GTA 5: Vectre [Performance & Customization]

Get to know each and every detail on a flashing sports car Vectre in GTA 5.

Vectre in GTA 5
Vectre in GTA 5

Among those finest car additions to the game, one sports car, in particular, has made a crowd-stunning entrance. Namely, this appealing vehicle in GTA 5 is Vectre.

Key Takeaways

  • Vectre is a sports car in GTA 5 that players can buy at a high cost of $1,785,000 from Legendary Motorsport.
  • The car has a good performance output with stunning acceleration at default status. The improvement upgrades will also cost much higher.
  • The car supports a numerous variety of customization which allows the players to totally alter the looks of the car. Moreover, the car also has a slot for Livery customization that is included for only a few of the cars in the game.
  • The car is exclusive to GTA Online and can be bought or won in challenges.

Vectre In GTA V

Vectre in GTA 5
Sports Car Emperor Vectre

A 2-door sports car that came into GTA 5 along with the Los Santos Tuners update. The car was introduced for only GTA 5 Online and is one of the most cost-effective cars.

You can purchase this car from Legendary Motorsport for $1,785,000. However, you can get a trade price for this car and get it for $1,338,750.

You must gain Reputation Points for the LS Car Meet to activate the trade price deal. You can level up in Reputation by performing various feats. These include completing small contracts, participating in races, and modifying vehicles. Afterward, when you have gained a certain amount of levels, the car will be available at the trade price. To learn more, you can follow our extensive RP in GTA 5 guide.

Another possible method to obtain the car is through Prize Ride Challenge. If you have the LS Car Meet membership, you can partake in these challenges and win many incredible vehicles as the prize. Simply maintain your position throughout the series of races, and you will be awarded the Emperor Vectre.

Vectre’s Performance

Even though the car falls under sports class, its heavy body limits it to an average top-speed performance. Besides that, the car’s acceleration and brakes are top-notch.

The Vectre can catch up to its maximum speed limit quickly, making it one of the best sports cars in GTA 5. Following this, the car maintains the best handling experience and good speed on rough corner tracks.

GTA 5 Vectre performance
Vectre Stats by Rockstar Games – ( Image from GTA Fandom )
  • Speed: 79.6 ( A top speed of approximately 150 km/h ).
  • Acceleration: 81 ( It has the potential to reach 100 km/h within 3 seconds ).
  • Braking: 20
  • Traction: 79.8

Although, the brakes of the car might seem a bit choppy. But the fact that its heavy weight can help sustain the car’s swift motion is quite marvelous. Moreover, it has an insane rate of acceleration. As a result, you will get a head start for every on-road race track possible. Additionally, this car is the best option for street racing.


Similar to the cost of this car, the performance upgrade will also require a substantial sum. Therefore, it is considered that veteran players should have the best opportunity to afford this car. The Emperor Vectre can apply every performance upgrade in it that is available in GTA 5. It might be costly, but the results will bear fruitful outcomes.


It is preferable to apply a brakes upgrade to this vehicle. Because the default brake stats can pretty much use an upgrade to improve the control over the car.

  • Stock Brakes upgrade will cost $1000.
  • Street Brakes upgrade will cost $20,000.
  • Sport Brakes upgrade will cost $27,000.
  • Race Brakes upgrade will cost $35,000.


  • Level 1 of the EMS Upgrade will cost $9000.
  • Level 2 of the EMS Upgrade will cost $12.500.
  • Level 3 of the EMS Upgrade will cost $18,000.
  • Level 4 of the EMS Upgrade will cost $33,500.


  • Stock Suspension upgrade will cost $200.
  • Lowered Suspension upgrade will cost $1000.
  • Street Suspension upgrade will cost $2000.
  • Sport Suspension upgrade will cost $3400.
  • Competition Suspension upgrade will cost $4400.


  • Stock Transmission upgrade will cost $1000.
  • Street Transmission upgrade will cost $29,500.
  • Sports Transmission upgrade will cost $32,500.
  • Race Transmission upgrade will cost $40,000.


Of course, you will wish to take your ride to a next level regarding speed. Despite being cost-effective, the Turbo Tuning upgrade will drastically improve your Vectre’s performance at $50,000. However, you can remove the turbo upgrade by paying $5000.

Vectre Customization GTA V

Surprisingly, Vectre has many customization slots that outclass most cars with stunning looks. Even the looks of its engine can be changed. Furthermore, the car’s interior is pretty much customizable, including the steering wheel, seats, dash, and even doors. The car is well-focused on customizing, which makes it a top-of-the-list suggestion to have, as a luxury, in GTA 5.

Other than that, the Livery customization is also available for the Vectre.

Livery Customization

Livery customization for Vectre
Customization Option of Livery on Vectre

Livery customization aims to make an overall change in the car’s appearance. Following this, some minor or significant changes in appearance will apply to the vehicle, giving it a relishing outlook.

  • Firstly, we have the White Stripes that cover the body of Vectre from the center and stretch from head to tail. It costs $18,240.
  • Similarly, Black Stripes serve the same as White Stripes that stretch all over the body in the center. It costs $19,380.
  • Speed Orange Stripes appear a bit different than above mentioned styles. These stripes cover the car from the top and a little bit from the side skirts. It costs $20,520.
  • Wiwang Stripes prominently appear on the side and top of the car in red color. It costs $21,660.
  • Wiwang Gold Stripes is a design similar to the Wiwang Stripes but with gold color. It costs $22,800.
  • Black Premier Stripes appear to be similar to any other stripes design. But the only difference is that the alignment is taken a bit from the center. Also, check mark stripes are added to the side skirts. It costs $23,370.
  • Green Premier Stripes are similar to Black Premier Stripes in appearance with light green color. It costs $23,939.
  • Cattana is a design that implies a set of decals being applied to the side and rear end of the car. It costs $24,510.
  • Cattana Black is a set of decals in black color similar to Cattana. It costs $25,080.
  • Lastly, the Stance Andreas style adds wild stripes and written Japanese on both sides of the car’s rear end. It costs $25,650.

If you wish to remove the Livery customization, it will cost you $11,400.


To conclude, the Emperor Vectre in GTA 5 is quite a fantastic addition to any player’s car collection. The car is extremely customizable and has quite incredible performance stats. As a result, the car can fulfill a player’s luxury and hasty transport needs. In brief, it is simply the best sports car in GTA 5 Online.

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