GTA 5: Weed Stash Locations [Walkthrough Guide]

If you are stuck trying to find the weed stashes for Barry in GTA 5, this is the guide that will help you locate them.

Weed Stash Locations in GTA 5
Weed Stash Locations in GTA 5

Grass Roots is a side mission triggered when interacting with the Non-Playable Character, Barry. He wants you to locate the weed stashes for him; however, locating these stashes is difficult. 

Key Takeaways

  • Grass Roots is a side mission in GTA 5 in which Franklin is tasked with locating the two weed stashs for Barry.
  • This mission has different gameplay depending on what character interacts with Barry.
  • The weed stashes are in two different locations inside two other vehicles.
  • One of the vehicles is a pickup truck located in Murietta Heights. The second vehicle is a car located inside a scrapyard in La Puerta.
  • You must bring both weed stashs back to Barry’s apartment in GTA 5 within a time limit and without being detected by the cops.

The locations of the two stashes will appear on the map soon after starting the mission. One thing I noticed is that these are not exactly pinned sites. Instead, these are a location field where you must search for weed stash.

There are two locations you need to visit:

Grass Roots Part 1- The Pickup

Stash 1 Located at Murietta Heights
Stash 1, Located at Murietta Heights
Truck with the Weed Stash
Pickup Truck containing the Weed Stash

The first location you must visit is on the right side of the map. Inside an industrial zone, the pickup truck is in the middle of the green area in Murietta Heights

Cops are crawling the location, so you might want to brace for a cop chase. Lose the cops and then go to Barry’s apartment to complete the mission. You must utilize Franklin’s unique ability to cut tight corners and avoid detection.

Grass Roots Part 2 – The Drag

Weed Stash located at La Puerta
Location 2 of the Weed Stash at La Puerta
Car with the weed stash at the second location
Car with the weed stash being towed

After visiting the second location, you are required to find a car. This car is parked in the scrap yard, making it very difficult to locate.

This car also blends in with other vehicles, making it difficult to spot it from a distance. This scrap yard is located in La Puerta, right under the flyover.

However, there is no way to start the car. Franklin tries multiple times to start the car and fails. On the other hand, Barry insists that he wants not only his weed stash but also his car.

Here, you must locate the tow truck parked in this scrap yard. Next, you must attach the tow truck to the car and drag it across town to Barry’s apartment.

My Experience With Grass Root Mission

Grass Root’s mission is a unique touch to the exploration. Although it was challenging initially, once you solve the problem of searching and paying attention to detail, you can quickly solve the problem for Barry. 

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