in portals
  • After being teleported to the desired location, turn left and go up the hill.
Turning left and going up a hill in High on Life
Location after you are teleported to Upper Valley
  • You will see an area that you can interact with.
  • Interact with the object, select the Movie Theatre Warp Disk, and confirm your selection.
Selecting Theatre in High on Life
Selecting Movie Theater Warp Disc in High on Life
  • By doing this, you will get a giant theatre teleported in front of you. Proceed towards the cinema and sit down in any seat you like.
Theatre in High on Life
The Theater will be teleported in front of you.

There will be three other aliens watching the movie with you and giving commentary throughout the film, kind of what Gene used to do.

The movie Demon Wind will be playing in the theatre. As for the movie background, it is a horror film that revolves around Cory and his friends. This group of friends goes on a mission to investigate the death of Cory’s grandparents.

Closing Remarks

The game “High on Life” is a fantastic comedy-filled FPS release, which doesn’t come around often. Not only is it a fantastic FPS game with various weapons and missions, but the chaotic jokes and funny comments make the game a must-try.

The ability to watch the entire movie “Tammy and the T-Rex” in High on life is a unique feature of this game that hasn’t been done before. These old movies would have been left to catch dust if it wasn’t for this game.

On the other hand, it may be an annoying feature to some movie enthusiasts, who would rather watch it on full screen. But some people grow fond of watching the film with Gene and don’t mind watching it on an in-game TV screen.

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