Activison Was Hacked And The Future COD Schedule Was Leaked

As per latest reports, Activision was hacked, and the future COD schedule was leaked giving us a look at the next year of content.

Activision Was Hacked And The Future COD Schedule Was Leaked
Activision Was Hacked And The Future COD Schedule Was Leaked

Companies today are more prone to leaks now than they ever were in the past. As such, we, as audience members, see things weeks or months ahead of when they were supposed to be released. Another incident happened again as Activision was hacked, and the future COD schedule was leaked. This looked like the call of duty release schedule and what we can expect for the next year.


  • Activision was hacked through a phishing scheme, and its system was compromised.
  • It is unknown how much was compromised, but some things were left on the system, and the schedule was leaked to the internet.
  • Activision did not inform anyone when the hack happened though other employees did avoid the same attempts.

Gaming companies being hacked is a recurring element that seems to be increasing in the news. In this case, the latest target was Activision, and from this hack, we have gotten the upcoming call of duty release schedule.

The schedule seems to detail most, if not all, upcoming releases in their schedule. However, we will be sticking to what our original source has posted in light of the developing situation; you can check the post from VX-Underground.

The leaked schedule contains information on releasing multiple maps, operators, and weapons they plan to release. We a looking at moderately at least hours’ worth of content, possibly more, depending on the actual size of some of this content.

One of these is the battle maps I mentioned earlier, which take a lot of time to make and often have themes attached to them. We don’t know what these are designated for, so it is probably split between MWII, Warzone, and the new game that may be released this year. Even with that, though, this is a lot of content to know about so soon.

Other data we have learned from this includes new operators, weapons, and upcoming events. The first two do not surprise me because the battle pass system that call-off duty uses has to have that kind of release every month to be sustainable. The leaked events are more interesting, as they are significant facets that are time-consuming to produce. To learn about these before an announcement isn’t great for the studio.

And it took hundreds of hours for the devs to make these. This level of content is nowhere near finished, but many of these have probably been in development for at least a few months. So that is a lot of work that is no doubt being reevaluated.

It is hard to say precisely if or how many other games and sensitive information were compromised during the event. The only info leaked so far has been about COD, but since Activision did not report the leak immediately, only time will tell.

That is all we have on the fact that Activision was hacked and the future COD schedule was leaked.

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