Tears Of The Kingdom: Flux Construct Core [Unlock Guide]

In this guide we will show you how to acquire Flux Construct Core by defeating the Mini boss.

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Tears of the kingdom: Flux Construct Core

Flux Construct is one of the Mini-bosses you can face in Tears of the Kingdom, ranging up to three difficulty levels. Defeating, it drops a rare item called Flux Construct Core, which can be fused with weapons to improve their attributes in Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • Flux Construct Core is a rare item that can only be found by defeating the Flux Construct Mini boss in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • There are three difficulty ratings of the bosses based on their strengths.
  • Each boss drops Zonai charges and a Construct Core.
  • These items cannot be stored in the inventory and must be fused to weapons or shields.
  • Each boss has multiple shapeshift abilities.
  • You can use melee attacks, arrows, and Ultrahand ability to defeat them.
  • The Green cube core is the weak spot of the structure.  
  • Stronger Melee weapons and high armor will make it easier to defeat the boss. 

This towering boss comprises multiple connected cubes powered by the high Zonai charge and can be found in different areas and surfaces on the map guarding their regions. They also can shape-shift into other forms, allowing them to fly.

Flux Construct Boss – Level 1


The first boss can be found in the Great Sky Island, a tutorial on how they work. Two other Level One constructs bosses were found: In the West Hebra Sky Archipelago and Gerudo Highlands Depths.

Reaching The Boss

There are multiple ways to approach the boss.

  • You can either jump from the cliff of the Nachoyah Shrine and paraglide your way down, landing on the top of the Flux construct. You can learn how to get your hands on Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom in our extensive guide. This way, it wonโ€™t be able to spot you coming, and you can draw a few attacks before the boss can respond.
  • On the other hand, you can use one of the flying blocks around and, using the Ultrahand ability, attach it to the platform with the boss. However, you must time your run towards it; otherwise, you can be spotted.
Reaching the first flux construct core boss
Using a floating block as a bridge

Defeating Flux Construct – Level 1

This part is fairly simple to achieve. There are several ways to defeat the boss.

The first and easiest way is by using your Ultrahand ability. You must aim at the specific green core cube and pull it out to make the whole structure crumble. After this happens, you must repeatedly attack the core cube with a melee weapon until the entire structure starts to reassemble.

attacking the core cube using melee weapon
Melee attacks on the core cube

When it is reassembling, this is your cue to run back. Moreover, remember to avoid the smashing attack from the boss since it can conflict a lot of damage. We also advise having a stronger melee weapon to deal more damage.

Once it reassembles, you must face a substantial single cube that will try to crush you under its weight. Like before, you must use Ultrahand and aim at the core cube, pulling it out. This will make the whole structure crumble again, allowing you to attack the core cube with a melee weapon.

flux construct core boss in cube shapeshift
Single cube phase

Just as the cubes start to glow green, they will again reassemble. This third shapeshift will be into a flying rectangle which will throw one cube at a time toward you. You must dodge these five incoming cubes and pick out the core cube.

These last melee attacks will be the defeating blow for the boss.

Third shapeshift throwing cubes
Flying shapeshift phase

The second way is to fire arrows at the core cube combined with melee attacks when the boss drops down. However, we do not suggest this way since it exhausts your arrows in early games as they are hard to farm.  

Either way, you choose, once defeated, the core cube will lie there while the rest disappears. Remember that you cannot store this Zonai charge in your inventory, so you must fuse it with a weapon or shield. We will guide you more on this later.

rewards after defeating this boss
Zonai Charges and Core

Flux Construct – Level 2


This can be found in four different locations.

  • South Hyrule Sky Archipelago
  • Mount Lanayru Depths
  • Lanayru Archipelago
  • Lake Hylia

We will discuss the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago boss. You must use the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and reach the Jinodok Shrine in the sky. Jump off the cliff, and you will find the platform on which the boss will be roaming around in a circle.

gliding down towards the level 2 flux construct core
Paragliding towards the Flux Construct core in Tears of the Kingdom

Defeating The Boss

It will be tougher to defeat the boss this time since he is level two now. The strategy is still pretty much the same except for a few changes, which we will discuss later. The first two attacks will follow a similar pattern as with the Level One boss. However, this time, with the third shapeshift, it will float high up in the air.

using block to reach higher in the air
Using the block with a balloon

Once in the air, it does not come down but throws its cubes at you. To counter this, you must use a nearby block with a balloon, which will take you up in the air higher than the construct. You must paraglide onto the construct and hit the core cube to make the structure crumble.

gliding on top of the structure
Paragliding toward the flying construct

Using this technique, you can now easily defeat all phases of the Flux Construct. Once defeated, it will drop Zonai charges for you to pick, including the Flux Construct Core.

Flux Construct โ€“ Level 3


You can find these in the following areas:

  • Necluda Sky Archipelago
  • Central Hyrule Depths

We will discuss the Necluda Sky Archipelago boss. You must take the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower and jump in the sky to reach the Kumamayn Shrine. From there, you can paraglide to the nearest island to the boss or use a fan + cart to make your way there.

Defeating The Boss

The level 3 boss will also keep shifting his green cube core, making it harder to target than previous bosses. You must time your Ultrahand before the cube shifts its place.

The level 3 boss is similar to the previous two. However, you must counter its flying phase this time with a different technique. After the first two phases, it will float in the air again. Using one of the lying-around spring devices, jumping in the air, and paragliding your way on top of the structure.

using the spring device
Jumping on the spring device

A tip to remember is to hit it one at a time instead of a combo attack, which will allow you to land multiple blows before the flux boss throws you off. Repeat the same strategies to defeat it.

It will drop Zonai charges and a Level 3 Core, which can be fused with weapons.

Fusing The Core

It is important to remember that in Tears of the Kingdom, you cannot store the Flux Construct Core in your inventory, so you must fuse them with weapons or shields. Combine the core to increase the damage on your weapons, improving their durability.

fusing flux construct core with weapon
Fusing Core with a weapon

The following are attacks buffs from each Flux Construct Core in Tears of the Kingdom:

Level Increased Damage
One +6 to +19
Two +20
Three +32

Fusing Flux Construct Cores with your weapons and shields gives you a unique and rare item that can be used to fight enemies. Take full advantage of these by defeating these mini-bosses early in the game. 

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