Final Fantasy 16: Who Is Ifrit? [Answered]

Encountered the fire Eikon but don't know who is the Dominant? Read to find out more.

Who is Ifrit Final Fantasy XVI
Who is Ifrit Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy is not just any action role-playing game. The release was much waited for good reason. With a captivating storyline and various special creatures, Square Enix kept it interesting.

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy has summoned monsters with special abilities called Eikons.
  • There are 8 Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 – Ifrit, Phoenix, Garuda, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Bahamut, and Odin.
  • Each Eikon is tied to a Dominant, who can access its special powers.
  • Players can unlock Eikons after beating them in battle and adding their abilities to the Ability tree.
  • Ifrit is a fire-elemental Eikon that has been recurringly featured in Final Fantasy. In Final-Fatnasy 16, Ifrit is first featured during the Night of Flames.
  • Ifrit’s first battle is against the Phoenix during the 6th mission – Fight of the Fledging.
  • Clive Rosefield is the dominant of Ifrit and unlocks him in Mission 19- Buried Memories.
  • Ifrit has three abilities – Will O’ the Wykes, Limit Break, and Ignition.
  • To access Ifrit abilities, you must first equip them from the Abilities tree.

Eikons – The Summoned Monsters

The game features special monsters with elemental abilities. These monsters are called Eikons. Some of these can be summoned, and some of them you will encounter and fight during the game.

After defeating them, you can access their powers and apply their abilities during any battle. One of these monsters that have gained traction is Ifrit. Ifrit has also been featured on the main poster of Final Fantasy 16, fighting the Phoenix. Players have been asking, who is Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16?

Clive becomes Ifrit in Final Fantasy XVI (Credits: Boss Fight Database)
Clive becomes Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16 (Credits: Boss Fight Database)

Described by the game as ‘A powerful djinn with control over scorching flames hot enough to turn the whole world to ashes.’ Eikons are known to be the most potent and deadly creatures in Valisthea. Each Eikon is tied to a Dominant, a man or woman capable of harnessing their powers. The game describes the fate of these Dominants as cruel and inescapable.

Read the guide to find out who Ifrit is, how to unlock him, and how to best use his abilities during battle.

The following are the abilities unlocked from Ifrit:

Ability Description Attack Stagger
Will o’ the Wykes This ability will summon fireballs circling Clive. Deals damage to targets while also absorbing it. 1 2
Limit Break Check the Limit Break gauge. As soon as it is semi-prime, press L3+R3 to improve battle performance.
Ignition It inflicts multiple hits on the enemy, pushing them back. Perform either while charging or midair. 3 2

Ifrit – The Fire-Elemental Djinn

Ifrit is an Eikon appearing in Final Fantasy since the beginning of the series. He is a fire-elemental summoned monster. His signature move is the Hell-fire, which damages all opponents during battle.  

Much like the previous versions of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 16 also includes Ifrit, revealed during the trailer- Awakening.

The First Encounter

During the game, Ifrit is revealed during the Night of Flames, a pivotal moment in the storyline. The fortress is attacked during the 6th main quest – Fight of the Fledgling, after the Shield of Rosaria has taken over the Phoenix Gate and launched into battle. Joshua, awoken by the distress in the middle of the night, is made to escape the fortress with his father, Archduke Elwin. Clive and Commander Murdoch fight off the third boss- Knight of Binding Dawn.

Boss 3- Knight of Binding Dawn
Boss 3- Knight of Binding Dawn (Credits: Rubhen925)

After the defeat, they realize that Joshua and his father are in danger and run to their aid. Ducal Shield, the commander helping them escape, ends up betraying them and murders Archduke Elwin. Traumatized by the events, Joshua converts into a fire-elemental Eikon, the Phoenix. Joshua loses control of the Phoenix, and at this point, Clive first inherits the Eikon, Ifrit.

As told earlier by the storyline, only one eikon of fire can exist through the Rosfield family. Hence the battle between the Phoenix and Ifrit commences, shaping the game’s course. This is the 4th boss in the game, Eikon of Fire (Phoenix vs Ifrit). The battle ends in Joshua’s death, and Clive’s fate is overturned forever.

Boss 4- Eikon of Fire: Phoenix vs Ifirt Battle
Boss 4- Eikon of Fire: Phoenix vs. Ifirt Battle (Credits: Rubhen925)

The Phoenix vs. Ifirt battle is vicious and pivotal in the storyline. This event unlocks special abilities for Phoenix in the Ability Tree. The battle also results in Clive Rosefield being the Dominant for Ifrit. Clive uses Ifrit further ahead in the story as he starts down his path of vengeance to fight enemies and their Dominants.

Unlocking Ifrit 

To unlock Ifrit, you need to complete Mission-19 Buried Memories. While fighting the 15th boss – Infernal Eikon and Infernal Shadow, Clive recollects the past events, when he became Ifrit to defeat Phoenix in battle. This boss fight is somewhat of an eye-opener; Clive realizes he killed Joshua and blames Ifrit to spare himself the guilt.

He finally accepts what he did and, in doing so, commences the battle against Ifrit. As the battle commences, he realizes his truth of being the Dominant of Fire, thus becoming Ifrit and unlocking all of his Eikon abilities.

Clive accepts his truth in Mission 19 - Buried Memories
Clive accepts his truth in Mission 19 – Buried Memories (Credits: Rubhen925)

Although Clive unlocks Ifrit in Mission-19, the Eikon abilities become available in the Ability tree to upgrade and use only after this. You can start using the abilities from the next mission, The Meaning of Life.

Ifrit vs Ifirt in Mission 19- Buried Memories
Ifrit vs. Ifirt in Mission 19 – Buried Memories (Credits: Rubhen925)

Using Ifrit In Battle

The following are all the abilities of Ifrit that you can use to your advantage during any battle.

Step 1. Equip

 After unlocking the eikon abilities in Mission 19, you can see them in the Abilities menu, available for upgrade. Equip the abilities to use them during combat.

Step 2. Boss Fights

In certain battles, summon Ifrit to use its abilities to your advantage.

In the Garuda fight, use Ifrit to draw out fireballs and attack using punches. You can use Limit Break to catch your breath and grant buffs, Will o’ the Wyles to push out fireballs and deal damage.

The inspiration for Ifrit has been taken from the Middle East. The Arabic traditions describe Ifrit as a shape-shifting jinn possessing immense mystical power. In scripture, he is described as an invisible creature with fiery qualities.

In Egyptian tradition, the jin can bind to the dead who are murdered and seek vengeance against the murderer. We can see this being reflected in the game, as Clive only inherits Ifrit as vengeance for the death of Joshua ignites within him.

This was all that you need to know about the fire monster Ifrit. Once you unlock him, practice his abilities and use them to your advantage in Battle. Summoning various Eikons during battles will help you win and give you an edge over your enemy. Also, read our other articles on Final Fantasy 16 to improve your game:

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