GTA 5: Where Is Quarry [Complete Guide]

Get to know about GTA 5 quarry, its location, and events that held place in it

The David Quartz quarry in GTA 5
The David Quartz quarry in GTA 5

Among many ideal locations in GTA 5, the quarry is one of the most visited places by players. Although this location has a neglectable appearance in story missions, it still hosts several events. Knowing about this location can leave you with a handful of amazing activities.

Key Takeaways

  • The David Quartz quarry is located in Blaine County along Senora Freeway.
  • Random vehicles spawn at this location in both offline and online modes. Thus, saving you a lot that you need to spend purchasing them.
  • You will encounter the quarry a few times while playing story mode as a setup mission and as a side mission.
  • The most prominent appearance of the quarry is in GTA 5 Online. It is due to the major tasks that take place in this location. Also, some minor tasks are performed here to complete a few major tasks.

The Davis Quartz In GTA 5

The quarry in GTA 5
David Quartz Quarry

The quarry is named Davis Quartz and is an active mining location in GTA 5. However, it is rarely a sight to see someone mining there. The location holds importance due to some events in it, whether you are playing offline or online.

Location Of The Quarry

Location of the quarry in GTA 5
David Quartz in Senora Way

The quarry is located southeast of the Grand Senora Desert, specifically Senora Way. It is one of the isolated locations on the GTA 5 map, the Blaine County area. While you are visiting the place, there is a chance for you to encounter a vehicle that spawns randomly at this location.

  • Baller: An SUV, a 4-door vehicle, which is a decent civilian car in terms of performance.
  • BeeJay XL: The best off-road SUV vehicle.
  • Bison: A pickup truck that can handle the ups and downs of off-roading.
  • Dozer: An industrial-based vehicle uniquely present in the game to use itself in certain ways.
  • Dump: Another industrial vehicle that saves you a million dollars required to purchase in GTA Online.
  • Landstalker: A 4-door SUV car that has appeared throughout the GTA series.
  • Merryweather Dilettante: A compact car that resembles the patrolling agency in GTA 5.
  • Sandking XL: A 4-door pickup truck that is the topmost favorable vehicle for off-roading in GTA 5.

These vehicles will not spawn here altogether; each takes its turn to spawn individually. If you wish for a certain vehicle to spawn, your best bet is to make several trips to the place.

Quarry’s Appearance In GTA 5 Story Missions

In the offline mode, two missions take place in David Quartz. Firstly, a main mission and secondly, a side mission.


While you are playing as any of the protagonists, Lester will assign you a mission to steal a train. This is a setup mission for The Big Score. While you are at it, you must change the train’s track and divert it to the quarry.

Once you stop the train, you must steal the freight engine. Then you will be delivering the engine to the Airstrip, which is owned by Trevor.

Bail Jumper: Ralph Ostrowski

Bail Bonds mission Ralph Ostrowski
Bail Jumper: Ralph Ostrowski

Once you have found Maude Eccles, she will give you tasks to hunt down some specific people. Among them, Maude will assign you a task to find and bring Ralph Ostrowski. The guy will be standing isolated somewhere in the quarry.

Approach him by either injuring him or using any suitable methods. Ralph Ostrowski will be guilty of money laundering, but he will explain his crimes when you are taking him to Maude.

The mission will only be available through Trever Phillips. Returning Ralph Ostrowski from the quarry to the Maude location will reward you $10,000 if brought alive. Whereas $5000 is the amount you will get if he is dead.

Quarry’s Appearance In GTA Online Missions

The quarry has made a prominent appearance in GTA 5 Online. These missions award some good cash or unlock a few features in GTA Online. Therefore, this location has some benefits regarding the rewarding scenario.

Fits Dose 6 – Off The Rails

First Dose 6: Off the rails
First Dose 6: Off the rails

This is a sequence of the First Dose missions which were added to the game with the Los Santos Drug War update. The procedure for completing this mission is quite drawn-out and requires a race with time. You will start this mission at The Freakshop, and eventually, it will end at The Freakshop as well.

But the work required to reach the end involves going through various places. Among these multiple places, the quarry is one of the most vital places to visit.

During the mission, you must be at the quarry location to turn the train track. It will cause the train to crash, thus, allowing you to loot the chemicals inside of it. Of course, you will fall into an ambush while doing so. Just be sure to equip yourself with the best gear. After that, steal the Brickade 6×6 and deliver it to The Freakshop.

You will get cash ( $30,100 ) and RP as a reward. Also, completing the mission will unlock an Equipment Upgrade for the Acid Lab business.

Humane Raid – Insurgents

Humane Raid- Insurgents
Humane Raid- Insurgents

The quarry is the preeminent location where this mission takes place. The quarry will be heavily guarded by Merryweather at the moment, and the objective will be to take the Insurgents being kept there.

Surely, it is necessary to eliminate the Merryweather so you can peacefully get your hands on the Insurgents. While driving the armored vehicle, the Merryweather will take every measure to stop you from delivering the Insurgents to a drop-off location.

A fair amount of cash will be your reward once you have accomplished the mission. Subsequently, this will be $10,260 for easy mode, $20,520 for normal mode, and $25,650 for hard mode. Moreover, you will unlock Humane Raid – EMP after completing this mission.

The E.C.U Job

Mini heist Schedule
Schedule Phase of E.C.U Job

ECU Job is a heist mission accessible through the Auto Shop. Once you have selected The E.C.U job, it will require 3 phases before the finale can be performed. One of the phases will be called “Schedule,” where the quarry will appear. A train will be there, of which you will take pictures. While doing so, you might encounter a group of aggressive guards.

Doing the Schedule mission will progress you further toward The E.C.U job finale. Upon completion, you will receive $172,000 and RP.

Quarry Quarry

mission in the quarry location GTA 5 Online
Mission in the quarry location GTA 5 Online

Upon hitting level 30, the player will unlock the Quarry Quarry mission. During the playthrough, Lester will indicate the player toward David Quartz. He will share the information regarding the vans he needs you to steal.

Those vans will be carrying explosives that have captured Lester’s attention. You must complete the mission by delivering the vans to Lester’s Warehouse.

The player will be given a small amount of RP and cash depending on how much time is spent, and the players involved.


In conclusion, The David Quartz quarry plays an important role in both GTA 5 offline and Online modes. There might also be a race event that took place in this location. David Quartz is a great place to test your off-road vehicles or steal some of them if they spawn there.

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