Top 8 Fastest Trucks In GTA V

Are you looking for a steady truck that races against time? Have a look at our list that ranges from Bravado to the Iconic Bison.

Fastest Truck in GTA V
Fastest Truck in GTA V

Whether you want a quick rundown or a stroll in the Northern Rockford Hills, car enthusiasts need a fast truck that does it all. That is why we have listed the fastest truck in GTA V without needing to grind. The faster the truck, the more you overpower your players and become the best.

Bravado Sasquatch

Don’t be fooled by its intricate design; the Bravado is a monster underneath. This truck is available for all the Arena War Updates and is a custom vehicle. Moreover, the truck can reach speeds of up to 112.25 mph; this surely ranks as the fastest truck in GTA V. Being equipped with a rocket boost makes it one of the most agile trucks and the fastest truck in GTA V of 2022. 

The Bravado Sasquatch has massive tires that will cripple any smaller vehicles in front of it, it may not be as stable as any other 4×4, yet it’s one of the best trucks to cripple your enemies with. Check Out More Stats here! 

Bravado Sasquatch
Bravado Sasquatch Truck

You could get the Bravado for around $1.5 Million after added upgrades, and it can only be repaired at the Arena Workshop. Having a 3-gear transmission gives the highest output from a V8 Engine that you can get from any other truck in GTA. 

Although the Bravado is an excellent choice for tag-team settings or co-op, the truck is monstrous in crushing any cars. However, it can easily spin around or sometimes roll over at high speeds; considering the truck has a lot of weight, acceleration is not as smooth as you might think. However, its impressive stats indeed make it one of the best. 


If you’re looking for a stellar off-road automobile, look no further than the Vagrant. It can reach speeds up to 122.5mph, and its sleek design surely catches your eye. While we talk performance, you get one of the best acceleration and handling in any off-road truck.

Moreover, it puts Sanchez on edge and indeed has a superior suspension to the rest of its competitors. The braking is alright, you won’t expect it to come to a halt immediately, but it does the job. The Vagrant has one of the highest drags you can find; now that’s a feature of a fast truck! 

Vagrant Truck GTA V

It would help if you had a good suspension for an off-road vehicle to carve through mountains and make its way through; the Vagrant has the best suspension out there and helps the truck remain steady. It ranks high in one of the fastest trucks available in GTA V. You can get your hands on one from Southern S.A Super Autos for $1,660,500.

Cannis Kamacho

With high ground clearance and fantastic torque, the Kamacho is popular for many GTA Online enthusiasts. It has a 50/50 energy ratio, which helps it overcome bumpy and rocky roads. Moreover, the Kamacho is as reliable as a Toyota truck. 

The additional bull bars and railcages may be expensive, but it does add to the look and undoubtedly helps the truck be more stable. You won’t find such trucks in GTA that have exceptional velocity. Kamacho is one of the few trucks that can easily maneuver around sharp turns. Kamacho is an excellent choice if you plan to roam around Mount Chiliad or try some stunt showdowns in Blain County. 

Canis Kamacho
Canis Kamacho

If you’re on a tight budget in GTA V, Kamacho is your go-to. You could get your hands on this beastly truck for $350,000 at South Southern Autos. Additional upgrades cost between $15000-35000 usually. I can assure you, the beastly V8 would surely make you drive mad in the rocky beds of GTA V. This fast truck made its way to the Top 10 SUVs as well; check here. 


Based on the real-world Ford F-650, the Guardian does look bulky and kind of slow, but don’t be fooled. The guardian has one of the best stability in trucks available in GTA. It has impressive maneuverability, and that is what makes it unique.

Considering this heavy-duty truck, you’d expect it to pull some strings. If you’re working on a heist or want to crush vehicles ahead of you, the guardian is bravado on budget. 

Guardian Truck

You could get one for $350,000: a far cry from millions to spend on a durable, fast truck. When talking about durability, the guardian is an excellent choice. This heavy-duty truck can survive bullets, gunshots, and collisions and reach a top speed of 100.5MPH, which is quite impressive for a heavy vehicle.

The stability comes into play when you have a team player behind the truck who helps them hit clear shots and maintains the stature. 

If you’re looking for a top-notch truck, the upgrade of the Vapid Guardian is a perfect choice. The Vapid Guardian is part of the Heists Update and has a little upgrade towards customization and acceleration. The Vapid looks more aggressive and has some performance upgrades as well; we suggest our players choose the Vapid instead.

It has similar statistics to the Guardian; the extended bumpers and roll cages allow the Vapid to be one of the best cars that you could off-road. It can also be fully functional in water and can run while submerged near the seabed. Moreover, the vapid guardian may be a little expensive because of the update, but it’s an excellent truck for efficiency and, most importantly, speed. 

Vapid Trophy Truck

The Vapid Trophy Truck is one of the high power-to-weight ratio vehicles that are excellent for speed, making it the GTA V’s fastest truck. As part of the Cunning Stunts update, the Vapid Trophy Truck can be bought for $550,000, and your mechanic can deliver it to your garage from Super Autos.

If you’re an avid off-road enthusiast, the vapid trophy will serve your needs off-roading; this monster’s excellent and loose suspension allows it to absorb leaps and go over high-altitude planes quite efficiently.

Vapid Trophy
Vapid Trophy Truck

The only problem is that it reaches a maximum speed of around 87MPH, and it can spin and roll out quite often since this truck is not built to take turns at high speeds. However, the vapid trophy is one of the fastest and most accelerating trucks you can go out on a rally with your friends

Considering the truck weighs around 4,850lbs and has large tires that maintain its traction, the vapid trophy has good braking force. But don’t expect it to come to a halt completely.

It has a brake force of around 0.333, and due to the massive power output, it can lose some braking power. It’s an excellent choice for someone that aims to achieve the Bravado one day; desert dunes don’t stand against the mighty Vapid Trophy.

Vapid Contender 

If you’re looking for a truck in need of utility yet provides you with robust transport while you make your getaway, look no further than the Vapid Contender. A superb 4×4 Contender can seat your entire squad as you rush through Los Santos.

A powerful V8 and four wheels are all you need to compete and have one of the overpowered trucks out there. It weighs an astonishing 6,350lbs, making it one of the beastly trucks you can find in GTA V. However, the heavy load on this vehicle is justified by its extremely powerful acceleration and speed.

Vapid Contender
Vapid Contender Truck

The Contender is quite distinctive; you can check those three fog lamps and a heavy-duty bumper that helps you carve your path away from endless lines of police cruisers. Moreover, that heavy-duty bumper and incredible speed come at a cost: braking. The contender does not have the best braking, but it still does the job. Yet, it has astonishing engine drag and does not slip.

I believe that is all that you can get for $250,000. It may not be the fastest Vapid out there, but it is an excellent alternative to other trucks with similar power and braking output. 


Considered a fan favorite, the Yosemite is a perfect choice if you’re into a truck that performs all the things 4×4 can do and is a low-rider. It may be a low-rider, and the looks may look funky, but Yosemite has an entire history. From being one of the best trucks in GTA: San Andreas, Yosemite makes a prominent return in GTA V.

Packing with a single-cam V8 and a 5-gear transmission: the Yosemite does not disappoint you in your races. Considering it’s a heavy pick-up, it has one of the best acceleration in GTA V.

Yosmite Truck

Yosemite has excellent traction, and with it comes high engine power. The Yosemite is an excellent choice for muscle car races and gives the lead. Traction can be improved by adding spoilers. However, Yosemite is an overall beast. Braking may not be as impressive as you think, but it can reach speeds up to 117mph. The Yosemite can be bought for around 297,000 USD.

Recently, Rockstar introduced the “drift version” of the Yosemite. It has stats similar to Yosemite but has bought new customizations for around triple the regular Yosemite.

If you fancy a truck that drifts and helps you succeed in every muscle race, the Drift Yosemite is a great truck. However, many players believe the upgrade is not worth it, considering the performance is the same, but you’re paying a hefty amount for exterior changes. It’s better to stick with Yosemite and bring upgrades to it.


One of the earliest vehicles introduced in the game, the bison is a sight to see. It is one of the best trucks that give you speed and class. The chrome-trimmed grille, and the bold layout, all seem to come together to form a mighty truck. The Bison is based on a Dodge RAM, and that sporty looks are seen in its layout very often.

Moreover, the Bison is advertised as the truck that can pull off “6000 Horsepower,” it may be sketchy, but the Bison has a mighty V8 that helps it gain velocity quite quickly. The Bison has great speed; according to GTARides, it can reach up to 106mph, but many have suspected its actual high speed. With these qualities, Bison quickly makes up for being the fastest truck in GTA V.

Bison Truck

The Bison is based on a 4WD (4-wheel drive), and it helps you offroad quite quickly. As much as it’s an offroad giant, it can quite often lose stability because of its high engine drag, and extreme engine power output. The Bison would be an excellent truck to run around the rough terrains of Blaine Country and Sandy Shores. 

Furthermore, the Bison has been upgraded as Rockstar brought new updates. The latest additions to the fleet are the McGill-Olsen and the Mighty Bush variants of the Bison. They have the same performance and engine output; however, additional structural and customization changes make them stand out.

The Mighty Bush has extended roof racks and is loaded with wooden planks. The McGill brings out the new paint, which is only available in white and has some objects in its trunk bed. The Bison can be bought for around $30,000 from Southern San Andreas Autos and can be upgraded by Los Santos Customs. However, you can find the Bison in many places around Los Santos in GTA Online. 

Final Words

This is our top-tier list of the fastest yet most durable trucks and fastest trucks in GTA V and GTA Online. The trucks we’ve listed are not only for speed but can be used for various races, a quick getaway, or an excellent vehicle choice for a heist. Our top pick remains the Bravado for its intricate design and intensive acceleration. Trucks are a great utility in GTA: get your friends and equipment and blast your way through Los Santos. 

What is your favorite fastest truck in GTA V? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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