Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: All Major Characters

Learn about all the new and returning Tears of the Kingdom Characters.

Tears of the Kingdom Characters
Tears of the Kingdom Characters-by Gamesual

The most awaited sequel of Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom, bolsters new and recurring characters. The new characters include Sages and villains like the Demon King. Old faces include the returning Link and Master Kohga.

Key Takeaways

  • The game revolves around three central figures: Link, Princess Zelda, and The Demon King.
  • The new addition to Tears of the Kingdom is Sages.
  • There are five Sages, and each Sage will award a unique ability at the end of their quest.
  • There are many supporting characters in Tears of the Kingdom, both old and new.
  • Master Kohga will use every means to make sure Link fails his quest.
  • Paya, Impa, and Tauro are supporting characters that ensure Link has no difficulty saving Hyrule.

  Role Name Impact
1  Main Link Main protagonist
2  Main Zelda Princess of Hyrule
3 Main The Demon King Ganondorf The final and most menacing boss of the game.
4 Sage Yunobo The Sage of Fire
5 Sage Tulin The Sage of Wind
6 Sage Sidon The Sage of Water
7 Sage Riju The Sage of Lightning
8 Sage Mineru The Sage of Spirits
9 Supporting character Master Kohga The leader of the Yiga Clan and henchmen of the Demon King.
10 Supporting character Paya The current chief of the Shiekha
11 Supporting character Impa Former chief of the Shiekha
12 Supporting character Tauro An explorer always found on the field

Below we provide a quick summary regarding each of the characters influencing the storyline:

Central Figures

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are three central figures: Link, Princess Zelda, and Demon King Ganondorf.


Main character Link
Link-Tears of the Kingdom

The master sword-wielding hero, Link, is the main protagonist throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise. Even though he is a commoner, his immense merit makes him the most trusted aide of Princess Zelda. At the start of the story, players encounter the Demon King.

The Demon King breaks Master Sword and causes Link to lose his arm. Nevertheless, King Rauru saves him and gives him a new arm. Throughout Tears of the Kingdom, players can wield different weapons as Link. New abilities are introduced in this game, one of which allows Link to attach items to his weapons.

Accompany Link on his journey as he gains the recognition of all the Sages and searches for the Master sword to fight against the Demon King to save Hyrule.

Princess Zelda

Main character Zelda
Zelda-Tears of the Kingdom

Princess Zelda is the only other main character besides Link. She is the princess of Hyrule, yet, she is not playable and has little to no valuable abilities. In addition, She is only seen at the start of Tears of the Kingdom before dissipating into a gold mist.

Throughout the game, you see glimpses of Princess Zelda. Eventually, at the end of the game, it is revealed that she has been roaming the skies as the Light Dragon all along. As the Light Dragon, she aids Link in regaining the master Sword and serves as a ride for Link in the final fight against the Demon Dragon.

The Demon King Ganondorf

Main character Demon King
The Demon King Ganondorf-Tears of the Kingdom

Among the Tears of the Kingdom characters, The Demon King Ganondorf is the most menacing. Furthermore, you will see records in which it is written that he is powerful but is currently sealed at the very beginning. King Rauru exchanged his life in return for a chance to make him enter a deep slumber.

His seal is destroyed when Link and Princess Zelda accidentally encounter him below the Hyrule castle. He quickly overcomes Link and nearly kills him. To battle him, you must first overcome the Demon King’s army.

During your fight with him, the first phase will only test how familiar you are with the game mechanics, while the second phase will be a bit more tricky.

Ultimately, he will crush his stone and transform into the Demon Dragon. Seeing his size will seem like a lost battle, but don’t worry; the Light Dragon will come just in time to help you.


The new introduction in the Tears of the Kingdom characters is the Sages. Throughout the campaign, you will meet five Sages. They give you quests to complete, and in return, they reward you with their signature abilities.

Besides the quests, they accompany you to different temples where you battle different bosses. This fight shows you which ability the Sage has and will reward you. Ultimately, they all unite to aid you in your battle against the Demon King.


Sage Yunobo
Yunobo-Tears of the Kingdom

First introduced in Breath of the Wild, Yunobo is introduced in Tears of the Kingdom as one of the many bosses. He is not evil but under mind control. Break his mask in the boss battle to regain him as an ally.

He is the grandson of Garuk, the previous champion of Goron. He has the firestone, which adds the fire attribute to his rolling charge ability. You must complete the “Yunobo of Goron City” quest for his signature rolling charge ability.

Before awarding you his Vow, he will demonstrate the charge ability in your battle with Moragia and Marbled Gohma.

  • Unique Ability: Rolling Charge


Sage Tulin
Tulin-Tears of the Kingdom

In the Sage of the Wind,” Tulin is first introduced in Breath of the Wild as a youngling and is now all grown up and ready to fight with Link. To gain his signature ability, Gust, you must complete the “Tulin of Rito village” main quest first.

You will encounter Tulin in the Hebra South Summit Cave. Afterward, he will accompany you on your journey for a while. Before awarding you his Vow, he will demonstrate his signature ability in your battle against Colgera in the Wind Temple.

  • Unique Ability: Gust


Sage Sidon
Sidon-Tears of the Kingdom

Sidon is a recurring character borrowed from Breath of the Wild. He was introduced as a prince but successfully ascended the Throne in Tears of the Kingdom. His signature ability wraps you in a water bubble, adding water attributes to your attacks.

You must complete several other side quests for his ‘Sidon of the Zoro‘ quest. Before awarding you his Vow, he will fight beside you in the water temple against Mucktorok. In this fight, he will demonstrate the ability he is about to award you with.

  • Unique Ability: Water Shield


Sage Riju
Riju-Tears of the Kingdom

Riju is the current chief of the Gerudo tribe. Furthermore, she was young when she fought beside Link in the Calamity a hundred years ago. Since then, she has ascended the throne and found a secret stone to let her harness the power of Lightning.

In her leadership, the Gerudo tribe has gotten rid of the Gibdos that have terrorized them. In your quest to gain her Vow, you will fight Queen Gibdo with her. Eventually, during the battle, she allows you to use her signature ability, which envelops your strikes with Lightning, adding a shock effect.

  • Unique Ability: Lightning Strike


Sage Mineru
Mineru-Tears of the Kingdom

Mineru is the elder sister of King Rauru. Previously a part of the group that sealed the Demon King, Mineru is currently in Spirit form. To complete her “Guidance of Ages Past” quest, you must assemble a Zonai construct that can contain her spirit.

After you have assembled the construct, Mineru will ask you to go to the Spirit temple to retrieve the secret stone. There you will fight with the Seized Construct and, at the same time, learn about Mineru’s signature ability.

  • Unique Ability: Zonai Construct

Supporting Characters

Master Kohga

Supporting Character Master Kohga
Master Kohga-Tears of the Kingdom

One of the previously shown characters in Breath of the Wild, Master Kohga, is the leader of the Yiga clan. His purpose remains the same, to destroy Link.

Throughout Tears of the Kingdom, you will have four encounters with him. Each meeting will be unique and have a different role in the story.

The 1st encounter will be at the Great Abandoned Mine, while the 2nd time you see him will be at the Abandoned Gerudo mines. Both meetings will require you to use different strategies to defeat him.

The 3rd encounter will be at the Abandoned Laynuru mines. Furthermore, two Yiga ninjas will assist him, but defeating them is very easy.

The 4th and final encounter will bring you face-to-face with Master Kohga at the Abandoned Hebra mine. He will be on top of a Zonai construct, but even though he looks domineering, his straightforward attack patterns make it easy to defeat him.


Supporting Character Paya
Paya-Tears of the Kingdom

The current Chief of the Kakariko Village, Paya, is the granddaughter of Impa. Paya was introduced in Breath of the Wild as an heir. You can find her at the Ring Ruins in West Necluda, talking to Tauro, wearing her traditional chief dress.

She is very fond of Link, as she has heard many stories from Impa about the hero who defeated the Calamity. She keeps a record of her travels with Link in a diary, which can be read at Impa’s house.


Supporting Character Impa
Impa-Tears of the Kingdom

Impa is the grandmother of Paya, the current chief of the Sheikah. She is a recurring character, first seen in Breath of the Wild as the Chief of Sheikah, but in Tears of the Kingdom, she serves as an Elder. She is over 100 years old; thus, she has seen the Calamity in person. 

Impa has been a loyal friend of the Hyrule Royal family for a long time. You can find her beside the New Serene Stable, deciphering a Geoglyph. In your first encounter with her, you find a Dragon Tear, which tells you about the whereabouts of Princess Zelda. Throughout Tears of the Kingdom, she is a massive help to Link by helping him decode numerous Geoglyphs.


Supporting Character Tauro
Tauro-Tears of the Kingdom

Tauro is an explorer found mainly in the fields due to his curiosity about history. Due to his vast expertise and discoveries, Princess Zelda has made him the leader of the Zonai Survey Team. You can find him in the Ring Ruins.

While looking for the fifth Sage, you will encounter Tauro at Dracuzo Lake. There he will be stuck, unable to open a chest. Afterward, you can find Charged Equipment from the exact chest and the remaining pieces in other chests in other locations.

Tears of the Kingdom has done a great job of ensuring that new and returning characters are adequately established. If you find this guide helpful in your journey through the Islands in Tears of the Kingdoms, also read:

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