Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: All Abilities [Explained]

Learn 12 abilities in Tears of the Kingdom that your character, Link, can use to his advantage throughout the journey in Hyrule.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: All Abilities
Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: All Abilities

The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom comes with Link’s creative belt of abilities, including some new additions. While unlocking some of these will be a part of your objectives, some you will discover later in the game. Read the following guide for a detailed review of all the abilities in Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • Link’s abilities are used throughout the game to complete the storyline of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  • There are a total of 12 abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:
    • Five Main 
    • Five Sage
    • Two non-combat
  • You can unlock Ultrahand in the Ukouh shrine, which lets you construct.
  • The Fuse can be unlocked in the In-isa shrine, which lets you combine two items.
  • You can unlock Ascend in the Gutanbac shrine, which lets you pass through buildings.
  • The Recall is another ability unlocked in the Nachoyah shrine that allows you to rewind objects’ positions in time.
  • Autobuild is unlocked in the Depths and lets you build machines automatically.
  • Their companions upgrade five sage abilities.
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Spirit 
    • Lightning 
    • Wind
  • Camera and Amiibo abilities enhance your gaming experience; however, take no part in fighting your enemies.

There are a total of 12 abilities in Zelda, which can be categorized as follows:

  • Main (5)
  • Sage (5)
  • Non-combat (2)


first of all the abilities you unlock
Ultrahand ability

Being the most convenient and easy to use of all the abilities, Ultrahand will be your go-to option in many situations. As the name suggests, you can manipulate the movement of objects, such as picking them up, rotating them, and placing them back down.

This gives you endless possibilities to build things such as picking up and destroying wooden crates, placing stone slabs so you can use them as a bridge, and lifting hooks to place them on metal rails to travel.

How To Unlock

To unlock this ability, you will have to find the Ukouh Shrine, which is on the Great Sky Island. This shrine is a part of The Closed Door quest. The Coordinates for the shrine are x=0274, y=-0913, z=1460.

location of Ukouh
Ukouh Shrine

Inside the shrine, you will get access to the Ultrahand ability by Rauru, which will be used to complete a set of puzzles. There will be a series of puzzles that will help you understand the ability mechanics.  


ability found in In-Isa shrine
Fuse ability

The next of the abilities on the list is Fuse. As the name implies, you can fuse two items. This not only restricts you from fusing two objects, but you can also use it for materials and weapons. You can fuse and build items as far as your imagination goes. 

How To Unlock

in-isa shrine unlocks another one of the abilities
In-Isa Shrine

You can find this ability in the second shrine: In-Isa, from the objective of The Closed Door. This shrine is found on the western side of the Island. The coordinates are x=0027, y=-1503, and z=1408.

Best Materials To Fuse

Here are some of the best fusions we recommend for the players.

Shield + Shield Increases the shield’s durability, which is very helpful for defense in the early game. 
Rocks and Boulders Since they are readily available all over the area, you have a lot of supply. Combining them with swords or spears increases damage. 
Chuchu Jelly + Arrows Different Chuchu combined with arrows gives a variety of attributes such as freezing, electric shock, and wind. 
Shield + Zonai Device Rocket It will give you a jetpack to lift yourself in the air, giving you the upper hand in your combats.


Note: You can unfuse items that you once fused. However, bear in mind that this will destroy the materials that were used on the base item. 


ability found in gutanbac shrine
Ascend ability

Ascend is a one-of-a-kind of all the abilities in Tears of the Kingdom that let you pass through surfaces such as roofs and ceilings. It enables you to reach upper surfaces such as towers, mountains, and ships. However, there is a restriction to how far the distance might be to ascend.  

When you are about to use the ability, it will show you the position where you will ascend, marked by a Green sign. Once activated, Link will enter a green spiral and teleport his way up quickly.

How To Unlock

shrine to unlock one of the abilities
Gutanbac Shrine

This ability can be unlocked via the Gutanbac Shrine, located on the Great Sky Island, being the last of the three objectives of The Closed Door quest. You can locate this on the southeast part of the map with the coordinates x=0709, y=-1381, and z=1584.

The puzzles inside the shrine will familiarize you with the mechanics of Ascend.


last of the abilities found on great sky island
Recall ability

The Recall ability lets you turn back time, moving the objects in reverse motion. A prime example of using this is an object that fell from the sky. You can ascend back up where the object originally came from using recall. However, it will not work on objects that are stationary in their original position.

Moving from one place to another may help you fight against enemies who throw objects at you. Another tip is to throw objects in the air and let them fall back, then use the recall ability to make them ascend again and reach where you originally wanted to go.

How To Unlock

shrine to unlock one of the abilities
Nachoyah Shrine

You can unlock this ability by completing the Nachoyah shrine, another one present on the Great Sky Island, located far south part of the map. The coordinates are x=0388, y=-1660, z=2299.


last of the abilities that unlocks from main five
Autobuild ability

Saving the best for the last, this exception ability is an extension of Ultrahand by letting you build objects in one go. If you have the required materials ready, you can use Autobuild to construct an item from your recent builds quickly. 

An important thing to know is that you can have a maximum of 30 items in your history of builds. The old ones will get deleted as new ones are added to the list. However, you can favorite the builds you prefer, which will not be deleted.

Furthermore, you can use Zonaite to replace the items needed for the specific build; make sure to use your Zonaite effectively.

Moreover, once an object is built from Zonaite, you cannot dismantle it to get the corresponding materials used.  You can find Schema Stones that can give blueprints for new Autobuild recipes.

How To Unlock

Location of the depths
Where you will find the ability

Unlike the others, this is one of the abilities not unlocked through a shrine. You must explore the Depths to unlock this ability. It is recommended that before you embark on the journey for the Depths, you must complete the quest “Camera Work In The Depths,” which will be discussed later.

The following will lead you to unlock the Autobuild:

  • Reach the Great Plateau East Chasm.
  • Enter the cave to reach The Depths.
  • Fire a Brightbloom seed combined with an arrow to increase visibility.
  • You must find the rail track nearby with a mine cart. Proceed to attach a fan to it and move your way forward.
  • Travel on this until you reach The Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  • Fire another Brightbloom seed to your northeast side, revealing a staircase.
  • Take the staircase and climb the wall beside it.
  • Reach the top and turn right to find the unlock area for the ability.

Once you complete the required builds, you must fight the boss, Master Kohga.

defeating master kohga to get autobuild
Master Kohga

Sage Abilities

Also known as the companion abilities, five companions are responsible for these. Every region on the map has a companion that aids you in your adventure in that region. Once you complete the main quest of the area, the companion will give you their Sage Vow and keep helping you afterward.

You must find four Sage’s Wills and take them to the Goddess Statue. Using the collected four wills, you can unlock one of the companion avatars that will help you whenever needed. Each companion has their special ability and is used correspondingly.

Yunobo – Fire

sage of fire

Quest: Yunobo of Goron City quest.

Region: Eldin.

Yunobo rolls into a ball of fire and can be launched at enemies, burning them. It causes a fire in a radius and will keep enemies away. You can also use it to clear rocks from your path.

Sidon – Water

sage of water

Quest: Zora Domain’s quest.

Region: Lanayru.

  • Creates a bubble of water that negates any outcoming damage to Link.
  • It is a melee ability which means you must use it once near an enemy.
  • It can only survive one hit from a close melee attack.
  • You can use it to clear gunk.
  • Moreover, it can use this to decrease temperatures in a hotter climate.

Mineru – Spirit

sage of spirit

Quest: Guidance of Ages Past.

Region: Faron.

Being unique in all its abilities, it turns the sage into a mech-suit. The companion turns himself into a machine that can be combined with Zonaites to make the build more powerful.

However, claiming this sage does come with a heavy toll since you must complete a tiring quest fighting against the Sized Construct Boss.   

Riju – Lightning

sage of lightning

Quest: Gerudo town quest.

Region: Gerudo.

When used, it creates AOE lightning on the specific area where you shoot an arrow. However, it has a long cooldown to reload and will take time to reach farther enemies. Like Yunobo, it also creates an explosive effect and damage to the area.

Tulin – Wind

sage of wind

Quest: Rito’s quest.

Region: Hebra.

This is one of the abilities that isn’t used much in combat. When you use this, it will create a wind gust that will push back the enemies. It also shoots three arrows side by side.

You can also use this ability to give yourself a forward thrust when gliding.

Non-Combat Abilities

The other two abilities do not take part in any fights. However, they are still a part of the game.


one of two non-combat abilities
Camera ability

A very simple ability that lets you capture moments in the game whenever you want. You can take pictures across the map. Remember that this ability does not help you in combat in any way. They are stored in Hyrule Compendium.

quest to get camera ability
Camera Work In The Depths Quest

To unlock this, you must travel to Lookout Landing and talk to Josha and Robbie. You must complete the quest of Camera Work in the Depths.   


the second of the non-combat abilities
Amiibo ability

Another non-combat ability on the list is scanning amiibo. You can scan your Amiibo figures on your Nintendo Switch to earn chests and random rewards. These may include materials, armor, weapons, and some exclusive items.

Concluding Remarks

This is all the information you need about all the abilities in the Tears of the Kingdom. Of all the sage abilities, we recommend you unlock Riju – Sage of Lightning since it gives an upper hand in early fights.

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