Dead Island 2: Death Of The Party [Complete Guide]

In this guide learn how you can clear the side mission named, "Death Of The Party."

Dead Island 2 The Death of the Party
Dead Island 2 The Death of the Party

Throughout Dead Island 2, there are several side missions; one such side mission is “Death of the Party.”  The side mission is quite simple, but if you need any help, we have covered you with this extensive guide. 

Key Takeaways

  • The second main mission, “Call The Cavalry,” must be started beforehand to be able to start this side mission.
  • After it’s initiated, interact with Curtis Sinclair on the intercom at Alpine Drive or Access Rd 782, and the mission will commence.
  • After the gates open, tell Curtis about no survivors at the pool area where a heater will explode and kill some zombies.
  • A garage door is locked on the way, so it’s optional to head inside or not through a hidden pathway. 
  • The next objective is to kill the rest of the zombies.
  • You must also communicate with Curtis Sinclair to receive the next objective of the quest.
  • As per Curtis’s details, you must restore the electricity supply to the mansion and head inside through the backdoor.
  • Hit the switch once inside and wait for Curtis to come down.
  • While waiting, fend off the zombies, including Curtis’s nephew Tony Sinclair.
  • Follow Curtis to a sofa inside the room.
  • As rewards for completing quests, players will receive 1000 XP, Curtis House Key, and a melee weapon “Lightweight Golf Club.”

Mission Prompt

starting point
Initiate From Here

Once you’ve started the “Call the cavalry” mission, you’ll leave Emma’s home and on your way to the Halperin hotel. If you go by the house between Alpine Drive and Access Rd 782, you’ll hear a man calling out on the intercom near the gates. One gate is located on Alpine Drive, while the other is on Access Rd 782.

Look For Any Survivors

Any survivor
Look for Survivors

Once you’re done talking on the intercom, the side mission “Death Of The Party” will begin, and you’ll have to look for a girl Curtis Sinclair talked about, but once you enter, you’ll see a zombie attacking and successfully biting her.

Then you’ll have to kill that zombie and look for Curtis to progress. To reach Curtis, you’ll have to take a left and right turn to reach the poolside, where you’ll find a horde of zombies.

Garage Keys [Optional]

locked garage door
Gain Access Through Garage Key

On your way to the pool, you’ll come by a door leading to the garage with a perk and weapons visible inside and several collectibles. The keys are not in your possession, so to get inside, you’ll have to go to the car parking doors, open one with a button, and fend off the zombies trapped inside.

Once you’ve dealt with the zombies, you’ll see some breakable boxes inside, which you can break to cross over to the other side, where the perks and weapons are.

garage keys
Location for Garage Keys

The garage keys and a workbench to repair or modify your weapons for the upcoming fight are on the table.

Clear Out The Pool Side Area

pool side chaos
Combat Near Pool Side

Once you reach the pool, you’ll see Curtis standing on the balcony, and he’ll shoot a heater on the floor, killing some of the zombies, but you’ll have to get rid of the rest.

It’s preferable to kill the remaining zombies by luring them into the explosion fire by using bait, as it’s just meat, and they’re attracted to it. You can buy bait from the merchant in Emma’s home and stock up to avoid using or damaging your weapons. Another option is to use good and hard-hitting weapons.

Talk To Curtis Sinclair’s “The Living Legend”

Curtis Sinclair
Dialogue with Curtis Sinclair

Once you’ve cleared the area of zombies, interact with Curtis on the balcony. He’ll tell you that he has a medical hip condition, so he has a chairlift installed, but the power is out. Hence you’ll have to figure out how to get the electricity back on and help him get down.

Get The Power Back On

broken wire
Fixing the Broken Wire

After talking to Curtis, go left and down the stairs, where you’ll see a blue door. As soon as you open the door, you’ll be attacked by a zombie, and when you’re done killing it, you’ll see that the wire is snapped.

Hence, to make it work, you’ll have to break the pipe beside it so water splashes out and the current can flow. After this, head back to Curtis to tell him about your success and then find a way into the home to hit the lift chair button so he can get down from the upper floor.

Entrance To Home

Accessing the Home from Backdoor

As the front door is locked, you’ll have to make your way to another accessible pathway to enter. To enter, you’ll have to make your way to the backside of the mansion by going to the side path visible after you’re done talking with Curtis; along the way, you’ll have to kill the nearby zombies to enter the mansion, especially the last one which will be seen banging on the door. 

Fight Till Curtis Lands

Once inside, hit the switch and keep the area zombie free while he gets down.

Chairlift switch
Chairlift Switch

As soon as Curtis sits on the chairlift, zombies start barging in through the doors, so you’ll have to kill them and make sure it’s safe for Curtis to land as the next important objective towards the death of the party in Dead Island 2. They’ll barge in through the front gate and then through the gate on the right, and one of them would turn out to be Curtis’s spoiled nephew “Tony Sinclair.”

The best way to round them up for an easy kill would be to use bait again; as soon as their attention turns to the bait, you can kill them off one by one.

Tony Sinclair
Tony Sinclair

Talk With Curtis In The Room

End talk
Dialogue with Curtis

Search and loot around the house rather than wait in the lobby for Curtis to get down. Wait for him to get off the chairlift and head to the room, as honestly, he’s not that young and has hip problems too. Once he sits on the sofa, you can interact with him, and the side mission will end.


When this side mission ends, you’ll be awarded many items. One of them is a rare melee weapon called Lightweight Golf Club; another is the Curtis House Keys which will allow you to return any time in the future without any worries about finding blocked doors. Lastly, you’ll also be awarded 1000 XP, and then Curtis says he’ll head for Emma Jaunt’s place after saying his final goodbyes.

You’ll need this information to easily get through the “Death Of The Party” side mission in Dead Island 2. Just make sure that you have enough weapons to fight through the zombie hordes while making sure that there’s some distance between you and them, and before leaving Emma’s house, make sure you have purchased the Bait curveball from the trader.

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