Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: First Shrine [Walkthrough]

Here is how to solve the first shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

First Shrine the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
Ukouh Shrine - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of shrines for players to explore. These Shrines sometimes act as places for tutorials. This is where players are granted newer abilities and taught how to use them. Moreover, these shrines also have some great rewards. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide a complete walkthrough of the Ukouh Shrine, the first shrine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many shrines for players to explore in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 
  • These shrines serve as tutorial points for players and test players to use their abilities creatively.
  • Players are rewarded with the Light of Blessing at the end of these shrines. Players can use this glowing orb of light to upgrade their health and stamina bars.
  • The Ukouh Shrine is the first one players will encounter in the game.
  • This is also the first time players are introduced to the Ultrahand Ability.
  • Players must use this Ability to solve the puzzles within the shrine and get out from the other side.
  • There are only two challenges/puzzles within the first shrine. These simple challenges require players to build things to help them get across.
  • The Link will exit this shrine having learned the newly gifted Ultrahand Ability. This Ability is almost integral to the rest of your gameplay.

This Shrine is also one of the first places I got to learn about the Ultrahand ability. Here the shrine offers a few puzzles that required me to use the Ultrahand. By the end, players have new knowledge and a good idea of how to use it.

Location Of The Ukouh Shrine

location Tears of the Kingdom Ukouh shrine first
Ukouh Shrine – Location

The Ukouh Shrine is the first shrine I encountered in Tears of the Kingdom. Moreover, you must visit this shrine to unlock further game sections. It is located on the west side of the Temple of Time. This is also the Great Sky Islands section of the game.

You can take any route you want to reach this Shrine. However, be cautious, as the world is full of enemies, and you might encounter the Zonai Soldier Construct along the way. As you do not have the Ultrahand Ability yet, you cannot build a car for yourself, and most of your journey will be on foot.  The coordinates for the Ukouh Shrine are 0275, -0910, 1460

The Ultrahand Ability

ultrahand first shrine tears of the kingdom
Ultrahand Ability – Ukouh Shrine

Once you enter the shrine, you will be greeted by the spirit within the shrine. The Spirit tells you about the lost Ultrahand Ability that Link once used to have. Then the Spirit grants Link the Ability to use the Ultrahand. The Ultrahand without a doubt is an essential ability for playing the game, and to complete the shrine, you must use the Ability.

Here is how you can activate the Ultrahand Ability:

  • You can open the radio wheel that shows the current abilities Link has. Hold the L button on the Switch controller to open the Radio Wheel and select the Ability.
  • However, if the Ability is already selected, which you can see on the right of your screen. If the Ability is already selected, press the L button to activate the Ability.

You will see a green pulse of light and energy flowing through Link. This green energy pulse is the Ultrahand Ability; you can point your crosshair to pick up items with it. 

Challenges In The Shrine

In my opinion, shrines are basically dungeons where players have to solve certain puzzle and challenges in order to get out. In the first shrine, players must use their newly given Ultrahand Ability in Tears of the Kingdom to complete the challenges. The Shrine has two simple challenges that take advantage of the Ultrahand Ability.

First Challenge

first challenge tears of the kingdom shrine
First Challenge – Ukouh Shrine

The First Challenge in the Ukouh Shrine is very simple. I simple had to cross a gap to go to the other side. However, what players will soon realize is that the gap is too big for players to jump across and requires players to use their newly found powers.

Here you need to activate the Ultrahand Ability and point your crosshair at a large stone slab on the ground. Then select this stone slab, pick it up with your Ultrahand Ability, and put it on the gap, making a bridge. However, once you have crossed the first gap, you will encounter a much larger second one. 

You will soon realize that the gap is too large, and a single stone slab will not be useful. This is where you will learn about the Fusion ability of your Ultrahand.

You need to combine two stone slabs to make a new, more extended stone slab. You only need to pick up a stone slab using Ultrahand and place it vertically in front of the second stone slab.

Moreover, I recommend putting the stone slabs close, so they touch each other. Press the button on the bottom of your screen to fuse the two pieces. Now put the large stone slab on the large gap and cross the gap with ease. This completes your first challenge.

The Treasure Chest

chest first shrine tears of the kingdom
Treasure Chest – Ukouh Shrine

These Shrines are often full of chests and treasure items for players to discover. This shrine is no different, as you will find your chest at the end of the first challenge. However, getting to this chest is not simple and would require you to use your Ultrahand again. The chest will be high above a pillar in the right corner. 

You must grab the bridge from your last challenge and place it against the pillar to get the chest. The bridge will be just long enough to reach the pillar’s top. Just climb this bridge, and you will get to your chest.

Next, open your chest, and you will be rewarded with an Amber. This is a treasured item that can be sold for money or used in crafting. However, I do recommend keeping it close to craft new items.

Second Puzzle

second challenge ukouh shrine
Second Challenge – Ukouh Shrine

The second challenge will be soon after the first one. This is also the final challenge I came across in the Ukouh Shrine. However, not only will this second puzzle use Ultrahand, but it will also require players to think creatively. You will come across a large gap only connected through a long thin metal rod. However, this rod is too narrow for Link to walk on.

At the beginning of this challenge, you will find a wooden board and a few hook-like items. Players can build a gadget to get them to the other side. The obvious choice is to build some rail cars. For this, you need to Fuse the hook and the large wooden board using your Ultrahand.

Just place the large hook in the center of the wooden board. This will fuse them into a large board with a hook in the center. Next, use your Ultrahand to lift this Rail Car and place the hook on the rod. Now push the board a little bit and get on it. This contraption helped me get to the other side, which is the shrine’s end.

End Of The Shrine And Final Reward

light of blessing tears of the kingdom
Light of Blessing – Ukouh Shrine

Once you have completed both puzzles, you will come to the end of the first shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. Here the Spirit of the shrine will talk to the players through the statue. The Spirit will reward Link with Light of Blessing for completing the challenges within the Shrine. This glowing orb of light is essential for upgrading your character.

You can use the Light of Blessing to increase your health or stamina. So you can have more health or stamina, which is essential as the game progresses.

My Recommendation

Exploring the Shrines and unlocking the Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom was an enjoyable experience. These Shrines not only challenged my creativity but also offered rewarding outcomes. I highly recommend approaching these shrines with an open and imaginative mindset.

The puzzles within can be tackled in various ways, providing flexibility for different solutions. If your approach differs from mine, it might lead you on an equally valid path. Best of luck with your future shrine endeavors and the exciting prospect of crafting diverse builds with the newly acquired Ultrahand ability.

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