GTA 5: Where Is Grove Street In Los Santos [SOLVED]

Want to visit the nostalgic Grove Street from GTA San Andreas? Learn here, how to visit the cult famous Groove Street in GTA V.

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Where is Groove Street in gta 5
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Die-hard GTA fans know the importance of Grove Street in GTA 5. It holds a special place in the hearts of gamers who played GTA San Andreas since it was the home of the Grove Street Families and CJ. Unfortunately, the streets are now cold, and Ballas have taken over the Groove Steet in GTA V.

This place is incredibly nostalgic for gamers who have played GTA San Andreas. When they knew they could also visit it in GTA 5, every player prioritized returning to Grove Street and seeing how it has changed after all these years.

Some GTA 5 missions will take you there, but since it is an open-world game, you can still visit Groove Street whenever you desire. This article details its exact location and how to get to the famous Grove Street Family stronghold.

Key Points

  • Grove street holds very significant importance in GTA history.
  • It is located only 523 meters from Franklin’s house and can be visited on a bike or a car ride.
  • Players can quickly discover Groove Street in the South Middle part of Los Santos.
  • You can also set a waypoint to the location shown.

Importance Of Grove Street

You may wonder why so many OG players care so much about Grove Street and what the hype is about. We will discuss just why Grove Street is so important and the history behind the famous location.


Grove Street was introduced in GTA San Andreas back when it was released in October of 2004. The game received massive approval from the gaming community because of its amazing free world and storyline.

In addition to that, many fans of the previous GTA: Vice City were patiently waiting for the release of this game. And the hype was worth it.

Grove Street in San Andreas
Grove Street in San Andreas

Grove Street was one of the most visited and iconic locations in GTA San Andreas, and gamers knew the details of Grove Street more than their neighborhood. This famous location was the most visited in the game since it was also where the main character’s house was.


The character’s first safehouse is critical because they begin to learn and love the game at that time. It is one of the reasons why Grove Street is so important. The safe house isn’t a random apartment or house you visit to save your progress, but this safehouse holds significance in the storyline.

Grove Street in San Andreas
Groove Street in San Andreas

Moreover, several missions begin at Grove Street, meaning this location is prime for in-game cutscenes, giving it more importance in building the storyline. Many memorable events, such as the Green Sabre incident and House Party mission, are also part of Groove Street.

4 people standing and watching man laying on ground in San andreas
Ending mission in San Andreas at Grove Street

But the most important reason why there is a lot of sentimental value to this street is probably that the game ends here.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Warning

In the final mission of GTA San Andreas, “End of The Line,” the antagonist, Tenpenny, loses control of his fire truck and crashes. In an iconic and meaningful ending, Tenpenny dies in the street he terrorizes.

A fitting end to a very well-thought-out and detailed storyline makes this street sign in the hearts of GTA fans.

How To Get To Grove Street

It is located in Davis, in the South of Los Santos. A vehicle garage is also located at the end of this street, which Franklin can purchase later in the game.

From Franklin’s Home

Luckily Grove Street is not that far away from Franklin’s house. The picture below shows that it is only a 523-meter car ride from his house. You have to follow the road as it curves around, and you will reach your destination.

Purple highlighted route from franklins house, indicating a route to Grove street in GTA 5.
Location of Grove Street from Franklin’s house in GTA 5

From Anywhere On The Map

You may be wondering how to get to Grove Street from anywhere on the map. Well, that is very simple to do as well. Open the map of Los Santos and navigate your cursor to the point shown in the picture below.

A red circle on a map of Los santos, showing the location of Grove Street in GTA 5
Location of Grove Street on the map of Los Santos

After you have your mouse cursor at any point in the circle, double-click to set the waypoint. After doing that, you can look at the bottom left of your screen to find a route highlighted on your map for you to follow. It also shows the distance between you and your destination.

Follow the path highlighted on your map to reach Grove Street in GTA 5, regardless of where you are on the map. The distance to the location will depend on where you are on the map. It may take a few minutes to reach Grove street from your location. So, you can listen to Best Songs In GTA 5 while on your way to your destination.

A car driving on the road following a highlighted route shown in map at bottom left in GTA 5
Follow the route shown on the map at the bottom left.

Closing Remarks

Grove Street hasn’t changed much from San Andreas, which is what the gamers love about it. GTA enthusiasts have described it as their “second home” since they spent so much time here playing San Andreas.

This street holds a significant place in the hearts of all die-hard GTA lovers, and Rockstar did an excellent job at deciding to keep it in GTA 5. You can now visit Grove Street anytime you want after you know how easy it is to get there.

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