1047 Ending SplitGate Development For New Game

1047 is Ending SplitGate for a new game and we talking about why.

1047 Ending SplitGate Development For New Game
1047 Ending SplitGate Development For New Game

SplitGate has risen to a surprising amount of popularity for an indie shooter, but now 1047 Games is ending SplitGate for a new game. The reason for this and the effect that it will have on SplitGate as a whole will be interesting. So we will be breaking all of this down as we go.

Why Is 1047 Ending SplitGate Development?

1047 Ending SplitGate For A New Game
1047 Ending SplitGate For A New Game

In a touching message, 1047 Games thanked players and fans for the support that they have received but announced the end of SplitGate development. This cancelation was a necessary step in delivering a better game for fans.

This announcement came because SplitGate design was never meant to be run like it is now. The game was developed with a small team and limited hardware, but both have grown since then, making the game cumbersome.

This announcement’s timing makes sense because the game was initially released in 2019 as a simple concept. Once it started to grow, the game needed to add more to keep going with its audience. This growth happened so much that it led to the before-mentioned announcement, but not everything was terrible.

With the announcement of SplitGate ending also came the announcement of a new game in the SplitGate universe. There were some specifics in the goodbye, but we are left wondering what the details will be for the news entry.

What Is SplitGate?


If we cover the new game, it will also make sense for you to know about the first game. SplitGate is a free-to-play fps game that was released back in 2019. The game was built around the simple premise of what would happen if you could teleport in an fps. Some have stated the concept to be like a portal combined with Halo.

Part of the FPS side of the game that made it simple to play is that there are only six weapons in the game. This small weapons selection made it easier for players to hop in and start. The maps follow a very similar form of simplicity and limited choice.

The styles and types vary from an ancient alien reactor to an abandoned mine. These are creating maps that not only encourage creative fps but make full use of the portal system.

The idea has caught on with its target audience for such a simple concept. The combat of fast-paced shooting and the geographic puzzle of using the portals is very entertaining. Due to this massive popularity, the developer decided to give the audience a game they deserved. They would have to make a whole new one.

What Will The New Game Be?

SplitGate Gameplay
SplitGate Gameplay

We don’t know much about the new game from 1047, as the announcement only included slight hints. But the developer was kind enough to give us hints on the project’s future, what the new game will include from the old, and what will be brand new. These seem to be improvements or readjustments from the standard SplitGate formula.

The first of these and probably the least surprising is that their new game will be set in the same universe as SplitGate. This joint universe is because the new game aims to improve upon what everyone already loves about SplitGate. With that in mind, it seems logical to just place this in the same universe as the first entry in their catalog.

The second and, in my opinion, more surprising part of the announcement is that this will also be free to play game. Many developers would make a second game that is an improvement on the first.

A paid-for experience. 1047 Games has already announced that the game would be free and given to their audience. It seems likely they will keep to this commitment.

This message has been a significant announcement for the developer. We will keep an eye on the process of both games. When note-worthy news comes out, we will be sure to cover it. but this explains why 1047 is ending SplitGate, which is a good reason.

What are your thoughts on the subject matter of ending development for SplitGate? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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