Where Is The Prison In GTA 5? [Location Guide]

Learn where to find prison in GTA 5 , which is used to keep the in game criminals and murders.

Where is the prison in GTA 5
Where is the prison in GTA 5

Regarding providing real-world experience, there is no rival to GTA 5. Whether it’s completing their missions on the beautiful white sand beaches or letting the players commit heart-stopping heists, nothing can match the entertainment this game provides. Talking of entertainment, we certainly can’t miss talking about the fully functional Bolingbroke Penitentiary, aka, the state-run prison. Many players want to know about the experience of imprisonment and how they can get into it. They also want to know what the prison looks like and “where is the prison in GTA V.”

To answer all these questions, we have come up with this guide. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • While wandering about where the prison is in GTA 5, we see a Bolingbroke Penitentiary prison.
  • All the criminals involved in heist missions and who have committed murders are kept in this prison.
  • Players in Director Mode can access the prison.
  • To get out of prison, you have to complete the heist of Prison Break
  • There are four missions connected to the Prison Break heist that the players need to accomplish to get out of jail.

Where Is The Prison In GTA 5?

Prison Location on the Map
Prison Location on the Map

You might have seen this prison countless times while roaming the game’s roads. This prison is called the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Those criminals who have been involved in heist missions or who have committed murders are sent for their time to this prison in Los Santos.

Los Santos county in San Andreas is home to this jail, which is located in the Grand Senora Desert. It’s on Route 68 in Los Santos County, straight from the harmony.

San Andreas State Prison Authority has the power to protect this jail from outside intrusions. At the same time, the San Andreas State Prison Authority oversees the facility, and Los Santos County Sheriff’s patrols its perimeter 24/7. You cannot enter the jail premises unless permitted by the authority or the police to arrest you.

How Does The Prison Look From Inside?

The penitentiary looks like a real-life prison. Undoubtedly, its interior resembles the real-life Victorville Federal Prison in Victorville, California, as stated by many players. At the same time, its exterior resembles the Texas State prison in Rocksprings, Texas. This extensive property has eight corners; therefore, its shape is like an Octagon.

How Do You Get Inside The Prison?

Players can’t gain access to the prison and explore the state property freely. The prison police don’t allow anyone to enter this facility. Moreover, there are some game flaws that you can manipulate to get inside this prison.

Those who have activated story-mode, they cannot enter the prison. Even if you commit crimes, you won’t be shifted to a jail in the story mode.

That said, the only way to access the prison is through the Director Mode. The Director Mode gives you a lot of advantages to explore Los Santos whenever and however you desire. In the Director Mode, you can change anything, including your characteristic abilities and outfits, among other things. Want to know more; you can check out our GTA 5 Director Mode guide.

To enter the Director Mode, press M and choose it from the Interaction Menu. After entering this mode, you must alter the option “Wanted level.” Once done, it’ll ensure that the prison officers who try to catch the players get thin in numbers.

It would be best to choose the Invincibility option too, which will not let the LSPD kill you. After enabling both options, players will have the ability to change their attire entirely. They can adopt the dress of police officers and prisoners too. The players can also activate the Super Jump skill, which allows them to jump very fast when chased by the police.

After entering the jail, players can roam anywhere but cannot access the jail buildings without mods. However, players are given the leverage to enter guard rooms and kill the guards.

Notable Missions In The Prison

The prison in GTA V also has notable appearances and connectivity with various missions. Here is the list of missions where you can visit the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Now grab your controller and be ready to explore the fantastic world of the GTA 5 penitentiary mission. With excitement, and danger waiting around every corner, you’ll be crazy from start to finish. Let’s get started!

Bolingbroke Penitentiary Players Can Encounter Prison Heist

Visiting the Prison
Visiting the Prison

Bolingbroke Penitentiary is a state prison in San Andreas that plays a significant role in GTA V and Online. Players can participate in a prison heist at the jail, during which they steal vault key cards.

The authority of State Prison San Andreas administers it. The prison sits near Harmony on Route 68 in Los Santos County. The prison has an octagonal shape.

The Los Santos County Sheriff, as well as the Los Santos Police Department, patrol the prison’s perimeter. San Andreas’ State Prison Authority has armed guards stationed near the entrance to ensure no one tries to enter or leave the facility illegally.

The Calipatria State Prison in Calipatria, California, may have served as the inspiration for the prison.

A speaker system is frequently audible throughout the prison, often insulting the inmates.

The Prison Break team must break into the prison quickly to free Russian prisoner Maxim Rashkovsky in the heist update. In GTA Online, the prison is the setting for some missions and competitions.

GTA Online Event: The Diamond Casino Mission

The Diamond Casino in GTA 5
Diamond Casino

One of the heist preps for the Diamond Casino Heist involves hijacking a prison bus and entering Bolingbroke Penitentiary to disable a signal jammer.

The Diamond Casino Heist also has its own set of secret missions at the Diamond Casino. These missions allow players to earn more money and unlock new rewards. Additionally, destroying signal jammers during Los Santos Tuners will open Avi Schwartzman as a support crew for the Diamond Casino Heist.

In the Heist Prep, the “Prison Guard” version: Vault Keycards job in The Heist of Diamond’s Casino allows the player to enter the jail and murder a guard to obtain vault keycards from the Diamond Casino. To enter without drawing attention to oneself, the player hijacks a prison bus and poses as a prison guard.

GTA Online: The Los Santos Tuner

To free Lil’ Dee and return him to Sessanta during The Prison Agreement, the player must break into the prison and assassinate several targets who Lil’ Dee chose for betraying their respective gangs.

The Los Santos Tuners allow gamers to experience car culture while incorporating traditional GTA elements, such as timed challenges punctuated by police pursuit sequences enhancing gameplay dynamics. Further thereby allowing repeated returns from casual audiences seeking quick takeaways. And veterans seeking long-term investments further improve the replayability factors of this update.


The prison is one of the many properties in GTA 5 which players want to explore and have fun with. But entering prison isn’t easy. This is why many players ask, “where is the prison in GTA V” and how can they get into this facility? To answer, we have written this guide. So, go through it and allow yourself to enter the prison and have fun there. Happy gaming!

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