Tears of the Kingdom: Sky Labyrinth Location & Walkthrough

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Sky Labyrinth location in Tears of the Kingdom
Sky Labyrinth location in Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Sky Labyrinth, also called Lomei Sky Labyrinth, is another challenging maze that we can play in, and it hides 2 Shrines that are known as Mogisari Shrine and Igashuk Shrine. The game has three Lomei Labyrinths: Sky, Depth, and Surface. Our guide will give all the details related to all three Sky Lomei Labyrinths, how to unlock them, and help you get to both Shrines to complete this challenging puzzle.

A great reward awaits a player at the end of this maze, which will be Evil Spirit Armor if the player successfully ends the puzzle.

Key Highlights 

  • There will be three Labyrinths in the Lomei Sky Labyrinth that the player can play and complete to get the reward Evil Spirit Armor set. 
  • In Tears of the Kingdom, the player must first complete the Surface Lomei Labyrinth to unlock the Sky Labyrinth. 
  • The Dragon terminal can unlock the Lomei Sky Labyrinth in the Tears of the Kingdom. 
  • There will be a lot of treasure chests in various areas that the player can get, and inside these chests, there will be the Light of Blessing and Zonai weapons as well. 
  • There are four terminals in the Lomei Sky Labyrinth maze. The player gets through all of them to complete the maze. 
  • In Tears of the Kingdom, the North Lomei Sky Labyrinth got two Shrine: Tenbez Shrine and Mayaotaki Shrine. 
  • The coordinates for the Mogisari Shrine are 4655, 2500, and 1010; for the Igashuk Shrine, are 3702, 4653, and 0129. And for the North Lomei Sky Labyrinth, are –0956, 3535, and 0234. 

To get to the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, the player must first complete the Surface Labyrinth in Tears of the Kingdom. After getting into the Sky Lomei Labyrinth, the player must find all the terminals to finish this puzzle, and there will be four terminals in the Sky Maze.

On the north Lomei Sky Labyrinth, the player can complete several challenges to get the reward in the Tears of the Kingdom. The player can unlock the gate of the sky maze Labyrinth with the help of Dragon Terminal.

Sky Labyrinth Location

After completing the Surface Lomei Labyrinth, the player heads back to the location that is known as Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. If the player unlocks this, they could glide themselves in the air from the tower to the north side and head toward the Sky Labyrinth maze that the Dragon terminal will open.

Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom maze location
Sky Labyrinth Maze location

On your way to the maze, stop at the location known as the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, where the player can have the Zonai flying device that you can build yourself out of the Zonai wing glider. With the help of this flying device, you can fly in the air and add extra batteries for the longer air flights and add more if you have one because it is a long way to the Sky Labyrinth in Tears of the Kingdom. 

If the player runs out of batteries, use the Zonai flying machine’s charges until you get close to the Lomei Sky Labyrinth. As you approach the maze, the player sees the glowing green light known as Mogisari Shrine

Below, we will give the details of the Mogisari Shrine and Igashuk Shrine walkthrough in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. 

Mogisari Shrine Walkthrough 

In this walkthrough, the coordinates of Mogisari Shrine are 4655, 2500, and 1010. The player will drive Zonai’s flying vehicle over some jumps.

Ulri Mountain Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom
Ulri Mountain Sky View Tower

It is clear that the player has to follow the path. On the way, you will get obstacles blocking your way to the Lomei Sky Labyrinth maze, which are items like spikes, fire, and lasers, but the Zonai flying car can easily make it through all of this. 

  • If the player wants the treasure chest, he should take the left path after the laser attacks in the Tears of the Kingdom and smash his Zonai flying car on the rock wall of Labyrinth.
  • After getting hit by the rock wall, the player receives the chest from behind the wall of Labyrinth that holds the Mighty Zonaite Shield. 
  • The Shrine will provide the player with rockets that help him jump harder because this will be the last jump. The player can use this rocket on the Zonai flying car and jump higher.
  • Be careful when you do the jump because if the gravity of the Mogisari Shrine is lower, it can lead Link to fly back to the back wall.
  • Collect all the Glowing green light known as the Light of Blessing

Igashuk Shrine Walkthrough 

There is no challenge inside the Igashuk Shrine Walkthrough, so the player can easily enter it and get the treasure chest where you can find the Light of Blessing, which is green glowing light. It is also known as the Rauru’s Blessing Shrine. The location of the Igashuk Shrine is at the coordinates 3702, 4653, and 0129. The player can use the sigil to complete Igashuk Shrine. 

Sky Labyrinth Terminals Location 

There are several ways of getting into the Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom terminals. The first one is the “Intended way” that the player can use the air current that can get all over the Labyrinth. You need to reach the chest in the middle of the map that the player can reach using the air currents by gliding.

terminals Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom
Terminals of the Sky Labyrinth

Another way the player can get the chest is by climbing the wall outside the Labyrinth. The player can travel through the walls where no invisible walls are blocking you. However, the player can’t climb the wall inside the Labyrinth. 

  • In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the method will get easier if the player has the travel Medallion you can use. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have the travel medallion. There are more than enough routes in the Tear of the Kingdom that you can climb up through. 
  • There are four terminals in the Sky Labyrinth maze that the player can easily walk on the Labyrinth wall and jump across in the Tears of the Kingdom. 
  • We should start with the first two terminals of the Sky Labyrinth maze, which is located in the middle area, and has a place where the player can ascend back up. The player can jump on the wall of the Labyrinth maze and can jump through the gaps that are between the walls to reach the other terminals. 
  • After getting to the corner terminal on the top right, the player has to drop down and activate the third terminal of Sky Labyrinth. If you travel to the Medallion, the player can teleport back and run towards the fourth terminal. 

Maze Walkthrough

In the first step of clearing the sky labyrinth, players must activate a terminal known as the dragon terminal to unlock the maze. It can be found outside the Lomei Sky Labyrinth Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom lomei labyrinth location
Sky Lomei labyrinth walkthrough

The maze is complex and challenging, but the player must focus, manage stamina, and ensure he can’t fall back on the earth. One maze walkthrough is much longer than the other two, but the player should not panic. With the help of a mini-map, it is quite an easy task. 

  • Instead of looking in the maze by itself, the player looks at the mini-map of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The player should look for the blue path in the mini-map and follow it to reach the four terminals in the maze. 
  • Once the Sky Labyrinth maze player reaches all four terminals, a large burst of air will help the player get to the top of the maze. 
  • When the player is done with all four terminals in the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, you’ll see the dragon terminal that will help you open the next maze, which is Lomei Depth Labyrinth.
  • Once the terminal gets activated, the gate of the Depth maze opens, and the player can jump in to play more of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

South Lomei Sky Labyrinth 

The South Lomei Sky Labyrinth is located on the southeastern side of the Gerudo area. Fortunately, players can get access to the location quickly by tracking it.

South Sky Lomei
South Sky Lomei Labyrinth

To get this Labyrinth, the player first goes after the Rakashog Shrine and the Lomei Sky Labyrinth Shrine, which are Mogisari Shrine and Igashuk Shrine. 

  • With the help of Zonai’s flying car, the player can easily get to the Labyrinth from the Gerudo Sky archipelago, and it is the most convenient route.
  • After reaching the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, the players can unlock the travel points by how fast they travel. 
  • The closest the player will get after reaching the Sky Labyrinth is the Siyamotsus Shrine. 

Siyamotsus Shrine 

When the player completes the Lomei Surface Labyrinth, you will get access to the Sky Labyrinth of the Tears of the Kingdom that the player has already opened with the help of the Dragon Terminal.

Siyamotsus shrine location
Siyamotsus shrine location

To get to the Siyamotsus Shrine, the players can access the route via the Gerudo Canyon sky-view tower. To get to the sky view tower, all you need to do is make your way to the northern area of the region in Tears of the Kingdom. 

  • Moving forward, the player can use the paraglider or any other devices that he got which he can use to go to the east Gerudo Sky archipelago and where can access the Siyamotsus Shrine in this Lomei Labyrinth at the most basic level. 
  • To get to the southern area of this part of the Labyrinth, the player can use the Wing Glider, made from the Zonai, which will access the area by activating the Zonai panel.
  • After getting access to this region, there will be a lot of arrows in this area for the player to collect, and there will be fire fruits that the player can find in various locations. The player can use these fire fruits with arrows by fusing them. 
  • If the player wants the Light of Blessing from the Siyamotsus Shrine, there will be a mini puzzle game waiting for you that you can solve, and as a reward, the player will get the green glowing light. 

North Lomei Sky Labyrinth 

There is also a critical Shrine in the North Lomei Sky Labyrinth, complete for the player to finish and get the reward.

Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom
North Sky Labyrinth maze walkthrough

In this Labyrinth, there will be two Shrine known as Tenbez Shrine and Mayaotaki Shrine, which the player can find in the mountains area called Hebra. 

  • The coordinates for the North Lomei Sky Labyrinth are –0956, 3535, and 0234. The player can find this on the northern side of Hyrule castle in Tears of the Kingdom, which will be the Mayaotaki Shrine path. 
  • Below we will give you the details related to Mayaotaki Shrine that will help the player to complete the Mayaotaki Shrine maze in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Mayaotaki Shrine 

To get inside the Mayaotaki Shrine, the player can use his Purah Pad or can follow the path that is known as the Pine Acorn Path.

Mayaotaki Shrine location Sky Labyrinth Tears of the Kingdom
Mayaotaki Shrine location

Good news for the players is that there will not be any challenges to complete when you get inside the Mayaotaki Shrine. So enter and grab the treasure chest. 

It will also be easy for the player to get the Light of Blessing here without doing any difficult tasks. 

That is all you need to know in the Sky Labyrinth guide, don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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