Tears Of The Kingdom: Top 6 Best Arrow Farm

Use my favorite ways to farm arrows in Tears of the Kingdom and make your in-game journey more fun!

Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm
Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm

Using a bow and arrow to fight enemies increases your winning chances since you are using a ranged weapon. However, arrows run out fast, which can become a problem. To avoid this, you must farm many arrows to make your fights better. I will talk about some of the best arrow farms in Tears of the Kingdom in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Arrows are among the best offenses since this game offers the best fusions. You can fuse arrows with multiple materials to enhance their power.
  • You can find arrows in:
    1. shrines,
    2. crates, looting
    3. enemies,
    4. merchants,
    5. stores,
    6. amiibo scans.
  • Crates and chests reset with resources after every Blood Moon reset.
  • We believe Mighty Lynel Bow is the best early-stage bow as it shoots five arrows simultaneously. It can give you a great head start.

Author’s Trust

Having spent 40+ hours in Tears of the Kingdom, I have been able to uncover hidden treasures, masterful strategies, and untold lore. And with my expertise, here are what I think to be the best ways to farm arrows.

– Ahmed Raza


Best Place to farm arrows.
  • As we know, shrines hand out many rewards while completing them. One of these rewards is arrows. While exploring shrines, you will see chests lying around containing resources. Usually, these are x5 or x10 arrows.
map showing makurukis shrine
A red circle marks the Makurukis Shrine’s map location.
  • During my time in the game, I found these two shrines will give you more arrows than the others:
    1. Makurukis Shrine – Hyrule Ridge (x=-2846, y=0630, z=0233)
    2. Taunhiy Shrine – Hyrule Ridge Sky (x=-2402, y=0825, z=0615)
  • These both have trials called archery training and reward you with a strongly constructed bow. Once you complete these, revisiting them after every Blood Moon reset will give you arrows each time. This means you have an infinite supply of arrows.
opening crate to find x10 arrow in shrine
Arrows found in shrines
  • Unfortunately, as easy as it may seem, this way can be time-consuming for some people since you will have to wait for the Blood Moon to reset. 

Why Do I Prefer Shrines?

Shrines are easily my top pick for getting various things in the game. There are over 150 shrines in the game, so you will likely find many arrows this way. Similarly, rewards also respawn in these shrines after Blood Moon reset.

  • Infinite respawning
  • Lots of available shrines
  • Free bows
  • Late respawning


Best Auto-Spawning Arrow Farm.
  • You will find random wooden crates and barrels across the map. These have a chance of containing arrows in them. They also respawn with new resources after every Blood Moon reset.
  • I recommend you pick the wooden box using your Ultrahard ability, tilt it once sideways and once upwards to make it fall on the corner and break in one go. After the crate breaks, you can find the arrows on the ground and collect them. 
using ultrahand ability on the box to find arrow
Wooden box tilted in the air.
  • There are places where you can find many crates stacked in an area. Destroying all these crates and barrels can get you a handful of arrows.

Why Do I Prefer Crates?

Crates can be found in all places in the game. Similarly, I like this method because it is not only a good way to get arrows but also many other rewards.

  • Infinite respawning
  • Available everywhere
  • Late respawning

Dodging Arrows From Enemies

The easiest way to farm arrows.
  • You will stumble upon many enemies, attacking you with ranged weapons such as a bow and arrow. Luckily for you, they don’t have such a good aim.
  • Dodge their attacks just before they shoot the arrow at you, making them miss their shots. They will keep firing at you until it exhausts their supply. Make sure to collect the arrow on the ground fired at you because they may disappear.
  • You must dodge the arrows because they can not be collected if you get hit. You can also block these using your shield, which can still be ordered but will damage your shield over time, so I do not recommend this method.

Why Do I Prefer Dodging Arrows?

Well, you will certainly face various enemies throughout your campaign. While dodging their attacks is something we all do, why not use it to our benefit and pick some arrows?

  • Infinite respawning
  • Easy to dodge attacks
  • Dangerous when facing stronger opponents

Looting Enemies

Beginner Arrow Farming Strategy.
  • Defeating an enemy also allows you to pick up some of the items they had. These may include their weapon or the type of ammunition they used.
  • Here is a little tip from me: If you kill the archer of an enemy group, there is a likely chance they will drop arrows.
  • This method may not grant you many arrows, but you can still collect a bunch of free arrows if you kill multiple groups, including their archers.
  • Similarly, you can also pick up arrows you use in fights. Once the enemy is killed, you must loot back the ammunition you used to defeat them. The combined looting will ensure you a net gain in your arrow supply.

Why Do I Prefer Looting Enemies?

Obviously, every enemy is going to drop some loot after you kill it. Leaving it behind would be foolish, especially since it can reward players with many exciting things, including arrows.

  • Infinite respawning
  • Dangerous when facing stronger opponents

Buying From Merchants And Stores

Quick Arrow Farm.
buying arrow from the shop
Purchasing arrows
  • This is the most straightforward way to get arrows in the game. Merchants and stores are set up in various places over the map, such as Lookout Landing, Rito Village, and Hetano Village.
  • You can use the in-game currency of rupees to buy an arrow or even a bunch if available. As quick and easy as this method is, it will cost you a lot of money, especially making it tough to do in the early game.
  • Here is a trick that I have found quite useful in this case:
    • Once you purchase all the stocked arrows, go to the rest area and sleep for a day.
    • Come back the next day to find these stores re-stocked with new arrows. This way, you can keep purchasing arrows continuously.

Why Do I Recommend Buying Arrows?

Since it costs a lot of money, I recommend using this only as your last resort when no other options are available.

  • Infinite respawning
  • Easily accessible
  • Costs money

Scanning Amiibo

Best Hack to farm arrows.

When you scan an Amiibo, they will drop crates and chests. It is likely that they also contain arrows.

  • Infinite respawning
  • Available in many places
  • Not a reliable source

Fusion Of Arrows

  • Arrows in this game are mighty since they can handle any situation and fight. Regrettably, you can not craft arrows in this game, as Link can’t. However, you can still fuse these arrows to make them even more robust.

 Here are some examples of fusing arrows:

Bomb Flower + Arrow This will create a bomb arrow that can be fired to give light or deal more damage.
Fire Fruit + Arrow  This combination gives you an arrow that can damage enemies, blow up barrels, and help create an updraft.
Shock Fruit + Arrow This combo allows you to electrocute enemies and stuns them briefly.
Ice Fruit + Arrow Freezes your enemies and slows them down.
Korok Fond + Arrow Sends airwaves to decrease enemy visibility.


Mighty Lynel Bow

Best Early Bow In Tears Of Kingdom

Apart from all the possible best arrow farms, players must also get their hands on a good bow to use them. Being one of the game’s most valuable and practical weapons, you must get this as soon as possible. I will show you how to find this.

Cave Location:

bow location on the map
The cave location on the map is marked by the circle

I found the bow in a cave near the Necluda Sea. To reach there, you must:

  1. Make your way towards the southeast of the map and find Rabella Wetlands sky view tower in East Necluda.
  2. Glide from the towers towards the map’s edge, as shown.
  3. Drop down from the cliff near the water.
ladder on the pirate ship
Ladder leading up to the chest
  1. Make your way to the pirate ship.
  2. Get directly under it and use your Ascend ability to climb up on the ship.
  3. You can also build a glider to get there.
  4. Clip the ladder in front of you and reach the top.
chest containing the bow
Mighty Lyenl Bow

You will find a chest with a bow called Mighty Lynel Bow.

This is my favorite early bow as it has an attribute that makes it fire five arrows at once while still using one arrow from your armory. Consequently, it increases your attack power and saves you on arrows.

If you do not find the specific attribute, you can travel to the outskirts of Goron City. Here, you can find Rock Octorocks, which can change your bow attribute. Some of these spots are labeled as shown. 

goron city map location
Map location of Rock Octorock marked by circles

Drop the bow before them; they will eat the item and throw it out with a new attribute.

My Thoughts On Arrow Farming

I think having unrestricted access to weapons and other such accessories significantly improves the gaming experience. As the bow is an important weapon, especially at the start of the game, one must know how to farm arrows to ensure smooth progress. As I have listed all of my favorite methods, I can’t help but say all of these are equally favorite to me (except when I had to purchase arrows, of course).

I also recommend fully utilizing the fusion feature, as that significantly overpowers your arrows. Finally, make sure to get your hands on Mighty Lynel Bow, as it is an overpowered beast that almost feels illegal to use.

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