Minecraft: How To Turn Off Weather [Complete Guide]

Learn how to change and turn off weather in Minecraft to enjoy the best experience out of the game.

Turn off weather cycle in Minecraft
Turn off weather cycle in Minecraft

Minecraft is a world that strives to look realistic and give players immersion in the natural world as much as possible, all the while keeping the original mechanics alive. Minecraft keeps its world alive by changing weather effects and a day-and-night cycle, bringing more immersion. It also allows one to turn these functions off if one gets annoyed by the constantly changing weather conditions. This guide will help you turn off the weather in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • You can make it rain and make it stop raining all at your will. As Minecraft literally allows you to go god mode with its cheat mechanics, so functions like rain at will are at your fingertips. All you need is to know what to do.
  • Minecraft doesn’t have a single rain weather effect but multiple weather effects like storms and snowfall. These are also available for you to control at your will.
  • Minecraft strives to provide an immersive experience that defies the laws of our real world. So like that, you can even defy the very daily phenomenons that happen in the game with a single command like the freezing day cycle command.

How to turn off the weather in Minecraft is quite easy to pull off, and this guide will help you accomplish that step by step.

How To Make It Stop Raining In Minecraft

To instantly stop it from raining, you must enable cheats to access the command panel in the game. In the command panel, you must put in the weather termination code to make it stop raining, so here is how you can do it.

  1. Pause the game and go to settings from the pause menu.
  2. Go into the world section in the settings and look for the game option.
  3. You will find the Default game mode section within the game tab, where you must change it to creative mode to access cheat options.
    minecraft settings creative
    You will need to turn on creative mode to access cheats
  4. Scroll down to the cheats section after that; it is available in the game tab. After that, turn on Activate Cheats and close the settings once done.
  5. After activating cheats, you can go to the chat window in-game and type in commands. Different methods are required to access chat on other platforms.
    • For Windows or the Mac Version: press T on the keyboard.
    • On the Xbox version: Press Right on the D-pad.
    • On the PlayStation version: Press Right on the D-pad.
    • On the Nintendo Switch version: Press Right on the D-pad.
    • For the Mobile Version: There will be a speech bubble on your touch screen, press that to access chat in the mobile version.
  6. After that, enter a simple command of /weather clear to clear off any kind of weather conditions and get back that beautiful sunny view. Always remember to start the command with /weather clear; if you don’t use the slash before entering a command, it will be recognized as a simple message rather than a command, and you will embarrass yourself if you have friends active on it the server.
  7. The weather will take some time to clear up, so you will have to wait a few seconds to let the weather transition into a sunny clear day.

How To Stop Rain Permanently

The previous method allows stopping the rain temporarily if you just want it to stop raining while in some place where you would like a sunny view. But this next step will guide you through completely turning it off permanently through your current run.

  1. Pause the game and go to the settings like in the previous guide.
  2. Following through, the next step goes the same: select the game tab in the world section in the settings.
  3. Select the creative mode from the default Game mode section.
  4. After that, Scroll down to the cheats section and enable the Activate Cheats option. After enabling cheats, you can access the extra options to enable or disable default phenomenons in the game, for example, mob spawning.
  5. There, select the option that says weather cycle and turn it off. This will completely turn off every weather effect in the game, and the sky will remain sunny.
weather cycle minecraft
Just disabling this will completely make sure no weather effects happen at all in the game.

How To Make It Rain

If you have grown to be fond of rainy weather or just like to have it pour at a particular place just to set in a certain mood, perhaps, you can easily do that with a single command. To do so, you must activate cheats from the settings, as explained previously.

To activate cheats, click Settings > Game > Cheats, and you can easily activate them. While activating cheats, make sure you have the weather cycle enabled. It’s also found in the Cheats section.

To make it rain, if it’s a clear day, just enter command /weather rain, and if you want it to storm, as Minecraft actually features this, you can also make it storm by typing in command /weather storm in the chat of your game.

How To Make It Snow

You can’t just make it snow anywhere you want, as it’s exclusive to the snowy biomes. The only way you can make it snow in other biomes is through a mod, as there is no other alternative. You can use forge mods to implement mods like that or download from there and install manually.

To make it snow, just head over to any kind of ground much higher than the sea level. How it works is that snow can be found when the temperature reaches 0.15 degrees Celsius in-game. Every time you go up one block higher than the sea level, the temperature will drop by 0.0016 Degree celsius.

To make it snow at your will, all you need to do is head over to high ground where the snowy biome starts and use the same command as you use to make it rain /weather rain. The rain will freeze and come down as snow in the snow biome.

How To Stop Day And Night Cycles

In Minecraft, a day only lasts for 20 minutes in real-world time. If you are annoyed with that time constantly running out and the day becoming night, which brings hostiles inhabiting Minecraft, it can become annoying to deal with them constantly after a given period. So if you want a chilling moment of unhindered playtime, you can close that day-and-night cycle.

To turn off the day and night cycle, simply put in /gamerule dodaylightcycle false in the chat, and the day and night cycle will stop moving,

Another alternative to it is if you just want to reset night to morning temporarily if you don’t have a bed lying around and need to get rid of the mob with sunlight. Just type in /time Set 0. This will turn the daytime to zero and start the 20 min time clock.

That’s all about how to turn off the weather in Minecraft. We hope it helps you have a better experience in the game, and don’t let raindrop effects and other weather conditions and hostile conditions stop you from having a chill Minecraft playthrough. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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