2k Megahits Bundle Unveiled – Great Deal For Gamers

A new 2k Megahits Bundle is available on Humble Bundle and I showing the great games you can

2k bundle
2k bundle

A big deal is currently going on for gamers that love to play classic because 2k Megahits Bundle is now available. These are being described as the majority of 2k games that you would want to play. The bundle works on a tier system that varies the price based on how many games you want and the age of the games in question.

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So we will be breaking the bundle tiers so you can decide which one fits what you want to get.

Tier 1

Tier 1 has the most basic and oldest of all the games offered in the bundle. Two things offset this age of the games, the games are still fantastic, and the price is only one dollar. This price is excellent for what, in my opinion, are some of the best older 2k games.

The first game in the pack is the old Army Men: RTS game. This game is a fantastic RTS part of a franchise, but this is the most famous. For many, it was their first introduction to the RTS genre.

The second game is a small collection on its own in the form of the X-Com Complete Collection. This collection features five classic X-COM titles that forever changed turn-based tactics games.

The titles that come with this tier are two hidden & dangerous games. These are a duo of early fps shooters set in WW2, where a special forces soldier usually fights the axis powers. You might find these a little outdated compared to Call Of Duty games, but it can be fun to play a classic.

Tier 2

Humble 2k bundle tier 2
Humble 2k bundle tier 2

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Tier 2 is where we get everything on the previous tier and a few more. For example, you will get The Golf Club 2019 and WWE Battlegrounds in this tier. These two sports titles might interest those that play them in off time, but there are two stand-out features of this tier.

A series of railroad games features two railroad tycoon games in the form of Railroad Tycoon 3 and Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum. You also get Sid Meir’s Railway, another prominent railway management game.

These are excellent business simulation and management games if you are also looking for more political management. This bundle also features CivCity Rome.

The last game worth noting in this tier is the Duke Nukem collection. While many people today are only familiar with this series’ infamous last entry, there is more to it. These games helped influence the fps genre with their humor and alien-blasting fun.

All of this is available for just $10, so it is a good deal, but I am sure you are wondering what the final tier is.

Tier 3

Humble 2k bundle tier 3
Humble 2k bundle tier 3

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This last tier includes everything from the previous two and a whole bunch of triple-a titles that I can just list because you should already know what these are. For one, Borderlands 3 is in this tier which might make it enticing to fps players.

In addition to this, you will get PGA 2K21, Bioshock, Civilization 6, and Mafia Definitive edition. This set is topped with the X-Com: Ultimate Collection, which features all three of the franchise’s newest games.

You can gain all of this for just 16 dollars and redeem it on Steam, so gamers have a great opportunity here. Even if you only want one of these, you could pick up the rest just to fill out your library. So I would say the 2k Megahits Bundle is a great deal for gamers everywhere.

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