What Do Minecraft Fish Eat? [Complete Guide]

Our comprehensive guide explains everything you want to know about fish and what do they eat in Minecraft.

What do Fish eat in Minecraft
What do fish eat in Minecraft?
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There are various species of Fish in Minecraft. Players can keep these fish as pets, use them for breeding more fish or eat them to restore their health in Minecraft. Our guide will discuss different species of fish and the food they need to grow in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • There are at least four types of fish in Minecraft. These can be used to decorate aquariums or as a good source of recovering health.
  • While most of these fish species are passive and can be captured to eat in Minecraft, a few are poisonous.
  • The poisonous fish is not edible and has other purposes in the game. The most common use of these toxic fish is to create Water Breathing potions.
  • Players can craft fishing rods using the Crafting table and use it to capture fish.
  • Moreover, fish can eat almost any edible in Minecraft. These may include, fruits, vegetables, bread, and even meat.

What do Fish eat in Minecraft
Guide: What do fish eat in Minecraft?

Different fish in Minecraft live in their specific habitats and eat particular foods. If you are new to breeding Fish, you might as well have questions regarding feeding them in Minecraft. At this point, it must be evident that not one food is enough for all types of Fish.

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Fish In Minecraft

There are four categories of fish in Minecraft, and they live in their distinctive biomes. Players can easily discover all kinds of fish by fishing in their habitats. However, not all categories are worth eating. Some of them are very poisonous to players’ health in Minecraft.

The four categories of fish in Minecraft are listed below:

  • Cod – heals about 2.5 hunger points
  • Salmon – heals around three hunger points
  • Tropical Fish – heals 1/2 hunger point
  • Puffer Fish – not edible, very poisonous

All these fish have their unique abilities and uses in Minecraft. Before discussing what these Fish eat in Minecraft, let’s briefly discuss all four categories to give beginners an overview.

Cod Fish

Cod is one of the most available Fish in Minecraft. Players can find them in almost every ocean of the game. Additionally, they are usually found in groups of 3-6 and are very passive to foreign attacks. Moreover, players can capture them with a simple basket to relocate them in any aquarium or even eat them for energy.

Cod fish
Cod Fish in Minecraft

They recover about 2.5 hunger points upon eating. Moreover, they drop different items like bonemeals, bones, or exp when they are killed. All-in-all, they are a good choice as a source of food or to decorate aquariums in Minecraft.

Salmon Fish

Players may encounter salmon fish in groups of 2-7 when fishing around usually cold or frozen oceans and rivers. They are also very passive to foreign invaders. Moreover, players can also capture Salmon fish using buckets to relocate them to other properties.

Salmon fish
Salmon fish in Minecraft

Just like real fish, salmon can die in the absence of water. Moreover, salmon can heal three hunger points in Minecraft.

Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish is one of the most common fish in Minecraft, found around places like warm and lukewarm oceans, caves, and mangrove swamps. They exist in more than twenty-seven hundred different varieties. They are the best choice to decorate your aquarium in Minecraft.

What do fish eat in Minecraft
There are over 2700 varieties of Tropical Fish in Minecraft

Furthermore, players can feed these mobs to the newly added Axolotls. These beautiful fish eat tropical fish mobs to grow and reproduce in Minecraft. Eating a tropical fish can recover 1/2 hunger point. There are always schools of tropical fish swimming together while each school contains up to nine Fish.

Puffer Fish

The non-edible poisonous Fish is widely regarded for its use in making Water Breathing potions. Moreover, they have proximity detection ability which means they will blow up when they sense enemies. Players can also feed these fish to their wolves and cats to recover their health and make them grow quicker.

Puffer fish
Players are advised to maintain a safe distance from Pufferfish

However, it is poisonous to your character’s health and is highly forbidden for dinner. They can be captured by using a wooden bucket in Minecraft.

The Water Breathing potion is one exciting thing in Minecraft. Another such experiment creates hydrogen peroxide. Beginners can learn about the scheme in our Minecraft: How To Make Hydrogen Peroxide guide.

To keep these fish in an aquarium, breed them, eat them, or use them for other such purposes. However, the first step is to capture them in Minecraft. To do that, let us discuss fishing in Minecraft.

Fishing In Minecraft

Players can capture Fish in Minecraft to eat them and recover energy. Fishing in Minecraft is not rocket science. It is instead an easy process and a fun hobby in Minecraft. All you need is a fishing rod, a water source with lots of fish, and patience.

fishing in minecraft
Fishing in Minecraft

Well, the real question is; how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft? Here is our step-by-step guide:

  • The first and foremost requirement for crafting anything in Minecraft is the Crafting table. A 3×3 crafting grid will do the job here.
  • Three pieces of sticks, which could be found anywhere or could be made from wooden planks, are the first piece of raw material while creating a fishing rod in Minecraft.

    making wood sticks in Minecraft
    Making wood sticks from wood oaks in Minecraft
  • Ever seen spiders in Minecraft? Well, you will need to borrow some strings from them. Players can easily find three pieces of strings from their drops.

    Spiders in Minecraft
    Players can get strings by killing spiders in Minecraft
  • Combine all the ingredients to craft a fishing rod using the crafting grid.

    What do fish eat in Minecraft
    Crafting a Fish Rod in Minecraft

After crafting a fishing rod, go to any nearby water source and right-click on the rod. However, you won’t need any kind of bait. If you see water bubbling around the rod, right-click again to capture the Fish. Once captured, you can now use the fish to your own consumption or as an aquatic collection in the aquarium.

What Do Fish Eat In Minecraft

Any kind of edibles which ensure Fish’s growth and survival in Minecraft are called fish food. Once you have captured some fish, you must arrange food to keep them alive and breed them in Minecraft.

Capturing fish to eat in Minecraft
If you see bubbles around the bait, there must be a fish stuck to it

Interestingly, the Crafting grid is again the leading equipment here. More interestingly, fish usually eats feedings made of other fish and other ingredients in Minecraft. Additionally, Minecraft fish will eat anything dropped in their aquarium, e.g., pieces of bread, meat, fruits, or vegetables.

Tropical Fish especially have cravings for beetroots in Minecraft. However, the usual feeding for these fish can be crafted from the following ingredients:

  1. A bucket full of any kind of Fish
  2. Bonemeal
what do fish eat in Minecraft
Crafting Bonemeal in Minecraft

Players can use the crafting grid to make fish food pellets by combining the bucket of raw material fish and about eight bonemeals. It will create sixteen pellets of fish food in Minecraft. Players can feed these pellets to their fish and refill their buckets by repeating the crafting process.

It was all for our guide today. How did you find our guide? Hopefully, it was helpful to you. However, any questions are welcome in the comments. We will make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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