GTA 5: Weed Stash Locations [Walkthrough Guide]

If you are stuck trying to find the weed stashes for Barry in GTA 5, this is the guide that will help you locate them.

Weed Stash Locations in GTA 5
Weed Stash Locations in GTA 5

GTA 5 is known to have one of the most intricately designed open worlds ever put into a video game. Sixty-nine main missions could take you around 30 hours to complete. However, to get a 100 percent completion, it would require you more than 80 hours of gameplay. The open world in GTA 5 comes with many side missions and collectibles. These side missions are often very enjoyable and give you a break from the main story. One of the side missions also requires you to find locations of the weed stash.

Key Takeaways

  • Grass Roots is a side mission in GTA 5 in which Franklin is tasked with locating the two weed stash for Barry.
  • This mission has different gameplay depending on what character interacts with Barry.
  • Franklin must head out to Textile City, to the legend ‘B’ on the Map.
  • The weed stashes are in two different locations inside two other vehicles.
  • One of the vehicles is a pickup truck located in Murietta Heights.
  • The second vehicle is a car located inside a scrapyard in La Puerta.
  • You must bring both weed stash back to Barry’s apartment in GTA 5 within a time limit and without being detected by the cops.

Grass Roots is a side mission triggered when you interact with the Non-Playable Character, Barry. Barry wants you to locate the weed stashes for him; however, locating these stashes is difficult. This guide will help you easily find locations for the stash of weed. The guide will also give you tips on how to get a Gold medal in this mission.

Grass Roots Mission In GTA 5

Franklin and Barry
Franklin Meets Barry for the First Time

Stranger and Freaks are a series of side missions in GTA 5. You can start these side missions by interacting with NPCs worldwide. Meeting and interacting with Barry will start the Grass Roots mission.

However, it is essential to remember that the outcome and the type of mission you have to play will vary. If you go to him with Trevor or Micheal, the mission you will play will be completely different. Barry offers Trevor or Micheal a drag of his weed.

As soon as Micheal or Trevor take a hit, they start hallucinating. Consequently, these hallucinations turn into entertaining side missions where Micheal and Trevor need to kill waves of enemies to clear the levels. Micheal hallucinates and starts seeing Aliens, while Trevor sees waves of clowns.

Barry's location on the map
Barry’s location on the map

Franklin must head out to Textile City/Sinner St. to meet Barry. On the other hand, Franklin’s meeting goes very differently, and the effects of weed are very different. Franklin experiences no such hallucinations due to his high tolerance.

Later Barry informs Franklin about his big public smoking protest, ‘the smoke in.’ Furthermore, Franklin is tasked with bringing back the weed stashes to Barry. These stashes are hidden in two different places. Barry’s contact information is added to your phone as soon as you drive away, and he texts you the details on these locations.

Locating The Weed Stash In GTA 5

The locations of two stashes appear on your Map; however, these are not exact pinned sites. Instead, you must scour a large green area on the map to find the weed stashes. Additionally, these weed stashes are inside cars you need to bring back to Barry’s apartment.  You must also remember that this is a GTA 5 mission.

As a result, both locations have added problems you would need to solve. One of the problematic parts of this mission is locating these weed stashes.

There are two locations you need to visit:

Grass Roots Part 1- The Pickup

Stash 1 Located at Murietta Heights
Stash 1, Located at Murietta Heights
Truck with the Weed Stash
Pickup Truck containing the Weed Stash

The first location we will visit is the location on the right side of the map. The pickup truck is located right in the middle of the green area in Murietta Heights, inside an industrial zone. Once you have found the car, you must remember that the cops are on the lookout.

As soon as you pull out of the parking area, you will be wanted, and the cops will start following you. You must lose the cops and then go to Barry’s apartment to complete the mission. Losing the cops will be easy enough with Franklin as the driver. Franklin’s special ability will get you into tight corners and avoid detection.

Gold Medal Mission Reward

However, getting the gold medal isn’t that easy. There are two main objectives in getting the gold medal.
First of all, you need to avoid all detection by the cops. This can be done by picking the correct route on your way out.

Instead of turning left after leaving the parking area, you should turn right. Turning left takes you to the main road, and the cops staking you out will see you go. Turning directly instead will keep you out of detection. You may now use backroads, alleys, and sewers to escape and reach your destination undetected.
Secondly, you need to complete this mission within a time limit. Completing within 2 minutes and 45 seconds will help you meet the second objective. You need to focus on these two things to get the gold medal.

Grass Roots Part 2 – The Drag

Weed Stash located at La Puerta
Location 2 of the Weed Stash at La Puerta
Car with the weed stash at the second location
Car with the weed stash being towed

The second location we will go to is the left green area on that map. This car is parked in the middle of the scrap yard, making it very difficult to locate. This car also blends in with other cars, making it difficult to spot it from a distance. This scrap yard is located in La Puerta, right under the flyover.
However, there is no way to start the car. Therefore, Franklin tries multiple times to start the car and fails. On the other hand, Barry insists that he wants not only his weed stash but also his car.

So the player is tasked with trying to move a vehicle that will not drive independently. Barry, however, suggests that you should push the car. This is when this seemingly simple part of the mission also becomes complicated. Now the player must locate the tow truck parked in this scrap yard. Next, you must attach the tow truck to the car and drag it across town to Barry’s apartment.

Gold Medal Mission Reward

You must remember that this is a mission in GTA 5. As a result, the gold medal won’t come easy. This part of the mission requires great driving skills and the right use of Franklin’s ability. The first objective requires you to bring back the car without crashing. Furthermore, the second objective requires you to complete it in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. However, when you have a tow truck dragging a car across the town, it becomes difficult not to crash while keeping up with the time limit. Not only do you need to drive a slow tow tuck but also need to consider the dangling car in the back. Franklin’s ability comes especially handy here. Consequently, you can slow down time to make it through tight turns. Remember you are on the clock, so be fast and be careful.


GTA 5 is full of many fun side activities. To top it all, these side missions vary from character to character. This is one feature that makes GTA 5 one of the most popular games of the decade.

The Grass Roots mission is a clear example of it. It is fantastic to see how a single NPC gives out different missions depending on the characters interacting.  This guide helps you locate Franklin’s weed stash and explains how to get the Gold medal in GTA 5. Franklin’s run-in with the weed activist takes him on the hunt for the two weed stashes.

This also gets him invited to the smoke-in. Do not forget to show up for the smoke-in. Barry will be waiting for you at the city hall. He did not forget about it at all.

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