Perfect Dark Reboot Underway By Crystal Dynamics

Today I am talking about the recent interview where it was confirmed there are 100 Devs on the perfect dark reboot.

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There has been some recent speculation about the state of Perfect Dark’s latest entry, but now Matt Booty says there are 100 Devs of Crystal Dynaics working on the Perfect Dark Reboot. He discussed the general state of the project and just how well it is going. This small commentary gives us some insight into the project overall so we will break it down here.

First, we should address the initial rumors that caused these questions and the response. The primary rumor was that the game had hit trouble in development as it had become a joint partnership between Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative. The game was spread out to two studios leading many to assume that it had behind-the-scenes problems.

What Was In The Interview?

Perfect Dark Earth
Perfect Dark Earth

The interview at Pax West helped clarify what this joint partnership means for the game. To start, Matt immediately told everyone that there were no problems with the game’s development. He explained that this joint work on the game would continue the quality work.

He explained that games are extremely rare to develop in only one studio now. This rarity was the reason for the cooperation, so the fans should not be concerned.

It is interesting as he is correct. Most games are not built in a single studio, and the ones that come from are Monolithic Studios and Rockstar Games.

Another tidbit was revealed in the interview that should give the fans some good feelings. There are 100 developers currently working on the game. Many games do not have such significant workforces, and they turn out great. Whether this is profound faith on the studios’ part or to the Devs’ loyalty, it shows that a lot of time and effort is being put into the game.

What Was Perfect Dark?

Perfect Dark City
Perfect Dark Future City

The original Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter that was sci-fi, action, and a stealth game. You played Johanna Dark, a corporate spy who functions like James Bond in a world with aliens and futuristic weapons.

The outline of the plot includes A.I.s, saving the president, and stopping an alien doomsday weapon. These features mix with darker themes of spy craft and behind-the-scenes black ops work to craft a unique theme and genre.

All these elements combined to form one of the most innovative and beloved fps games ever. That is why a reboot is a big deal in development, and many are worried about its progress.

What Is The Reboot About?

Perfect Dark Johanna
Perfect Dark Johanna

There are not currently a lot of details about what the new Perfect Dark will be about, but we do have a general idea. The basics of it seem to be that climate change has caused significant chaos in the world. This change has led to many changes, and somewhere in this is Johanna Dark.

What she will be doing in this game is still a mystery, but she appears to break into some kind of lab in the trailer, so there will still be an emphasis on spy craft. It makes it exciting to know that there are 100 Devs on the perfect dark reboot.

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