Tears Of The Kingdom: Hylian Shield [Location Guide]

In this guide, we will share the location of Hylian Shield and how to get it.

Tears of the Kingdom Hylian Shield
Tears of the Kingdom Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield can be claimed in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom at the beginning of the storyline. It may sound too good to be true, but there is a way to do this. This guide will show you how to get the strongest shield early in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hylian Shield is one of the strongest shields in the game.
  • It has a +90 Defense and an 800 Durability rating
  • Moreover, you can find it in the early game when you enter free roam. 
  • It is located inside a cave behind and underneath the Hyrule Castle.
  • You can paraglide your way down there. 
  • There are two ways to approach the cave: Lookout Landing Skyview Tower or from the opposite cliff
  • You may fight the Gloom Hands or skip past them to find the chest.
  • The shield is hidden in a chest underground, which can be activated by firing an arrow at the torch. 

Passed down from the Royal Hylian Family and regarded as one of the best shields in the game, players must get their hands on it to make it easier to win fights. 

Shield Attributes

The Hylian Shield has a +90 defense rating which can be increased to 144 by fusion, and an 800 Durability rating which can be increased to 1160, making it immensely powerful and reliable, especially in combats. 

It can be equipped with thunderstorms to conduct electricity and does not burn if exposed to fire infusions

How To Get The Hylian Shield

lookout landing on the map
Map location of Lookout Landing

You must enter a cave just behind Hyrule Castle, as shown on the map. This area is the Hyrule Castle Docks. There are two ways to approach this, depending on how ahead you are in the free-roam part of the game. 

The first way to get there is by using the Skyview Tower in Lookout Landing. You must launch up in the air and paraglide towards Hyrule Castle. However, you will not land on the upper or the middle surface. You must glide your way down and towards the backside. 

Note: If you start from the Skyview Tower, you must have enough stamina to paraglide.

cliff used to paraglide towards the cave
A black circle marks the cliff.

The second way is to use the cliff on the other side of Hyrule Castle, as shown. This can be used in cases where you need more stamina food. Like the first method, you must jump off the cliff and paraglide straight ahead. 

where to enter the cave
Black circle marking cave entrance
standing on the higher surface inside the cave
Inside the cave

Once you enter the cave, turn left to land on the higher surface. You can either fight the Gloom hands or skip passed them. We recommend you skip past these and avoid the fight. They will be waiting for you on the staircase, so you must take another route. 

You can swim to the other side of the water until you reach the rock. Climb up the rock and turn left towards the wall. Start climbing the wall. You can rest on the ledge on the flag if you need to.

using the wall to reach up to hylian shield chest
Climbing the wall
lighting up the torch to reveal hylian shield chest
Firing an arrow at the torch

You will see yourself standing on a platform, holding a torch before you. You must light up your arrow with one of the fires around you and shoot it at the torch. This will lift a chest from underneath to the surface. 

Hylian Shield in the chest
A chest containing Hylian Shield

You can return to the Lookout Landing by fast traveling. 

If your shield breaks, you can still buy it from Hateno Village. However, you must complete Mayoral Election side quests and help Cece to be able to purchase the shield. Once these are complete, Cece will return to her shop, and you can buy the shield. 


This is all you need to know about the Hylian Shield in Tears Of The Kingdom. Having this from the start can be very beneficial for early fights due to its value and advantage, with the plus point that it is easily accessible for a new player. You can read more guides related to this: 

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