What Do Minecraft Fish Eat? [Complete Guide]

Our comprehensive guide explains everything you want to know about fish and what do they eat in Minecraft.

What do Fish eat in Minecraft
What do fish eat in Minecraft?

There are various species of Fish in Minecraft. I recommend that players keep these Fish as pets, use them to breed more Fish, or eat them to restore their health. Our guide will discuss different species of Fish and the food they need to grow in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • There are at least four types of Fish in Minecraft. These can be used to decorate aquariums or as a good source of recovering health.
  • Moreover, Fish can eat almost any edible in the game. These may include fruits, vegetables, bread, and even meat.
  • Players can craft fishing rods using the Crafting table and use it to capture Fish.

Different Fish in Minecraft live in their specific habitats and eat particular foods. If you are new to breeding Fish, you might have questions regarding feeding them in Minecraft. At this point, I experienced that more than one food is needed for all types of Fish.

Novices also suffer when they enter the Iron Age in Minecraft. Crafting tools from iron becomes an ultimate necessity. If you are also a beginner, here is our guide on making Iron Nuggets in Minecraft. It will benefit you.

Crafting Fish Food In Minecraft

Any edibles that ensure Fish’s growth and survival in Minecraft are called fish food. Once you have captured some fish, you must arrange food to keep and breed them alive. 

Capturing fish to eat in Minecraft
If you see bubbles around the bait, there must be a fish stuck to it

Interestingly, the Crafting table is again the leading equipment here. More interestingly, Fish usually eat feedings made of other Fish and other ingredients. Additionally, Fish will eat anything dropped in their aquarium, e.g., pieces of bread, meat, fruits, or vegetables.

I found that Tropical Fish especially have cravings for beetroots. The usual feeding for these Fish can be crafted from the following ingredients:

  1. A bucket full of any Fish
  2. Bonemeal
what do fish eat in Minecraft
Crafting Bonemeal in Minecraft
  • I used the crafting table to make fish food pellets by combining the bucket of raw material fish and about eight bonemeals. It will create sixteen pellets of fish food in Minecraft. You can do the same, feed these pellets to their Fish, and refill their buckets by repeating the crafting process.

My Recommendation

Creating fish food was a trouble in the start. But once you have a crafting table, you can also craft the fish food to feed and breed in your playthrough of Minecraft. I recommend crafting fish food daily to ensure their survival and efficient breeding process. 

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