Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: All Bosses

In this guide, learn about the bosses and the different tactical approach while dealing with them in The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

Tears of the kingdom bosses
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom bosses-by Gamesual

The bosses in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are some of the game’s most fearsome and dangerous creatures. We’ve covered all the bosses with tips and tricks to help you deal with them effectively and efficiently. Link returns in a conquest to keep Hyrule safe from all the new bosses and troubles introduced in this new masterpiece. Among the new arsenal at the disposal of Link, we have already covered in detail the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom best weapons.

Key Takeaways

  • Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an engaging sequel to Breath of the Wild with new locations and scenarios.
  • Players must beat 11 different bosses in Tears of the Kingdom to clear the game successfully.
  • Every boss requires a different approach to be taken.
  • Before challenging certain bosses on the list, complete side missions for amazing rewards, such as weapons to help you in the fight.
  • The Sages will accompany the player separately during different boss fights.
  • To beat Colgera, break the ice on its back to reveal its weak point.
  • Master Kohga will be encountered four times, but defeating him will be easy.
  • Yunobo will be one of the weakest bosses in the game, as you will only have to attack thrice to break his mask.
  • Moragia will be at the top of Death Mountain, and you must utilize Yunobo’s rolling attack to defeat it.
  • Marbled Gohma will be defeated once you break its eye. Make use of Yunobo’s rolling attack to break all three heads.
  • Sidon’s water abilities are the most suitable to fend off the Sludge Like boss.
  •  Mucktorok will be at the water temple. Use Sidon’s water bubble or attach Chuchu jelly to your arrows for an easier battle.
  • Use Riju’s lighting ability or attach a Bomb flower to your arrows while facing Queen Gibdo at the Lightning Temple.
  •  Phantom Ganon will be at the Hyrule castle, and the best way to deal with it is to use Flurry Rush.
  • The seized construct will be at the spirit temple. The easiest way to drain his Health bar is to attack it until it’s propelled into the wired surrounding.
  • The Demon King’s Army is a collection of mobs rather than a boss. All the sages will be there to help you in this fight.
  • The Demon King Ganondorf will be an actual test for the players. Use your best weapons and the sages’ abilities to defeat him successfully.
  • The final fight will be against the Demon Dragon, the Draconified version of the Demon King. Zelda’s Light Dragon will be there to help you, as it will mainly be an aerial battle.


Tears of Kingdom boss Colgera
Colgera-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

One of the most exciting bosses in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be Colgera. After reaching the Wind Temple, you will be tasked with completing a puzzle to make your way to the boss.

For this fight, we recommend you have a lot of arrows on hand. Keep attachable items like Aerocuda wings to help you in battle and food to replenish your health. Ensure your cold resistance is up to par, as it will be freezing throughout the fight.

Finally, when ready, head to the altar at the ship’s center to face Colgera. The fight will take place over two distinct phases. The first phase will include the initial engagement between the two forces, and the second phase will see the decisive conclusion of the conflict.

Phase One

Colgera has many ice shields on its lower back, which you must crack open to hit the weak point. Once exposed, you may use the aerocuda wings to make your arrows fly further and straighter to damage the ice and the weak point. From time to time, Colgera will fly in and out of portals.

Please take note of the surroundings to figure out where he will emerge from. Furthermore, Tulin will shout to inform you about its emergence. One thing to look out for is the spikes Colgera shoots from its back. They are pretty easy to avoid.

Furthermore, this will expose the ice on its back from above, allowing you to damage it much more quickly. Once you have successfully destroyed the three ice segments on its back, Colgera will disappear for a specific time. Finally, this will mark the end of phase one.

Phase Two

Phase Two will not have a massive change compared to phase one. One significant change will be the tornadoes summoned by Colgera. They will be pretty easy to avoid, and one way of doing that is to free-fall to the bottom to avoid their range.

Other than this, it will be the same. You must destroy the ice on its back and then hit the weak point. Repeat this for each of the remaining segments to beat Colgera successfully. Once defeated, Colgera will drop a heart container. Pick it up and interact with the altar to start the cutscenes. 

Master Kohga [1st Encounter]

Tears of the kingdom boss Master Kohga
Master Kohga 1st encounter- Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This is your first encounter with Master Kohga at the abandoned central mine. Since this is the first encounter, dealing with him will be relatively straightforward. He can be seen riding an automobile, a monster truck battering ram hybrid. 

There are two ways to deal with him. One is to knock him off the vehicle using arrows and keep draining his health while he’s stunned. The second is to avoid being overrun by him, and when he’s about to throw a boulder, sidestep it.

This will stun him and allowing you to damage him. Repeat any of these two methods until Master Kohger runs out of health.


Tears of the Kingdom boss Yunobo
Yunobo-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This boss fight is one of the easiest fights in Tears of the Kingdom. Rather than being evil, Yunobo is under mind control. To defeat Yunobo, you must avoid his rolling attack at the last second and make him hit a wall.

This will stun him, allowing you to open an attack. Every hit breaks a piece of his mask. Repeat this three times; once his mask gets broken, he will be free of mind control. Later, you will gain an ally for your future endeavors.


Tears of Kingdom boss Moragia
Moragia-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

At the peak of death mountain, Moragia appears after a cutscene where you talk with Yunobo. As moragia appears, it hurls burning rocks and lava beams toward you.

The first thing you must do is find a flying vehicle called the Zonai Wings. It has four wings and will aid you in your fight. It will be at the mountaintop’s lower edge, and you can use Link’s Ultrahand ability to grab and bring it to the ridge. Unlike the paraglider, flying with this will not consume your stamina. Make sure it’s facing the opposite direction and fly off with Yunobo.

Once in the air, make your way to the three heads. When in range, use Yunobo’s rolling attack to smash it. You will have unlimited tries to hit the head, so it’s not a problem if you miss some shots. Repeat this for all three heads to complete the boss fight. 

Marbled Gohma

Tears of Kingdom boss Marbled Gohma
Marbled Gohma-Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom

Located deep within Death Mountain, Marbled Gohma is the next boss on the list of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom bosses you will encounter. He is a scourge of the Fire Temple and a spider-like creature covered in rocks with long legs.

You will discover this boss after you have completed the puzzles of the Fire Temple. This will be a prolonged battle and a very tricky one. But, with the help of Yunobo, it will be much easier. Just like the fight with Colgera, this fight will have two phases.

Phase One

As you might expect from its appearance, the Marbled Gohma’s weak spot is its eye. It is tricky to bypass its long, sturdy legs while keeping the lookout of your reach. Yunobo’s rolling attack will come in handy in this situation to destroy the legs. Use this tactic on two legs to stun him so that he falls and the eye is in your reach.

Ensure you have your best weapon equipped, as the time frame to damage him will be very short. After a specific time, he will regrow his legs and stand up, so jump off before that to avoid taking damage. Once his Health bar falls to half, he will jump onto the roof, marking the end of phase one.

Phase Two

On the roof, Gohma will spew burning boulders at you. You have to dodge them, and they pack a punch. To knock him off, use Yunobo’s spinning attack below it, facing the curved wall. Use this attack to break one of its legs. Then, attack its eye to deal damage and finish it.

You’ll get a heart container for winning. Make sure to pick it up, as it won’t be automatic. Afterward, talking with Yunobo will trigger a cutscene to finish the quest.

Master Kohga [2nd Encounter]

Tears of the kingdom boss Master Kohga
Master Kohga 2nd encounter-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This battle will take place at the Abandoned Gerudo Mines. In this fight, Kohga will stick to the air on a plane. He will float above you at first while flames emerge from the bottom of the aircraft. After his health bar drops below 50%, he will start hurling fire missiles in your direction. The primary way to avoid them is to hide behind pillars.

To avoid this, attach Keese eyes to your arrows. Shoot them at Kohga to knock him off the plane (stun him). You can also go to the zonai fan. Strike it, and it will launch you into the air. While in the air, use your bow to knock Kohga down. Once down, strike him with your best weapons to drain his health bar.

Sludge Like

Tears of kingdom boss sludge like
Sludge Like-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This boss will be encountered at the Laynuru Great Spring during the mission Sidon of the Zoro. Sludge Like has an elemental protective covering around him, not allowing you to inflict any damage, and sludge (mud) around it to slow you down.

Using water-based attacks to break it would be best, and Sidon’s water shield plays a big part in breaking it. You can also use this ability from long-range as a wave slash. It removes both the protective layer and the sludge in the surroundings.

Once the protective layer is gone, players must wait for it to charge up its grappling attack. At the very start of the attack, its weak point will be visible, hitting, which will cause it to be stunned. Now pile up the damage to drain his health bar. Repeat this until it runs out of hp.


Tears of the Kingdom boss Mucktorok
Mucktorok-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This boss fight starts when you are done with the Laynuru water temple puzzle. Mucktorok is the scourge of the water temple. He is a foul-looking tiny creature who uses a sludge shark to haunt you.

The best way to defeat him is to use Sidon’s Water bubble while using a spear. Another method is to attach Chuchu Jelly to your arrows as it grants water abilities. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies because this fight will take a while, and you won’t be able to leave until you are done.

This fight will conclude in two phases. In the first phase, Mucktorok moves around in a sludge shark and attacks you periodically. Use the water bubble as a projectile, and stun him.

Stack up damage while he’s stunned. He’ll jump into the air when his health bar reaches half and spew a few sludges around him. This indicates the end of phase one.

In the second phase, Mucktorok will move around in a shark through the sleds. The best way to deal with this situation is to use Chuchu Jelly on your arrows to stun him. Now you can make your final blow to finish the boss. 

Master Kohga [3rd Encounter]

Tears of the kingdom boss Master Kohga
Master Kohga 3rd encounter-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This fight takes place at the Abandoned Laynuru Mine. This will be a relatively easy battle that will see you battling Master Kohga on a ship. Two yiga ninjas will keep shooting at you throughout the conflict and support Master Kohga.

To stop them, all you have to do is hit Master Kohga with an arrow. This will stun him, and the yiga ninjas supporting him will vanish. Afterward, go to his boat and pile up the damage to drain his health bar. Once his HP reaches zero, the battle will end.

One alternate way of dealing with Master Kohga is to use Yunobo’s rolling fireball ability. However, you must have completed the Eldin/Gorin City main quest to gain this ability.

 Queen Gibdo

Tears of the Kingdom boss Queen Gibdo
Queen Gibdo-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

One of the most hectic bosses to fight on the list of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Queen Gibdo will first ambush you when you are on your way to the large structure in the desert. This encounter will merely be a teaser of its abilities, as it will flee when you damage it to a certain extent. It means that you will have to finish the lightning temple puzzle to be able to enter its lair.

This battle will involve two phases. It won’t be too hard to deal with Queen Gibdo in the first phase. But, when its HP falls to 50%, the second phase will start, and the fight will intensify.

In the second phase, Queen Gibdo will spawn the Gibdo mobs. To deal with them, the main plan would be to destroy the bulbs in the area. For this, you can use Riju’s lightning ability or attach Bomb Flower to your arrows.

Once a bulb is destroyed, it will shine a bright light, clearing any nearby Gibdo mobs. Queen Gibdo will continue shooting beams at you throughout this, so avoid it. Use Riju’s lightning ability to stun and drain it as often as possible. 

Master Kohga [4th Encounter]

Tears of the Kingdom boss Master Kohga
Master Kohga 4th encounter-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This will be your fourth and final encounter with Master Kohga. This battle will take place at the Abandoned Hebra Mine. In this fight, Master Kohga will be atop a Zonai construct, making it very difficult for you to damage him. To damage him, you will first have to knock him off the construct.

There are two ways to knock him off. One is to strike him with weapons until he hits the wired boundaries, causing enough damage to knock him off. The other uses weapons with additional effects, like the Electric Lizal Spear, which will shock and make him fall. Once stunned and on the ground, keep striking him until his Health bar reaches zero.

Phantom Ganon

Tears of the Kingdom boss Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This boss is discoverable at Hyrule Castle. You will follow Zelda into the ruined castle, where it will be revealed that it was just a clone. A cutscene will begin in which the Demon King will talk through the Phantom Ganon, his Phantom Saboteur. The fight will involve two phases.

In the first phase, you will be up against five clones. All you will have to do at this point is dodge their attacks and attack them separately. One of the best ways of doing this is to use Flurry Rush, which will slow down time, making it easy to damage them.

The second phase will start once his health bar drops to 50%. In this phase, the phantoms will spew slime to cover their surroundings. Use your bow to stun them. The mud disappears as soon as they’re stunned. Damage them while they’re stunned separately to defeat them.

Seized Construct

Tears of the Kingdom boss Seized Construct
Seized Construct-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Scourge of the Spirit Temple, the Seized Construct, was made by Mineru back in the day. However, it is currently under the control of the Demon King. You will be fighting on a construct in this fight, so there’s no need to worry about preparing good weapons. This fight will be in a barbed wire ring, so use it to your advantage. This fight will have two phases, like certain others.

In phase one, the Seized Construct will rely on two arms to damage you. His primary attacks will be a simple strike and shooting cannons from afar.

One way is to block his strikes, stun him, and then hit him four times to push him into the barbed edges causing severe damage. Another way is to dodge his cannons by moving left and right and then striking when they are recharging. As his HP falls to 50%, the first phase will end.

The second phase will have no significant changes, except for him growing two more arms like in phase one, dodge and parry his attacks to stun him. When he is stunned, hit him four times to shove him into the barbed edges to drain his health. Continue this until his health bar hits zero.

The Demon King’s Army

Tears of the Kingdom boss Demon King's Army
The Demon King’s Army-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The most unconventional addition to the list of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom bosses is The Demon King’s Army. Rather than being a single worthy opponent, it will be a bunch of henchmen of the Demon King.

Thankfully, all the sages you encounter will fight alongside you. Although numerous, they will pose little to no threat as they are fragile. Use your weapons and the sages’ abilities to sweep through them. With some luck and some skill, you will be able to clear this battle quickly.

Demon King Ganondorf

Tears of the kingdom boss Demon King Ganondorf
Demon King Ganondorf-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The second-to-last boss fights in Tears of the Kingdom will be against Demon King Ganondorf. This fight will include three different phases. The first phase will be a simple one-on-one to test your grasp of the game mechanics well. Once you thoroughly drain his health bar, the first phase will end.

In the second phase, he will have twice the health bar he originally had. He will summon several phantoms to aid him now. At the same time, all the sages will jump in to help you through this fight.

During this phase, the best way to deal with the Demon King is to evade his attacks timely. Timely dodging the attacks will allow you to use the flurry rush mode. Repeat this until his health bar drops to half. This marks the end of phase two.

The Demon King will engulf the phantoms in phase three to grow powerful. That will be the only significant change your approach to dealing with him ultimately remains the same. Evade his attacks and use Flurry rush as a good counter-attack. Repeat this until his HP becomes zero.

Demon Dragon

Tears of the kingdom boss Demon Dragon
Demon Dragon-Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The final boss on the list of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom bosses will be the Demon Dragon, the dragonified version of the Demon King. This fight will conclude in two phases; Zelda’s Light Dragon will help you.

The fight will start with you being on top of the Light Dragon. Below you will see the Demon Dragon with four weak spots visible on its body. Jump off and glide to the weak points. Once there, destroy them, preferably with the Master Sword. After you have destroyed each weak point, you will be thrown into the air, but do not fear, as Zelda’s Light Dragon will be there to catch you. Once you destroy all four weak spots, the first phase will end.

A jewel-like weak spot will appear on the Demon Dragon’s head in the second phase. Glide to it and avoid the fireballs thrown at you by the Demon Dragon. Once you have fully drained its health bar, a prompt will appear to finish the Demon Dragon.

Ending Remarks

This is all to the Legend of Zelda: Tear of the Kingdom Bosses. We have fully covered each boss above, along with specific tips and tricks to make sure you have smooth sailing through each boss fight. If you found this guide helpful in your approach to playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, also read:

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