Tears Of The Kingdom: Best Food [5 Best Ingredients]

Gather the most convenient and advantageous food items in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Food in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom has admirable dynamics regarding the food and cooking aspect. Majorly, players will require to prepare recipes using the ingredients. Each recipe differs from the others, whether related to its components or effects.

This diversity is quite beneficial because, in this way, players can equip themselves with precise consumables. Which, later on, can help them in certain situations. Of course, to prepare these recipes, players need a specific food that acts as an ingredient for the recipes.

Key Takeaways

  • Food items are essential in Tears of the Kingdom. These items carry an effect of their own or, can be used in cooking a variety of beneficial recipes.
  • Although the majority of food has a common effect of recovering health, some provide extra benefits. Explicitly, players can consume an Ironshroom to increase their defense along with health recovery.
  • Out of the most common food items, Hyrule Herb and Meat is the one to obtain easily. Moreover, both of these items have a much benefit use in cooking recipes.
  • Apple and Bird Eggs are easy to find in the wild. These food items help in preparing the most basic and some of the most complex food recipes of the game.
  • Mushrooms have numerous variants in Tears of the Kingdom. Best of all, each variant provides its specific effect which is beneficial for tackling diverse situations. Furthermore, a mushroom used in the recipe will also provide its corresponding effect.

Regarding the food in Tears of the Kingdom, it is advised that players should focus on farming a peculiar food item. This is because some of the food items are mainly present in most of the recipes. Collecting such common ingredients will prove to be quite handy. Mainly due to the less effort required to shift from one recipe to another.


Apple in Tears of the Kingdom
Lots of Apples near Central Hyrule

Apples are common to find on the surface level of the world in Tears of the Kingdom. Apparently, players can find apples out in the wild hanging on the trees. Simply hit the trees and apples will start falling on the ground. Players can either consume the apple to recover 0.5 heart or, use it in cooking beneficial recipes.

Furthermore, there is a chance to encounter a Golden Apple while gathering the regular ones. These are rare types of ingredients that hold better characteristics than a regular apple. Consuming a golden apple will eventually recover 1.5 hearts. Moreover, using a golden apple will also boost the benefits one gains from preparing a recipe.

For a detailed guide on where to get a Golden Apple, watch FP Good Game YouTube channel.

Use In Recipe

Apples are useful in lots of recipes:

Recipe Food Ingredients
Apple Pie Apple, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat
Baked Apple Apple
Copious Simmered Fruit Any Fruit (Apple) (4) 
Fruit and Mushroom Mix Any Fruit (Apple), Any Mushroom
Fruit Cake Any Fruit (Apple) (3), Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat
Honeyed Apple Apple, Courser Bee Honey
Hot Buttered Apple Apple, Goat Butter
Meat Skewer Any Fruit (Apple), Any Meat
Simmered Fruit Any Fruit (Apple) (3)
Steamed Fruit Any Fruit (Apple), Vegetable/Flower/Herb


Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom
Ironshrooms in Uten Marsh

The benefit of keeping mushrooms as your primary target for gathering food ingredients is quite a lot. Its benefit is as much as the variants of mushrooms scattered everywhere in the breathtaking world of Tears of the Kingdom. As a result, players will find it easy to spot mushrooms in the major parts of the map.

Variants of mushrooms will grow in specific regions. Following this, each mushroom will carry its unique benefit upon consumption, if it is cooked. Otherwise, they will restore a negligible amount of health upon consuming them.


Raw Effect

Cooked Effect

Chillshroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases heat resistance
Hylian Shroom  Restore 0.5 heart  _
Ironshroom   Restore 0.5 heart  Increases defense 
Puffshroom  Blinds enemy with smoke  _
Razorshroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases attack
Rushroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases speed
Silent Shroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases stealth
Skyshroom  Restore 1 heart  _
Stamella Shroom  Restore 1 heart  Restores stamina
Sunshroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases cold resistance
Zapshroom  Restore 0.5 heart  Increases shock resistance

Use In Recipe

Following the variety of mushrooms, there are also quite numerous recipes where you can use these mushrooms. Moreover, an important fact to keep in mind is that players will get unique benefits from mushroom recipes. Which clearly depends on the type of mushroom being used in the cooking. For example, using an Ironshroom will provide the recipe benefit along with the defense advantage.

Mushrooms are useful in lots of recipes:


Food Ingredients

Copious Mushroom Skewer   Different Mushroom (4)
Cream of Mushroom Soup  Mushroom, Vegetable/Herb/Flower
Fish and Mushroom Skewer  Fish, Mushroom
Fragrant Mushroom Saute’  Mushroom, Goron Spice
Fruit and Mushroom Mix  Fruit, Mushroom
Glazed Mushroom  Mushroom, Courser Bee Honey
Meat and Mushroom Skewer  Meat, Mushroom
Mushroom Omelet Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Mushroom, Rock salt
Mushroom Rice balls  Mushroom, Hylian Rice
Mushroom Risotto  Goat Butter, Hylian Rice, Mushroom, Rock salt
Mushroom Skewer  Mushroom
Salt-Grilled Mushroom  Mushroom, Rock salt
Steamed Mushroom  Mushroom, Vegetable/Herb/Flower

Bird Egg

Bird Egg in Tears of the Kingdm
Bird Eggs in Great Sky Island

Along with various other collectibles, a bird egg is also one to find easily while roaming. While exploring the wilderness, players can obtain bird eggs from the top of the trees. Although not every tree will be carrying the egg, those which have it will display a sparkling effect. This particle effect indicates that a collectible is present at a specific place.

As for its effects, bird eggs only have a raw effect as a consumable. It restores 1 heart upon consumption. On the contrary, it has no cooked effects. Rather, it is best to use it in recipes for a better potential of this food item.

Use In Recipe

Bird Egg is applicable in complex recipes mostly. Such kinds of recipes deliver much better use of themselves. 


Food Ingredients

Cheesy Omelette  Mushroom/Plant, Hateno Cheese, Bird Egg, Rock salt
Crab Omelet with Rice  Bird Egg (1), Crab, Hylian Rice, Rock salt
Crunchy Fried Rice  Bird egg, Hylian Rice, Oil Jar, Meat
Curry Pilaf  Bird Egg, Goat Butter, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice
Egg Pudding  Bird Egg, Cane Sugar, Fresh Milk
Egg Tart  Bird Egg, Cane sugar, Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat
Energizing Honey Crepe  Bird egg, Cane sugar, Courser bee honey, Fresh milk, Tabantha wheat
Fried Egg and Rice  Bird egg, Hylian rice
Gourmet Poultry Pilaf  Bird egg, Goat butter, Hylian rice, Raw whole bird
Mushroom Omelet  Bird egg, Goat butter, Mushroom, Rock salt 
Plain Crepe  Bird egg, Cane sugar, Fresh milk, Goat butter, Tabantha wheat
Poultry Pilaf  Bird egg, Goat butter, Hylian rice, Raw bird drumstick
Prime Poultry Pilaf  Bird egg, Goat butter, Hylian rice, Raw bird thigh
Vegetable Omelet  Bird egg, Goat butter, Rock salt, Vegetable
Wildberry Crepe  Bird egg, Cane sugar, Fresh milk, Tabantha wheat, Wildberry


A food item Meat
Hunting for Raw Meat out in the Wild

Meat is one of the primary sources to prepare the most favorable recipes in the game. This food ingredient is quite valuable and is easy to obtain while venturing the wilds in Tears of the Kingdom. This is because to collect meat, players will simply have to hunt the animals out in the open. Although an option to purchase meat from Travelling Merchants is also available, it is best to put yourself in some adventuring position and hunt animals for it. 

Raw Meat has different variants in Tears of the Kingdom with each having its unique food recipe to cook. Explicitly, Woodland Boars, Mountain Goats, and Grasland Foxes are the best source of Raw Meat. Hunting down bird also drops raw meat (e.g. Raw whole bird, raw bird thigh).

As for Raw Gourmet Meat and Raw Prime Meat, players can commonly find both food ingredients by hunting the same animals. Namely, a few of them are Snowcoat Foxes, Water Buffalo, Maraudo Wolves, Grizzlemaw Bears, etc.

Meat helps in recovering 1 heart upon consumption. Moreover, it has a much useful impact when used for cooking numerous food recipes.

Use In Recipe

Meat is admirably the handiest ingredient in cooking a variety of supportive recipes:


Food Ingredients

Copocious Meat Skewer  Different Meat (4) 
Meat Stew  Raw Meat, Raw bird drumstick, Tabantha wheat, Goat butter, Fresh milk
Steamed Meat  Hyrule herb, Any Meat
Gourmet Spiced Meat Skewer  Raw Gourmet mat, Goron spice
Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry  Raw Gourmet meat, Any Fish
Prime Meat Curry  Goron spice, Hylian herb, Raw prime meat
Prime Meat Stew  Raw prime meat, Tabantha wheat, Goat butter, Fresh milk
Deep-fried Drumstick  Raw bird drumstick, Oil jar
Deep-fried Bird Roast  Raw whole bird, Oil jar

Hyrule Herb

One of the most commonly appearing food items in Tears of the Kingdom. Hyrule herbs are spread wide across Hyrule Field and Hyrule Ridge. Players should consider gathering this food item in the early stages of the game. It is because a Hyrule herb restores 1 heart and is useful in various food recipes. This food item is treated as a Plant.

Due to the fact that players can farm an excessive amount of Hyrule herbs, this food will be quite valuable in the early stage. Mainly because players can restore a hefty amount of health because of the plentiful herbs in the inventory.

Herbs do serve a purpose in preparing food recipes. Moreover, this food ingredient’s priority is to increase the health of a player. This is why it is best to consider cooking recipes, which usually involve the use of Hyrule herbs.

Use In Recipe

A few recipes of Hyrule herbs to help you deal with health issues:


Food Ingredients

Fried Wild Greens  Hyrule Herb
Herb Saute  Goron spice, Hyrule herb
Steamed Meat  Any meat, Hyrule herb
Vegetable Risotto  Goat butter, Hylian rice, Hyrule herb, Rock salt
Veggie Rice Balls  Hylian rice, Hyrule herb

Final Remarks

Tears of the Kingdom offers a wide variety of collecting food items. However, there are specific foods that give many benefits over others. But, all of these items are worth collecting as each of them has a purpose regarding different scenarios. Some help improving stats whereas, some act as a good backup due to health recovery.

Food items can help a little regarding shaping the combat strategy such as taking initiates, playing defensively, or offensively. Therefore, it will be a good practice to keep a hand full of food items which can help you in your adventure. 

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