Diablo 4: Travelers Superstition [Quest Guide]

Travelers Superstition is yet another one of those side quests in Diablo 4, which require you to perform an emote at a specific spot.

Heavily Scrawled Note in Diablo 4
Heavily Scrawled Note in Diablo 4

Travelers Superstition in Diablo 4 is a side quest where you must find a note and then solve the riddle presented. Diablo 4 has over 100 side quests that offer rewards ranging from XP to bonuses and Renown. Many side quests require eliminating enemies to please an NPC, but some are trickier.

Let’s learn more about where to find the “Travelers Superstition” side quest in Diablo 4 and how to solve the riddle presented to us through a note.

Key Takeaways

  • Travelers Superstition is a side quest in the Howezar region’s Rotspill Delta part.
  • To start the side quest, you can find a “Hastily Scrawled Note” near a wrecked ship.
  • Once you read the note will give you the side quest “Travelers Superstition” and a rough location on the map.”
  • You need to head toward the female statue right by the Scrawled Note.
  • There are a lot of enemies, and they are of high level (35-38+), so you need to have a high level to defeat them.
  • The solution to the riddle is easy, and you need to emote while standing near the statue.
  • Opening up your wheel and if you equip the “Hello” emote if you haven’t already and use it.
  • Now a buried chest will appear near you, and you can open it.
  • This will complete the “Travelers Superstition” side quest and reward you with XP, bonuses, etc.
  • Remember to defeat all enemies first!

Initiating Travelers Superstition

To start with the “Travelers Superstition” side quest, you must first head to the Rotspill DeltaThis is a part of the Howezar region’s east coast. Here you are looking for a Wrecked Ship with a female statue on it, and you can look at the map provided below to get to the exact location.

Diablo 4 Travalers Superstition location
Diablo 4 Travalers Superstition location

Warning: You need to be careful around here since many enemies are trying to slay you, and they are not weak.

Especially if you are under level 35 since they are usually around level 38, and there are a lot of groups too. Once you have cleared the area of all foes now, you need to find the “Heavily Scrawled Note,” which is right beside the wrecked ship itself.

Click on the Scrawled Note, and it will open up a prompt message. The note reads: “Show her respect, and she will surely accompany you on your way. Ignore her and suffer the same fate as these poor fools.”. This will start the side quest “Travelers Superstition.”

Riddle Solution

Many quests ask players to defeat enemies or do other simple tasks where you can easily understand how to solve the quest. But some quests, such as the Secret of Spring quest, are much tricker than that.

These types usually involve a riddle. You can find notes which give us a hint on how to solve the riddle. These start the side quest and give you a rough marker of where to go. 

Diablo 4 Heavily Scrawled Note
Diablo 4 Heavily Scrawled Note

When you start “Travelers Superstition,” you don’t need to go far away from the wrecked ship itself. Just stand by the female statue on the ship and open your emote wheel. The note tells us to respect “Her,” the female statue in this case.

It also says that if we do not, then we will be punished. The good news is that you will not be punished no matter what you do, so that’s good to know.

Using Hello emote in Diablo 4
Using Hello Emote in Diablo 4

Now to pay your respects, you need to use the “Hello” emote, which is odd since usually, you would think that the “thanks” emote would be required. Either way, a buried chest should appear nearby once you do the emote. Now you can open this chest, giving you rewards, including XP, bonuses, etc. Doing this will also complete the side quest “Travelers Superstition.”

How To Equip Emotes

If you do not have the emote equipped, you can equip it by following these steps:

  1. Open up your emote wheel by pressing E or your specific keybind.
  2. Click on Customize to open up a side tab of all emotes.
  3. Equip the “Hello” emote from the list of emotes into any wheel slot.
  4. Use the emote while standing near the female statue.
Diablo 4 Emote Wheel customize
Diablo 4 Player Emote Wheel customize

While the solution to the side quest is not hard, the enemies in the area sure present a big threat. This is especially true for beginners who are under level 35 themselves. It can also get you stuck in the riddle if you can’t figure out the solution from the note.

This concludes our complete guide on Travelers Superstition Diablo 4. This side quest begins with a Heavily Scrawled Note nearby a wrecked ship in the Howezar region. Players can read the note to start the side quest, explaining how to solve it.

You only need to use the hello emote to solve the riddle itself. The real difficulty in the quest is the hoard of enemies surrounding the area and the tricky solution to the riddle. We recommend that you only solve this side quest once you are above level 35 to clear the area easily.

If you want to solve more side quests, such as Secrets of the Spring, find the best aspects in Diablo 4 or something else. Have a look at extensive guides on Diablo 4 from us:

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