GTA 5: Where Is Impound And How To Use It?

Learn everything about the two impound lots in Grand Theft Auto V in our extensive guide below.

Where is Impound in GTA 5
Where is Impound in GTA 5

You can go around GTA 5 in your best sport classic car GTA 5, committing whatever crime you want. However, eventually, you will be busted by the Police. They will probably confiscate your car in GTA 5 and put it somewhere in an unknown location. Well, it is not easy to buy expensive vehicles in GTA 5; losing them this way could be a disturbing experience. Luckily, you can find your confiscated cars in the impound in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways

  • Impound lots are underground parking garages in GTA 5 and is managed by Los Santos Police Department.
  • Primarily introduced to confiscate and store vehicles used in criminal activities, players have found ways to use these lots for their benefit.
  • Players can find their cars in the impound lots of GTA 5 if they leave them unattended and wander far off the spawning location. Moreover, parking the vehicles in the wrong place or loading an autosave can result in losing their cars to the impound lots in Grand Theft Auto.
  • There are two Impound Lots in two different Police Stations for Grand Theft Auto. GTA 5 players can recover their vehicles by paying a fine of $250 to the Mission Row Police Station. However, GTA Online players must pay $1000 to the Davis Police Station and recover their vehicles.

However, locating the impound in the game could be a tiresome task. It is where our guide comes to help. You can find everything you would want to know about impound locations in our guide below:

Impound Lots In GTA 5

Impound lots were primarily introduced for detaining players’ cars after being captured by the Police. However, players have found loopholes in using these lots for their benefit. The Los Santos Police Department manages these garages, which have roots back in Grand Theft Auto since the San Andreas edition.

Where is Impound in GTA 5
Impound Lots are located in the underground garages of Police Stations

Impound Lot Locations In GTA 5

There are two impound lots, and players can locate them in underground garages of the Los Santos Police Department’s Auto Impound. To make it understandable, it is precisely where the protagonist, Franklin, gets the Tow truck for a single-player mission in GTA 5. Players can locate these garages in GTA 5 in the below-mentioned locations:

    • An impound garage is located just beside the Davis Police Station at the interchange of Innocence
      Boulevard and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard.

      Davis Police Station
      Davis Police Station
    • Mission Row Police Station has the second impound lot at Vespucci Boulevard and Sinner Street interchange.
      Mission Row Police Station
      Mission Row Police Station

Moreover, in GTA 5, your confiscated cars will be stored in a different garage than in GTA Online. Where you would find your vehicle out of these two locations depends on which edition you play. If you are playing GTA 5, you can find your impounded car at the Mission Row Police Station. Meanwhile, GTA Online players will find their lost cars at the Davis Police Station.

Why And How To Send Your Vehicles In Impound

Impounding your vehicles is an excellent idea as it prevents them from being stolen by others in the Freemode of GTA 5. Moreover, sometimes there isn’t any garage near you for parking your vehicles, and leaving it outside could be dangerous.

There are different ways and conditions to send your vehicles to impound in GTA 5. Therefore, we have categorized them into two sub-categories. You can find the details below:

After Committing Any Crime

When the police bust you for committing a crime, they automatically transport your vehicle to any of the two impound lots, depending on what version of the game you are playing. Moreover, the Police may also take your car to the impound if they kill you during a GTA Online mission.

sending car to impound in GTA 5
Doing criminal activities can result in losing your car to the Impound.

While you can retrieve your vehicle after logging in to another session and paying the recovery fee at the impound lot in GTA 5, we highly recommend you do it as soon as possible. The impounded cars are sent to be crushed if players don’t recover them timely. Therefore, you should timely recover your cars from the impound lot in GTA 5 before you lose them permanently.

Pro Tip: Buy Insurance for your car in GTA 5 so that you will get a payback even after the Police crush your car.

Non-Criminal Ways

Your vehicles can also land in the impound lots of LSPD for some non-criminal reasons. Interestingly, players intentionally send their vehicles using these ways to the impound lots in GTA 5 to save them from getting stolen. Following are some legal and non-criminal ways to send your vehicles to the impound lot:

  • If you have customized a car in Los Santos customs and leave it unattended somewhere, it will automatically be impounded in GTA 5.
  • If you buy a car in GTA Online and leave it unattended, you will have to find it again from the impound lot.
  • If you start a new mission requiring you to ride a specific vehicle, the car already under your use will be impounded automatically.
  • You will have to find your vehicle again in an impound lot if you move far enough from it to despawn it in GTA 5.
  • While playing in Freemode, your car will move into the impound lot if you load an autosave.
  • Like in real life, where you could get a ticket for parking your car in the wrong place, you can also get a ticket in GTA 5. However, you will have to get your vehicle back from the impound garage of the LSPD after paying for the ticket.
    Stealing the car from the impound
    stealing the car from the impound results in a 2-star wanted level

How To Recover Your Vehicle From The Impound

Now that you know almost everything about Impound lots, let’s talk about recovering your car. There are a few ways to recover your car, and you can find the in-depth detail in our guide on How To Get Impounded Car Back In GTA 5 Online? However, you can find a few important points below:

paying $250 to recover car
You can recover your car by paying $250
  • In GTA 5, players can simply pay $250 to the Mission Row Police Station and get back their vehicles from the Impound Lot. It is not a considerable amount in GTA 5, and you can earn it either by robbing a convenience store or selling a hunk of a metal car in your garage. However, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can simply jump on the fence and run away with the car. But remember, you will get a 2-star Wanted level, and cops will again chase you.
  • Yet, in GTA Online, you can call your assistant and pay around $1000. This method is very convenient as it delivers your car anywhere you want, without moving around the map.

Speaking of earning money, various notable strategies can allow players to earn good bucks in GTA V. You can consider our extensive how to get money fast in GTA 5 guide to generate a good stream of cashflow while continuing your criminal enterprise in wide Los Santos.

It was all for our comprehensive guide on Impound lots in GTA 5. Did you find the Impound lot easily in GTA 5? How do you recover your cars from the Impound lot? Tell us in the comments.

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